Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – Logic

If nothing else, Logic is a storyteller. If you missed Supermarket, the 2019 novel he authored—or its accompanying soundtrack album—you’d still understand this by the range of characters the MC will embody over the course of an album. He cycles through perspectives so frequently on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the official follow-up to 2018’s YSIV, that it can be difficult to discern whether he is telling his own truth or that of one of his characters. He talks frequently of the lifestyle a successful rap career has afforded him (“Pardon My Ego,” “Icy,” “Still Ballin”), but also takes time to lambaste those lusting after fame (“Wannabe,” “clickbait”) and the facets of popular hip-hop culture he’s subverted (“Cocaine,” “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different”). The guest list is by and large heavy hitters of rap (Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, G-Eazy, Will Smith), and Logic manages to accommodate all of their varied personas with bars that maintain the vibes while also preserving his reputation as a proud rap technician. There are of course the classic, earnestly aspirational Logic-isms—“Put your ego on the shelf and remember, love yourself,” he says on the title track—but nowhere does the MC sound more comfortable than […]

YouTube and Google’s Music Streaming Services Top 15 Million Subscribers: Report

Spotify claims 100 million paid subscribers, Apple Music reportedly has more than 50 million, Amazon around 30 million, and according to a new report in Bloomberg, Google comes in fourth place at 15 million paid and promotional trial users of its YouTube Music and Google Play services. According to sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal for an article published on Wednesday (May 8), the service has been struggling to recruit new subscribers. Google’s head of music communications, Marni Greenberg, told Billboard that “YouTube aggressively disputes the WSJ report stating YouTube Music subscription growth has plateaued, countering that healthy subscription growth continued through Q1 of this year.” Though a spokesperson for YouTube declined to specify subscription numbers to Bloomberg, Greenberg confirmed to Billboard that YouTube Music and Premium-paid subscribers had grown 60 percent between March 2018 and March 2019. Subscribers to YouTube Music Premium can access licensed music and user-generated music content ad-free for $9.99 per month, while YouTube Premium expands those offerings to all YouTube content for $11.99 per month. When YouTube’s premium music service launched across the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and several European countries around the world almost exactly a year ago, the initiative looked promising for the world’s biggest video hub, which had […]

Pick up an Amazon Echo Dot for 99p with this music streaming deal

Your house parties are about to get a whole lot better, as we have just found a deal online that can get you an Amazon smart speaker for less than a quid. You read that right, Amazon is giving you the chance to get an Echo Dot speaker for your home for just 99p. In case you were wondering if that’s a good deal or not, the Echo Dot normally costs £49, so a big discount all around. To get this deal, you will need to sign up to the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, which is fine, because you are going to want to blast some tunes out of your speaker once you receive it. The only proviso is that you can’t get this offer if you are on a free trial – you have to wait until your trial is over and the first payment of your Amazon Music Unlimited comes out of your account. Let us explain. First up, head over to Amazon and sign in. Then you are going to have to sign up to the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, which costs £14.99 a month. You can, of course, sign up to Amazon Prime for […]

Waze App for iOS Gains Pandora Music Streaming Support

Google-owned mapping app Waze has been updated with support for Pandora music streaming, as revealed in a blog post on the Pandora website. The update means Pandora listeners on both iOS and Android can stream songs directly from within the Waze app using its embedded audio player, allowing drivers to navigate and listen to their music without leaving the app. The integration also works both ways, so once users connect Pandora and Waze on their device, the next Waze navigational direction also appears within the official Pandora app. To connect the two apps, simply click the music icon on the top right corner of the Waze app interface, select the Pandora icon, and start streaming your music. Waze can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

Zoibaf goes into the future bass !

The new track by the young Italian producer Zoibaf is called “Remedy”, it is a Future Bass track in collaboration with TRUNG and the American singer AXYL. The vocal part is very sentimental while the drop is energetic and engaging. There is a clear change in sound compared to the previous songs from the Italian producer, the song was released for free on Youtube and has already had numerous support from other channels and blogs. The sound is reminiscent of artists like Griffyn or MitiS who are among the pioneers of this genre. Zoibaf’s last songs were “Break Through” and “New World” in the Progressive House genre, which one will be next ? ZOIBAF ONLINE: Follow Zoibaf: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Youtube:  


Acclaimed recording artist/vocalist Drew Mac is proud to announce the release of his new single “Dreamin”on May 25th, 2019. The track is a simmering mix of pop/rock brilliance with a strong, emotionally infused chorus and deals with themes of love, heartbreak, addiction, sex and sobriety. Drew has a unique fashion aesthetic, and being openly gay, he enjoys pushing society’s boundaries of standard gender roles in his personal style, which is just as powerful as his music. His sound has been compared to Robyn, The Killers and Lorde, but Mac is in possession of a deep originality that keeps him in his own creative arena. Mac takes musical inspiration from a wide array of iconic stars such as Britney, Robyn, David Bowie to Depeche Mode and New Order. Drew Mac is a also a classically trained dancer, and the new video is sure to feature a storyline with choreography. He says “I am proud of my sobriety, as well, and feel it’s an essential part of my artistic mindset”. FOR MUSIC, MEDIA, AND INTERVIEW REQUESTS, PLEASE EMAIL: ATTILA@STARRLIVE.NET OFFICIAL WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM:

Noble Gray is a London based collaborative with an energetic and vibrant single ‘Hush Money’

Noble Gray is a London based collaborative between Fabian and Jarmane Raad-McAndrew. They combine music, songwriting, singing and visuals to deliver a cohesive and immersive musical experience from a unique perspective. Fabian the frontman comes from a well known musical family in his native Germany and lends his unique and powerful voice, musicality, melodiousness and writing skills to the song and music production process. Fabian also never fails to deliver an all-encompassing and theatrical live performance. Jarmane is the other half of the songwriting duo and brings his creative direction to Noble Gray’s artwork and visuals from conception all the way through to styling and editing. Fabian and Jarmane have been making music together for several years. In their own words, they say “Our songs are always somewhat autobiographical and they never shy away from touching on subject matters that are in some cases considered outside of the norm”. Noble Gray is all about pushing boundaries for positive change with their content, but simultaneously in a way of being relatable to all. Noble Gray’s prior projects were under the name of ‘Fabian Raad-McAndrew‘ and have received lots of positive press exposure and airplay in Germany. Now the duo is branching […]

La Legacie is an award winning band of 6

La Legacie is an award winning band of 6, 3 of us are English and 3 are French. We are based in Le Touquet Northern France at our studios This song is the debut for our latest member Lili who is the vocalist on this track. All of our songs are recorded, mixed and mastered in our studio. We are a multi genre band just writing what pleases our ears, we hope they please yours. Media Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: (@lalegacie) Instagram: YouTube: GET LISTENING ON SOUNDCLOUD