The Chainsmokers mourning the loss of one of their fans

The Chainsmokers have released a heartfelt tribute on social media after learning a fan has lost his battle with cancer. Band member Alex Pall shared a moving story about a ‘be strong’ video they sent the fan, named Jake, after learning he had been forced to miss a London gig because he was too ill, explaining he and sidekick Drew Taggart would be honoured if he’d join them at the side of the stage for their next show in the city – when he was feeling better. Unfortunately, the fan died over the weekend, prompting Pall to address the tragedy via Twitter on Monday (27Feb17). He wrote: “We just heard from his dad that he passed away the day after he got our message. His dad thanked us for the message and I cried. Get the inside story

Time Cero are a rock/alternative/metal band based in Lima, Peru

Time Cero are a rock/alternative/metal band based in Lima, Peru and fronted by their creator Carlos Li Carrillo who moved to Boston USA when he was 18 years old. During his teenage years in Lima, Peru in the mid 80’s, Carlos was the bass player and co-writer of Thrash Metal band “Curriculum Mortis”. Their first material was recently released on a U.S. vinyl edition and sold out 1000+ copies in the first year of release. During the early 90’s Carlos was in the Progressive Rock band called ‘Avispon Verde’ and recorded 2 records while gigging regularly across the Lima alternative rock scene. In the late 90’s Carlos relocated to Hong Kong where he was influenced by numerous music genres and sounds from different parts of the world delving into digital recording and electronic sounds. In 2001 while Carlos was travelling around the world, he created Novalima an Electronic collective band. The band mixed different grooves and singers from the around the world with Afroperuvian vocals and percussions. Novalima became a big success with its first self-titled album on the Lima music scene and they soon signed their ” Afro” album with Mr. Bongo Records based in the U.K. The song […]