April 25, 2019
  • 9:48 am Walthamstow singer ‘Skyeglow’ drops new single ‘Fallen Heroes’ a new anthem in trending UK nightclubs
  • 9:47 am Nigerian Streaming Service uduX Inks Licensing Pact With Universal Music
  • 9:47 am Gaana tops charts among music streaming apps
  • 9:47 am Music streaming has worse carbon footprint than records and CDs
  • 2:28 pm Marion Campbell– Weary Heart

“Love On Your Side” I hear you laughing in some other room And it makes me feel locked out You say my passion often stifles you And you need to move about But I was taught that boys need girls and girls need boys You say that’s not true You’d rather fool around than be […]


You’ll be knocked out, come around Shot down, shatter on the stony ground Yeah take it from me, it’s how it’ll be Your dreams will come true, fall through Screw you, batter you to black and blue Yeah take it from me, it’s how it’ll be Love’s gonna leave you broken Time’s gonna work you […]