Riaan Smit–Man in the Hat

‘Man in the Hat’ is the debut solo album from South African singer/songwriter Riaan Smit who is based in the Cayman Islands but tours extensively around the world and South Africa. Riaan Smit is also the front-man of successful South African bands Crimson House & the Brothers Remedy, he’s Namibian born, Half Spanish, Half Afrikaans and a revered South African bluesman. Riaan Smit recorded the album shortly after surviving an armed robbery, where he was assaulted with a brick in the face. After getting back from the road right after his surgery he went into the studio and recorded 12 songs. Riaan Smit describes the album concept in his own words “The album tells a story from start to finish, each song being a chapter in the tale. A story, about the man in the hat. The story starts with the man in the hat returning to his old home where he feels like a stranger in “holding my heart in my hand”. The song speaks about having to start again after being away from home for so long”.  Riaan Smit is influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Howling wolf and Muddy waters. Riaan Smit has […]

Mercedez Marie is back as she drops new project ‘The Butterfly Effect’

After taking over our ear canal with “Frozen.” Mercedez Marie is back with the release of her new project entitled “The Butterfly Effect.” As an artist, Mercedez Marie has allowed her listeners to be part of her journey. Using her Instagram as direct access for her fans, the viewer is along for the ride in the studio, for sound checks, and even for a few inside meetings with the team. Watching the development of this project and being able to give feedback along the way has opened the opportunity for the base to feel vested in this project. When asked what this project means to her, Mercedez Marie has this to say: “This project is the beginning of my growth as a person and as an artist. I want you guys to go on this journey with me and fly high. “ Released today, “The Butterfly Effect” is 29 minutes of fun, life, truth, and pure eargasmic pleasure delivered via 9 undeniable tracks. As you press play, you can prepare features from some of your other favs such as Emdubai, Sire, and J. Young to name a few. As you vibe to each track you find yourself engrossed in the […]

Nigerian Born Manchester based Afrobeat star EBS drops new single ‘Wahala’

EBS, born Chukwuemeka Kingsley Igbokwe on 9th May 1994 is from IMO State, Nigeria. EBS is a Manchester UK based Afrobeats singer & Songwriter. EBS attended first foundation nursery & primary school and First Foundation Secondary School in Ajegunle Lagos afterward he left for the UK to join his family and complete his tertiary Education where he discovered and Embraced his Talent for Music. Signed to KI72 Records, EBS’s Vocal Dexterity makes him so unique and a force to be reckoned with as one of UK and Africa Most Promising Talents. EBS is here with a banging Single and official  Music Video titled ” WAHALA”. The song is Melodious and EBS unleashed his lyrical sovereignty on this one. The Video was shot in the UK and directed by Mr. Moe Musa. You can follow EBS on all social media platforms: @ebsnation EBS Online iTunes  Spotify auadio link