Listen to: DCPA’s summer 2019 soundtrack – ‘Celebrate’

DCPA touches back down with his latest cut, brimming with feel good summer vibes – ‘Celebrate’ set to light up worldwide in the coming months. Following on from his single ‘Dance Free’, that featured Mike Cruz – DCPA returns & serves up another dose of feel good electronica. Entitled ’Celebrate’, the single is a hands in the air burner that’s set to ignite a wave of global love – as DCPA’s beat goes firmly on. Danny Hughes, also known as DCPA, was exposed to a particular vision towards music whilst growing up in Aledo, Texas. Being part of a family filled with musicians, Danny discovered his passion for music early on. His artistic imprint, DCPA, demonstrates an original and transcendent approach to modern electronic music. Through DCPA, Danny would like to inspire himself and others by showing that one does not always have to follow the beaten path. Stay tuned as promo for ’Celebrate’ gets firmly underway. ONLINE: Public Streaming Link: CONNECT with DCPA: @DCPA

Belgian Producer Alber-K Makes His Mark with ‘Save You’

Belgian House producer Alber-K makes his mark with future house, summer anthem ‘Save You’ pulling inspiration from Lost Frequencies, Zonderling and Don Diablo. Stream ‘Save You’ here: The London based producer has had quite the come up since bursting onto the scene back in 2016. After the release of his single ‘I Wanna Dance’ and ‘A Place In My Mind’, Alber-K has been playing festivals and shows across Europe, growing with ever release and building an ever-growing, loyal fan base. Now, Alber-K returns with ‘Save You’. Combining the swinging swagger of future house with the attitude of bass house, the deeply emotive vocals and the swelling synths create suspense in the build before the chaotic drop takes hold. The fusion of the track makes ‘Save You’ Alber’s biggest release to date. When asked about the track, Alber-K stated: “It was close to my heart to release the track for the summer cause of the lyrics, there are terrible things happening every day in the world, I hope that my song could help peoples to enjoy their time and have a smile, I hope this song could be the sunlight of a day or journey.”

Jugglord’s Single “Getaway” (Ft. Remy1Hunnid) Drops Along with Music Video

Start your summer off with the right vibes by listening to “Getaway” by JuggLord, the hottest upcoming rapper from Broward County. South Florida is known for breeding talent that emerges onto the hip-hop scene, and Jugglord is the latest product. His incorporation of a soulful hip-hop sound has garnered respect and notice within his community through his constant dedication everyday to improve both himself, and his music collective, “Extortion Gang.” Being the standout of his group, JuggLord has demonstrated consistency in creating music, and has successfully attracted attention to the group. Recently signed under new management, JuggLord has planned for he and Extortion Gang to make sure hip-hop fans across the country know his music for the rest of 2019. Additionally, JuggLord has collaborated with Texas-based rapper, Splurge, for a new song that will be released later this summer. JuggLord’s most recent single, “Getaway” is a Hip-hop track mixed with R&B, that displays the more melodic side of Jugg, complimented with soft vibes as he portrays the progression of his lifestyle as an artist and sharing it with somebody special. The accompanied music video depicts this “getaway” from the very fast-pace lifestyle JuggLord lives, as he is seen in a […]

Immaculate Styles’ highly anticipated release, ‘I Wanna Let You Know’ touches down

Immaculate Styles drops his highly anticipated cut, ‘I Wanna Let You Know’. Featuring revered singer-songwriter Lisa Shaw, the single is released on U.S. imprint Two+ Twenty Records The producer-songwriter also known as Immaculate Styles, got his first paid DJ gig in his teens & never looked back. Scoring a Sundance Award winning film at just twenty & then collaborating with multiple Grammy winners, a few short years later – first as a bass player, then as a producer – this was followed by several acclaimed pursuits in fashion & design. These are just a few of the accomplishments he’s enjoyed, over the last twenty years as a producer, songwriter & artist. Immaculate Styles latest tracks, are a collaboration with dear friend, long-time song writing partner & star in her own right, Lisa Shaw. The songs were written & recorded throughout his Laurel Canyon home, with the two of them nestled deep in the Hollywood Hills for days – listening to Prince, David Bowie, Chaka Khan & Chic endlessly, writing songs & producing tracks. Their Chic-inspired first single, the modern disco classic ‘I Wanna Let You Know’, was mixed by Mick Guzauski – whose credits include Daft Punk, Pharrell & Jamiroquai. […]

The Jungle seeks to carve a fresh path for his brand of r&b and dance music – Check out new drop ‘Take Your Time’

Fresh from the production room, it’s The Jungle Deep’s new song, “Take Your Time”. Carrying the torch of funk and soul heroes of times past, The Jungle seeks to carve a fresh path for his brand of r&b and dance music. Sacramento native ‘Troy Jagan’ taught himself to play piano at a young age, then later cut his teeth playing keyboard and singing in various bands around the northwest, while producing beats that he would later embellish and experiment with. Wanting a fresh start, he relocated last summer from Seattle back to his hometown to begin work on a solo EP, “WATT+KARL”, an homage to his city and the sounds that influenced him growing up. The first single “Nothing Can Come Between Us” is a reimagining of a Sade classic. People can expect to hear more of his falsetto-tinged funk on his debut project, streaming now on digital platforms everywhere. LISTEN AT ITUNES

Wandour Delivers Atmospheric Electronic Downtempo EP ‘Night Wandering’

Emerged from the mystery of night, Wandour, is here to deliver unique twist of beats and melodies that speaks to your mind and body uncommonly. Seeking cosmic transcendence through the medium of sound, Wandour’s music takes you on a full audio journey to disengage from the conquered realities, and to traverse through the unknowns. Inspired by urban facades and industrial night lights, Wandour aims to use sounds to awaken listeners’ subconscious while hypnotising their societal identities. His music is the combination of conflicting elements of melancholia, bitterness, nostalgia, along with mixing styles of dark techno, broken beats, melodic dubstep baseline and distorted atmospheric melodies. Night Wandering EP Wandour debut with downbeat electronic EP ‘Night Wandering’. Centred around the theme of “musical escapade”, the two-track EP delivers a delicately balanced mixture of atmospheric downbeat soundscape, threading subtly between dark and chill vibes. The first single ‘Distance’ features a heavy sentimental bassline that drives the track. On top of this bassline, the listeners are exposed to a majestical chord progression with vibrant rock synth melody overlay and chill percussion beat. The second single of the EP, ‘Hold’, features a darker tone. Providing the same heavy signature bassline style from ‘Distance’, this track’s […]

Kamron Bahani Comes Out With His latest album “Thy Fear, Thy Fall, Thy Succeed“

Kamron Bahani is a hip-hop artist out of Manhattan, NY. His style is reminiscent of the boom-bap era conjoined with a contemporary twist. His inspirations draw from sound more than anything; as a child, he was never opposed to any form of music. Every shade and color of sound created a different sense of Nostalgia. In a recent interview with Dead End Hip Hop, Bahani states, “Honestly, musicians have to have a palette that can transmogrify one flavor into a multitude of them.” From ages one to five, Kamron lived in Huntsville, Alabama, this is where his inclinations from music blossomed. “I remember just being around an amalgam of music and for that moment in time, I realized that it’s, in essence, a universal truth. For one moment, whether it’s a nanosecond, or an hour, people are complacent to the music. It’s humanity’s purest drug.” His sound is a dynamic of brash, raw, authentic wordplay that will leave the listener with intrigue. Bahani is vehement with his craft, he’s always creating, hoping to inspire. His latest album “Thy Fear, Thy Fall, Thy Succeed has reached a larger demographic than his previous efforts. Though he is a lyricist at heart, he […]

Robert Michaels touches down with his latest offering ‘Chrysalis’ LP

U.S. artist Robert Michaels drops his new ‘Chrysalis’ album – taking us on a captivating journey through electronic soundscapes. Touching down with a collection of his latest studio creations, featuring an eclectic mix of emotive & upfront vibes. Robert Michaels delivers a long player, inviting us along on his uninhibited exploration of musical freedom. From the opening cut ‘Falling’, through to ‘Way Down’, ‘You Got to Go’ & beyond. Robert Michaels showcases his ability to traverse across a plethora of electronic soundscapes. Continuing to carve out his own musical agenda, as ‘Chrysalis’ drops – Stay tuned. Check out: ‘Chrysalis’ LP – Connect with Robert Michaels:

Christine Lee Channels Inner Pop Star with "Superstar" Music Video

Singer Christine Lee is showing the world her inner pop star with her brand new music video for her single, “Superstar.” The video, which was directed by Spencer D. Evans of Spirinity Productions, showcases Christine in a new light as the young singer steps into her “superstar” persona. Singing, dancing, and laughing her way through the light show of a music video, Christine hopes viewers can feel her energy through the video and have fun with her while they watch. “Superstar” is a fun and playful nod to the pop music of the early 2000s, but Christine is still able to make the song her own and keep it very current through her dance moves and outfit choices. “Superstar” is available on all streaming platforms. ONLINE:

Sonic Joy Records drop new single ‘The Stargate’ from Dubstep & Electronic project ENIGMATRIX.

SONIC JOY Records are glad to announce the release of the debut single ‘The Stargate’ of the colourful Dubstep & Electronic project ENIGMATRIX. This project is definitely “not of this world”.  Whereas the music is comprised of a unique melange of various Dubstep & Electronic styles, there’s something in it which can not be described, but has to be experienced instead. Producer John Meisel launched this wild and colourful project in order to challenge the imagination of the listeners and translates the colours of outer space into music. It goes without saying that you can expect some powerful drums, screaming wobble basses and fantastic vocalists. ONLINE: Preview now on SoundCloud: Official artist page: STREAM ENIGMATRIX NOW: