Sonic Joy Records drop new single ‘The Stargate’ from Dubstep & Electronic project ENIGMATRIX.

SONIC JOY Records are glad to announce the release of the debut single ‘The Stargate’ of the colourful Dubstep & Electronic project ENIGMATRIX. This project is definitely “not of this world”.  Whereas the music is comprised of a unique melange of various Dubstep & Electronic styles, there’s something in it which can not be described, but has to be experienced instead. Producer John Meisel launched this wild and colourful project in order to challenge the imagination of the listeners and translates the colours of outer space into music. It goes without saying that you can expect some powerful drums, screaming wobble basses and fantastic vocalists. ONLINE: Preview now on SoundCloud: Official artist page: STREAM ENIGMATRIX NOW:

Luis Ernesto drops new single “The End of the World”.

Rising singer/songwriter and producer Luis Ernesto is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “The End of the World”. Featuring his signature fusion of Latin and pop/rock sounds, the track begs the question of what life would be like if we were willing to love without fear, as if it were the end of the world. With a smooth and infectious rhythm, listeners will surely feel the passion stirring inside of them, as this dance beat is sure to move both their feet and their hearts ! Luis Ernesto is a native of Ecuador, South America. Although he has lived across the world for most of his life, his Latin roots represent a staple of his identity and culture. As a result, his music retains an authentic Latin rhythm. Still, Luis’ travels have exposed him to many other genres of music and various artists, allowing him to develop a true love and appreciation for all forms of music. In all of his productions, Luis Ernesto looks for opportunities to incorporate different sounds and genres. With the help and guidance of noteworthy musicians like Pedro Eustache, Gustavo Celis, Tom Strahle, Chris Tek O’Ryan, Pedro Alfonso, Peewee Hill, and Richard […]

KRIS JAMES Drops new single ! Produced by Tom Fuller, best known for his work with Amy Winehouse & Robbie Williams.

Following the success of his top 40 singles ‘Eyes Open’ & “Anymore” Kris’s new and highly-anticipated single I’ll be here will be officially released on May 24th 2019. The new heartfelt track is taken from Kris’ debut album which is set to be released this Winter. The unfeigned track is produced by Tom Fuller, who is best known for his work with Amy Winehouse & Robbie Williams. The lyrics in his new single acts as a personal emotional connection to the listener. Kris Describes the track as “A Journey through the different emotions and feelings of life” He also comments “After me myself suffering from depression and mental health in the past and worrying about what people may think, I decided to write the track. We need to talk more openly about how we feel and let anyone going through it know we are here for them” Alongside the single ‘I’ll be here’, Kris’s track has overwhelming floor filler remixes by the likes of WideBoyz (Example and Lorde) and Pink Panda (Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora). The success of ‘Kris James’ tracks continues to illustrate how he is the looming trailblazer in the music industry and the new single will […]

Following on from the hype & success of his recent collaborative cuts, Matthew Schultz touches back down with a stellar solo release ‘Go’.

Following on from the hype & success of his recent collaborative cuts, Matthew Schultz touches back down with a stellar solo release ‘Go’. Firmly setting out his musical agenda & continuing to make a substantial impression on the industry with his releases to date. 2018 saw a plethora of successful cuts from Matthew – including ‘All Night Long’ featuring Gyptian & Rico Tayla and ‘Promise For Keeps’, which was followed up with an Electric Bodega remix & a re-work featuring revered Jamaican reggae singer, Gyptian which has gone onto amass over 1 million plays on Spotify. Subsequently, the record formed part of a viral craze on Instagram #promiseforkeeps featuring some of the biggest stars from NBC hit show World of Dance. Also hugely popular was ‘Somewhere Far’ – racking up some 6 million streams, since its August release and picked up by several of Spotify’s biggest playlists, including Chill Hits, Brand New Chill, Pop Relax, Wochenende & No Stress – plus making Viral 50 in eight international territories. Matthew Schultz’s latest single ‘Go’ continues the chill vibe of ‘Somewhere Far’. Starting with blissed-out synths that set a mellow mood but soon taking centre stage is Matthew’s distinctive vocals, with elements […]

New Music Tips: Margarita Shamrakov–Good Girls

Margarita Shamrakov is a singer/songwriter/producer who started to play music in Ukraine. At 17 she immigrated to the US, because of hardship only to be all on her own in the US. Margarita feels very lonely even now after many years in the U.S. 2001 Margarita Shamrakov won the John Lennon songwriting contest and was about to get a record deal. However everything fell through. And she was all alone again working different jobs to make ends meet. In 2006 she met Mike Anzel– producer and engineer who collaborated with Margarita on the album ‘Tragedy’ Again, labels took interest , however nothing worked out again. Currently, Margarita is living in NYC and raising her daughter Kiki and a dog Marshall. She is writing, recording and producing all her music by herself. She is still trying to find herself and the purpose of life. She also wants to make a contribution to society, earth, and all living creatures.

‘Believe’ is the emotive new cut from young Spanish producer Veluzz

Following on from a wave of recent releases, it’s now the turn of ‘Believe’ to take centre stage – as Spanish producer Veluzz delivers another dose of feel good electronica. His steady roll of studio outputs show no signs of slowing. With previous single ‘Hail Mary’ dropped earlier this year, 2018 also saw Veluzz fire up a number of cuts – including ‘Show You’, ‘Tomorrow’ & ‘Sleepaway’.  Now as Veluzz steps back into the ring with his latest offering, The original track entitled, ‘Believe’ captures much of his trademark sound, while complimented by a more upfront & club focused mix. Set to light up over the coming weeks – ‘Believe’ as Veluzz’s beat goes firmly on.  Hold tight. Check out ‘Believe’ CONNECT with Veluzz:

One of Africa’s most popular performers ‘Supastar Gaby drops new single ‘ You So Wow

One of Africa’s most popular performers is pleased to announce the release of his new single ‘You So Wow’. Supastar Gaby a.k.a Gabriel Bathuure is a Ghanaian born musician, singer and rapper who was born on 7th March 1990 in Accra, the Capital city of Ghana. Supastar Gaby started rapping at the age of 15 and with encouragement from his big brother went into the studio to record his first demo. He says “ I started music after my big brother Fabian who was already into music encouraged me and took me into the studio”.  Throughout High school Supastar Gaby was regarded as one of the finest rappers in his school and after starting college in Accra he released his debut single ‘Dance for me’, which received strong airplay from local FM Radio stations, TV stations and  international media. The brand new single from Supastar Gaby is entitled ‘You So Wow’ and is a fun, entertaining and exciting track that everyone can turn up to, dance to, relax to and enjoy the great vibe. Supastar Gaby is Influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Akon, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. The brand new […]


Karmic Blues, the debut album by Ajay Srivastav, hits the No.1 spot on the Amazon Blues Album charts the weekend of its release. British singer songwriter Ajay Srivastav’s first album as a solo artist is a blend of Delta Blues and Indian Folk. The album ‘Karmic Blues’ was forged during a trip to Ajay’s ancestral home in Varanasi ‘the holy city of India’ and speaks about his identity in a challenging world. Ajay’s laid-back style flows from the banks of the Delta Blues which influenced him as a child, to the ghats of the Ganges, where he learnt raags from the gurus. The combination of these influences, together with his meditative lyrics is what he has dubbed ‘Karmic Blues.’ Ajay’s latest single from the album is called ‘Six Arm Goddess’. It features his distinctive sound of slide guitar, tabla and drone. The video was choreographed by Geetha Sridhar – Bharatnatyam mentor from BBC Young Dancer ! Check out the video here: HISTORY AND POP FACTS For more about Ajay check out See below for reviews & gig dates. Album Reviews: “A masterclass in soulful and reverential fusion” Folk and Honey “Quite simply sublime, the album Karmic Blues is one […]

Production of the week – ImButcher drops exquisite new atmospheric electronic album – I’m Alive’

Vancouver’s ImButcher is a DJ and producer paving his own way as an artist. Leading with a fine balance between passion and skill, backed up by hard work and a clear dedication to the art-form, every release sees innovative soundscapes and conceptual audio journeys emerge – each one as engaging as it is uplifting and musically impressive. From the epic seven-minute experience that is Belladonna, through the deeply thoughtful and equally immersive Tiger Is My Name, ImButcher consistently raises the bar and often breaks the mold in the same instance. He offers faultlessly entrancing melodies and ambiances that fuse the better parts of classic EDM with stunning dashes of soul and emotional depth. ImButcher’s influences range from classic electronic acts such as Depeche Mode, to contemporary alternative rock acts like Muse – encapsulating creative freedom, but far from defining what it is that such a unique catalogue as this really means for modern music. ImButcher’s latest release showcases some of his most cinematic and powerful music yet. I’m Alive is a superb collection, each track holding close to a distinct set of conceptual threads, but each still shining brightly in its own artistic right. Whatever the mood, ImButcher’s music is […]

Just Jon drops infectious new single ‘Walk Away’

Hailing from the UK, multi-talented DJ/producer Just Jon drops his infectious new single, ‘Walk Away’ on global promo. As Spring gets firmly underway, Just Jon touches down with a feel good slice of accessible electronica. Entitled ‘Walk Away’ – the record is an uplifting pop-dance affair, laced with inspiring lyricism & chilled beach-side vibes beaconing from the outset. Seeing the multi-talented DJ & producer continue to set out his musical agenda in fine style, the blissful summer tune is set to light up a host of airwaves in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. CONNECT with Just Jon:

Ajay Srivastav delivers a folky world music blend that takes you on a cosmic universal journey

  In a world of X-factor, covers and comebacks it’s rare to find real innovation in music. Ajay Srivastav delivers a double helping by seamlessly fusing two disparate musical cultures of Delta Blues and Indian folk into a sonic whole to create ‘Karmic Blues’. Think Ben Harper having a late-night jam with George Harrison just after he came back from a sitar lesson with Ravi Shankar. As a musician Ajay has worked with a diverse variety of acts such as Jamiroquai, Gregory Isaacs, Zakir Hussain, Sister India and Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan. His song-writing skills have been touted by British music legend Jah Wobble who has produced two of his forthcoming tracks. Ajay’s passion for music and a global philosophy has taken him on a journey that has seen him work as a touring guitarist, compose for film and musical theatre, write Top 10 hits in India and garner success on the World Music scene with his band Botown. However, something was missing and while taking a break from touring he travelled to his father’s hometown of Varanasi ‘the holy city of India’ in search of his truth and came back with Karmic Blues. In his own words Ajay […]

40 – The Sixteen & Harry Christophers

1 Saul, HWV 53: Act I, Scene I: How Excellent Thy Name 2:45 2 The Strathclyde Motets: O Radiant Dawn 3:18 3 Song of Songs: Surge amica mea 2:34 4 O Domine Jesu Christe 3:38 5 Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences, Z 50 2:59 6 Miserere (Evolution Version) 11:28 7 Vespers of 1610, SV 206: Deus in adiutorium meum intende The Sixteen, Harry Christophers & Mark Dobell 1:58 8 Salve Regina 4:09 9 Hymn for the Dormition of the Mother of God 4:49 10 The Deer’s Cry 4:21 11 Lay a Garland By Robert Pearsall 3:06 12 O nata lux 1:45 13 2:25 14 Bring Us, O Lord God 3:45 15 Coronation Anthem Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened, HWV 259: Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened 3:06 16 In manus tuas I 3:44 17 Ave Maria (Parsons) 4:31 18 Tota pulchra es 3:36 19 Requiem: Sanctus The Sixteen, Harry Christophers & Academy of St. Martin in the Fields 3:11 20 Cantata 79, Gott der Herr ist Sonn’ und Schild, BWV 79: Gott der Herr ist Sonn’ und Schild 4:53 1 Symphony of Psalms: Part 1 – Exaudi orationem meam Domine The Sixteen, Harry Christophers & BBC Philharmonic 3:02 2 Mass for […]

Ministry Mix May 2019 (DJ Mix) – Groove Armada

1 Bomber (Proudly People remix) [Mixed] LondonGround 4:23 2 Black Light (Mixed) Ben Men 3:37 3 Back Again (Mixed) Michel Degen 4:39 4 Smashing Up (Groove Armada Remix) [Mixed] Javi Bora 5:40 5 The Bark Side of the Moog (Mixed) Steve Bug & Clé 6:31 6 It’s Your Love (Dennis Cruz Remix) [Mixed] Sven Tasnadi 5:56 7 (Time to) Put Up (Mixed) 4:08 8 Derober (Mixed) Sizeup 5:02 9 Dam Hot (Mixed) Fauvrelle 2:31 10 House so House (Mixed) Miane 4:23 11 Rebecca (Mixed) Classmatic 4:58 12 I Am Here (Richie Ahmed Remix) [Mixed] Jay Hill & Lazarusman 4:24 13 Chakra (Mixed) Espinal & Nova 3:47

WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? – Billie Eilish Beginning with the haunting alt-pop smash “Ocean Eyes” in 2016, Billie Eilish made it clear she was a new kind of pop star—an overtly awkward introvert who favours chilling melodies, moody beats, creepy videos and a teasing crudeness à la Tyler, The Creator. Now 17, the Los Angeles native—who was homeschooled along with her brother and co-writer, Finneas O’Connell—presents her much-anticipated debut album, a melancholy investigation of all the dark and mysterious spaces that linger in the back of our minds. Sinister dance beats unfold into chattering dialogue from The Office on “my strange addiction”, and whispering vocals are laid over deliberately blown-out bass on “xanny”. “There are a lot of firsts,” says Finneas. “Not firsts like ‘Here’s the first song we made with this kind of beat’, but firsts like Billie saying, ‘I feel in love for the first time.’ You have a million chances to make an album you’re proud of, but to write the song about falling in love for the first time? You only get one shot at that.” Billie, who is both beleaguered and fascinated by night terrors and sleep paralysis, has a complicated relationship with her subconscious. “I’m the monster under the bed, […]

Father of the Bride – Vampire Weekend

“It feels right that our fourth album is not 10, 11 songs,” Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig explains on his Beats 1 show Time Crisis, laying out the reasoning behind the 18-track breadth of his band’s first album in six years. “It felt like it needed more room.” The double album—which Koenig considers less akin to the stylistic variety of The Beatles’ White Album and closer to the narrative and thematic cohesion of Bruce Springsteen’s The River—also introduces some personnel changes. Founding member Rostam Batmanglij contributes to a couple of tracks but is no longer in the band, while Haim’s Danielle Haim and The Internet’s Steve Lacy are among the guests who play on multiple songs here. The result is decidedly looser and more sprawling than previous Vampire Weekend records, which Koenig feels is an apt way to return after a long hiatus. “After six years gone, it’s a bigger statement.” Here Koenig unpacks some of Father of the Bride‘s key tracks. “Hold You Now” (feat. Danielle Haim)“From pretty early on, I had a feeling that’d be a good track one. I like that it opens with just acoustic guitar and vocals, which I thought is such a weird way […]