MUZICMIRROR HOT POP DROPS: Music producer ‘Max M’ could swim towards the charts with his poppy new beat orientated track ‘Under Water’

Max M is back on the scene with a sizzling hot new release: Under Water! If you are a fan of artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Halsey, and Sia, you’ll love the melodic and fun feel of this track! This song is a very catchy tune, with a very uplifting beat. In addition to that, one of the most distinctive features of the song is the beautiful layering of vocal parts. From the lead vocal to the harmonies, nothing is left to chance here and there is so much attention to detail, making the song even more special and catchy. This is only one of many new astonishingly good releases from Max, who is starting the new  year on a really good note! Any lover of music that is made with passion and energy will absolutely love this track and its unique vibes. The production has a fresh and dynamic tone, with powerful beats and distinctive melodies that will get stuck in your head the moment you press play. ONLINE: Find out more about Max M, and check out Under Water, which is now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms on the web: Follow Max M: […]

‘Spazzo’ drops a catchy melodic hook and fast pace lyrical combination on new single ‘Kingdom Hearts’

Newly discovered recording artist, Spazzo ( @spazzomusic ) makes a dynamic entry into the underground music scene with his new single “Kingdom Hearts”. This song features a catchy melodic hook, with a fast pace lyrical combination that makes for an all around great sound. Recently announced, we took the liberty in looking into this artist and found out he opened up about his sexuality as well, but is not letting that pump the breaks on his come up. Which is a great decision on the part of Spazzo, following up with this new single!! ONLINE: Listen and Stream “Kingdom Hearts” by Spazzo now, available on all digital streaming services. Song Link: Instagram:

COVER STAR: The cool ‘J. Maurice’ has a new track out with the upfront and instant banger ‘Favors’

J. Maurice has a new track out, and it’s a banger. It has heavy auto-tune on the hook, backed up by classic trap style beat. Oh yeah, the song has a clear and distinct message. J. Maurice spits with attitude and a strong and melodic flow stating “I’m through doing favors”. And we don’t blame him. I’m sure we can all relate to the concept that J. Maurice is rapping about. The only difference is he’s really good about putting it into words, and even further more, a rhyme pattern. Have you ever looked out for someone, But when you needed help they just turn the other cheek. What about people who only remember what you didn’t do for them, as opposed to what you did do for them? You know, the type that’s always praying on your downfall. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then make sure to give this track a listen. You are not alone. Complete with Stellar artwork, J. Maurice track “Favors” is definitely going to be one of those real life songs that you can bump to put everything in perspective. ONLINE: Follow J.Maurice on Social Media at Now Streaming on Spotify […]

The brand new single from ‘NIGHT CREED’ is an exquisite sound and range of singers and rappers on the unique ‘Icebreaker’

SONIC JOY Records enter into 2020 with a brand new release as they present “Icebreaker”, the 2nd single from NIGHT CREED. NIGHT CREED epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion and inspiring moods, providing a massive listening experience. When asked about their exquisite sound they declare that “It features complex rhythms, modern Urban, HipHop and Electronic styles and last but not least displays awesome studio singers ranging from rappers to an array of impressive male and female vocalists”. ‘Icebreaker’ is out globally from January 24, 2020 on SONIC JOY Records run by mastermind producer ‘John Meisel’ ONLINE: Video-Promo-Clip: soon on Download & Streaming Links: Label Website: YouTube Channel: Soundcloud: Twitter:

After a near death experience, USA rapper ‘Den’ gets inspired to drop new material with ‘Let Me Talk’

Making music about life and partying, Hattiesburg MS rising rap star ‘Den’ declares “Music should reflect life”. After losing everything including his home, ‘Den’ started working two jobs while still going to school full time. He reflects “We would sleep between classes or on lunch breaks”. After a near death experience in 2016, ‘Den’ came to a strong realization and recalls thinking that “Life really can be over in the blink of an eye” and so decided to start actually living and not just existing. Music is an outlet. ‘Start Over’ was the debut release from ‘Den’ in Dec 2019 and this is now followed up by brand new single ‘Let Me Talk’. ‘Let Me Talk’ from ‘Den’ will be released globally on 20 February 2020 proceeded by the Presave on Feb 9th. Speaking about why he produces music and his motivation, ‘Den’ said: “My music is more for me than for anyone else, but I hope that there are people out there that will connect and love it as much as I do”. ONLINE: Get ‘Let Me Talk’ on all platforms: Instagram: Spotify: Soundcloud: Youtube Let’s Start Over Video: YouTube channel:

‘Create The Culture’ drop an epic and cinematic music video with new drop ‘Take Flight’

Up and coming Canadian HipHop group ‘Create The Culture’ combine a unique blend of swagger, emotion and lyricism into their music, making for an enrapturing listening experience. Bringing the new-school elements of autotune and solid production together with emotional content and brother-like chemistry, ‘CTC’ is a group that is doing something right. Their music is different from others in the same genre, and they deliver that special something that drags you into the vibe of their music. The group just released their first music video, featuring party vibes and beautiful women, shot on a tropical vacation to Mexico. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Lil Uzi Vert and Arizona Zervas, take a listen to their debut EP ‘Take Flight’. Song #2 on the album, ‘Venice‘, stood out as the most unique record on the album, check it out here: I’m getting accustomed to their music and am liking the energy they bring to the table. Do you vibe with CTC? ONLINE: Distro Kid Spotify Instagram Marquito Instagram

‘Dylan Cunniffe’ has worked with Grammy and Emmy nominated producers on his worldwide streaming hits

Dylan Cunniffe is a recording artist from the Bay Area, raising in a small town called Fairfax, Ca. Surrounded by an artistic family and a plethora of instruments growing up, Dylan developed a passion for music at a young age. His first official release for a song online however, was in November of 2015 when “Sunday Morning” was published off an iphone 4 onto Soundcloud. To Dylans surprise, the song did surprisingly well and has over 1.3 Million streams today. Fast forward to April of 2018 Dylan releases another single “Lovely” recorded at Hidden City Studios in Santa Barbara mixed and engineered by Grammy and Emmy nominated producer Elliot Lanam. This song currently has over 400,000 streams. This was the first song Dylan recorded in a studio that was posted online. Later that year Dylan released one more song titled “cafe in paris” which collected over 425,000 streams as well. One year later in 2019 Dylan released his first EP “4 in the morning EP” consisting of 4 songs, “last dance”, “snow”, “summer time loving” and “beverly hills” which can all be streamed on Soundcloud. This EP covers all types of feels and moods as it fuses the likes of […]

‘Pac Marly’ produces a vibrant combination of hip-hop and reggae, drawing upon his background and Gambian roots with new single ‘Really Involved’

Pac Marly is a musician and recording artist based out of the DMV area on the east coast of the United States. Originally from Gambia, Pac moved to the DMV area at a young age. He has been involved with music since he was a kid, spending time within recording studio settings, and was majorly influenced by his father and uncle, both of whom were musicians. His work can be described as a combination of hip-hop and reggae, drawing upon his background and Gambian roots. He has a unique voice, and a styling that is unlike any other. Currently signed with StrTeam Entertainment/Spinnup, which is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, thus far he has performed in large concerts in Gambia, Africa, as well as in showcases, clubs, and private events within the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. area as well as nation-wide, and his energetic stage presence allows him to have memorable connections no matter the setting. Pac Marly’s lyricism and voice that connect him to his audience, and through his work he continues to grow his fan base. Music is a true passion project for Pac, and is something which he views as his calling and lifetime career. Consistency, hard […]

‘Seyi Senzino’ drops a dope song of faith and hope with new release ‘Category 3’

As the first beats of Seyi Senzino’s ‘Category 3’ drift through the air, I feel the frown fade from my face and let my eyes close. The music is like a soft whisper telling me to relax and just enjoy the music and it seems this is a message I desperately needed. Seyi Senzino’s hit single, released only a few short days before Christmas, is already becoming a fan-favourite, as it’s a highly relatable tune that speaks to the listener in a very unique and personal way. ‘Category 3’ is a song of faith, a song about waiting and hoping, but also a song about fear, regret and worry. To me, it’s something of a chameleon song, in the sense that no matter what you’re feeling at any given moment, you can still find something in the song that appeals to your current mood. Whether you’re angry, lost or simply tired, you find a warm, silent strength in ‘Category 3’, both in the melody and the lyrics and Seyi Senzino’s smooth, deep voice does nothing but heighten the enjoyment. “You put in work, you put in time, put your life to it,” sings young Seyi Senzino and mostly anyone can […]

Starting out making records with a studio in a basement, ‘Alexio’ drops a first class production with the radical ‘ Low Low’

Alexio is an up and coming rapper from New York. In late 2017 Alexio decided to pursue a music career and started making records with a studio set up in a basement. Throughout 2018 and 2019 Alexio took time to find his sound and become a full-fledged artist. In May 2019 Alexio debuted his first single “Low Low” now he’s ready to rise fast and make waves. ‘Low Low’ has got to be one of the hottest hits in the clubs right now. The progression of the bass is moving and fitting for the themes of the track. The kicks, snares, claps and hi-hats will have your head bopping to this track. The flow executed by Alexio is flawless and catchy. The lines in the track are light hearted and sure to catch the attention of all listeners. This track embraces the fun, light-hearted, party side of music while maintaining a sense of professionalism and class. Alexio is ready to take the industry and the clubs by storm with his new track ‘Low Low’. ONLINE: