Move into the eye of the storm with the fantastic N2BLÜ and their delightful swirling pop anthem ‘Hurricane’

The incredible N2BLÜ are back with a hot new release entitled ‘Hurricane’ Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew wasn’t going to work out, but you just keep trying to fix it? That’s what Hurricane is about. It’s about trying to save a relationship that can’t be saved. No matter what you do, the “storm” keeps building and you keep ignoring the signs, hoping that you can somehow fix it. Finally, you find yourself right in the middle of the storm and all you can do is go through it and hope for the best, like the ending of a relationship. Born in New Orleans, Jonathan Arceneaux started singing not long after he learned to talk and hasn’t stopped singing since! At a very young age Jonathan began his career as a singer in a church choir and started taking voice lessons in both classical and musical theatre styles. During his High School years in Baton Rouge, LA, Jonathan continued singing in the choir and participated in several musical theatre productions. He also started to tap into his writing talents as a freshman in High School, drawing inspiration from some of his favourite bands and artists like […]

Head of Defamo.Ent, ‘Deno Devon’ speaks openly about his life and inspiration as he continues to drop dope tracks! and branches out into supporting other artists

Hip-Hop and rap artist ‘Devon Elmore’ a.k.a DENO DEVON was born and raised in Lowereastside NY. Deno Devon turned to music as a substitute to his problems and said “Besides, my father is a funk artist and my mother a poet”. Deno Devon continues “I wasn’t trinna do music”, but there was a calling and besides “Trinna b a big drug dealer”, Deno Devon knew that wasn’t a certified way out the ghetto. Deno Devon was raised by his father, a funk artist, Not having much money or equipment, Devon started hustling at 13 to fulfil his dreams of being a rapper. Gradually his father assisted with producing and recording, but then before you know it his father leaves him again, to start his own life over. Devon was homeless again… Is this where his prolific spit and real life rhymes come from ? Deno Devon decided to join a local rap group that he grew up with to start his career as a recording artist. Life circumstances have come into play, but Deno Devon hit the studio in 2010 and after some unlawful activities, he instead sets his vision on rap music and world domination achieving a higher path […]

LATIN URBAN POP DANCE OF THE WEEK: ‘Charlie Luis’ lets loose a latin urban anthem with ‘Cuando Empieza El Perreo’ and it’s warm catchy vibe!

Latin urban artist ‘Charlie Luis’ comes from a musical family and was constantly exposed to a great variety of music. His son, Emo Rap Recording Artist, “Jumex” has millions of followers as well as his half-brother latino recording artist “Cristian Castro”. Charlie Luis currently is releasing his new hit “Cuando Empieza El Perreo”. The song has already received an overwhelmingly favourable response on the social networks as well as by the club and Radio DJ’S throughout the country and in Latin America. CHARLIE LUIS LIVE TOUR Look out for the Charlie Luis on tour “Compartiendo Amor” kicking off in Latin American in mid-March 2020. ONLINE: STREAM AND WATCH: Cuando Empieza El Perreo Remix Cuando Empieza El Perreo Original Video Cuando Empieza El Perreo Remix Charlie Luis(Video Oficial de Fans)  Video Cuando Empieza El Perreo Original Charlie Luis (Video Oficial de Fans) FOLLOW THE HASHTAGS #music #trap #musica #puertorico #dancehall #dembow #dance #bachata #latintrap #bhfyp #chile #tropicacl #teamchacal #generourbano #republicadominicana #latintrp #hiphop #rap #trap #charlieluis #reggaeton #latinurban #urbanlatin #latinurbanmusic #latinurbano #wisin #yandel #jbalvan #nickyjam #planb #anuel #karolg #beckyg CHARLIE LUIS BIO in his native tongue De papá Alemán y mamá Mexicana Charlie, estuvo expuesto a […]

Jersey Rapper ‘MoonChildJohnny’ humbly spits “I’m just that kid that loves the moon” as he drops the radical E.P ‘Anxiety EP’

MoonChildJohnny is a rising Hip-Hop artist, producer, rapper and You Tuber from Jersey, United States. Jersey borders the north and east by the state of New York and has delivered many R&B, Rap and Urban global music legends like Lauryn Hill, Akon, Outlawz, The Sugarhill Gang and more. MoonChildJohnny drops a radical new E.P entitled ‘Anxiety’ on Past12Productions.  When asked about the motivation and inspiration behind the release and his intergalactic musical vision, MoonChildJohnny said “I’m just that kid that loves the moon”. As well as producing hot music, MoonChildJohnny is also a You Tuber with his interstellar and far reaching #MoonSquad Recently commenting on his creative process, MoonChildJohnny said “I want to have fun creating and expressing who I really am to others through what I love. The moon and people around me inspire me to share my stories”. The ‘Anxiety EP’ from MoonChildJohnny features 4 dope tracks: Anxiety (feat. Ashlei Watson), Purpose, cherry blossoms (桜の花) and  Circles (feat. Daman((I))) This E.P has an overall dreamy, majestic, epic, well produced and inventive feel. MoonChildJohnny spits efficient and distinctive bars with attitude that tell a true story over an experimental and creative backdrop. The large dreamy and well produced production […]

HIP-HOP REVIEW: SHADNR spits tight bars in his own fashion and after a few beats the tune sticks in your head as he lets loose ‘925 Freestyle’

Tight snappy snares and claps over pumping deep bass and a slight ‘world music’ earthy vibration, this song takes you on a journey you can relate to covering real life issues this is dope – MuzicMirror RAP 2020 LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS RISING HIP-HOP ARTIST The brand new drop ‘925 Freestyle’ from rising rapper and hip-hop artist SHADNR showcases his distinctive style, unique character and captivating flow. With the new explosion of hip hop, grime and trap in full force, SHADNR leads the flow and delivers a stylish, well produced, dreamy and infectious sound. SHADNR spits tight bars in his own fashion and after a few beats the tune sticks in your head, while the true real to life message is delivered. This single and video release ‘925 Freestyle’ from SHADNR effectively utilizes the strengths of the hip-hop genre, mixing classic old school authenticity with a bang up to date, contemporary and uplifting tone. SHADNR recently declared that “This track tackles the genuine story of me as an artist, my life, in an unapologetic and ultimately real manner”. SHADNR spits quick rhymes and compelling rhythms make for a stylish, ever-evolving vocal line, which reflects on modern life, hard work, the […]

‘Christopher The Grey’ drops the amazing ‘Butterflies’ a track that captivates the listener with it’s warm pop charm and rap sensibility

From the very first beats, ‘Butterflies’ is a track that captivates the listener, making it difficult for them to put down their headphones. In Christopher the Grey’s latest tune, there’s a perfect fusion of sound and lyrics, which just draws you in, compelling you to listen over and over. It’s no easy feat for any artist, surely, but the Grey manages to attract new listeners almost flawlessly. His voice, a combination of deep, smooth flow and wonderful musicality is just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking to fall in love with a new artist (and aren’t we all?). And what better song to do it on than one that is about love? ‘Whenever you’re near, it’s butterflies,’ the Grey sings in his laid-back, yet involved tone of voice, lending the lyrics just enough depth so that the listener can relate to them and to the eternal confusion of new love. At the same time, ‘Butterflies’ manages to retain a relaxed, happy sound that allows you to just listen and feel good, not really reading too much into it. Bottom line is, listening to the Grey is a wise choice, whatever it is you’re feeling at the moment. You can […]

“I am determined to make myself a household name” says talented rising NY rapper ‘PAIDINFULL’ as his incredible ‘Used 2’ hits all global stores!

Hailing from the Gun Hill section of The Bronx, NY, PAIDINFULL is an up and coming 23 year old Hip Hop artist who is driven and determined. When recently asked about his vision and manifesto, PAIDINFULL said “I am determined to make myself a household name”. The brand new drop from the rising rapper PAIDINFULL is the dope ‘Used 2’ PAIDINFULL breaks onto the scene over a majestic, mellow, dreamy and chilled production. The new single ‘Used 2’ features PAIDINFULL spitting unique and efficient bars of pure smooth attitude over trippy world music laced hip hop beats. When asked about his influences, PAIDINFULL stated “I do my own thing, but mostly influenced by fellow native NY rapper Dave East”. OUT NOW The rising rapper ‘PAIDINFULL’ has dropped his latest single ‘Used 2’  on all global streaming platforms. ONLINE:

‘Dar.Ra’ enters 2020 with a new powerful musical ‘Rock Step’ fusion of rock music and EDM genres with sizzling hot release ‘Whiskey n Honey’

Renown Irish rock solo artist Dar.Ra is at it again and this time with a release which fans have been hoping for with the release of his new EP ‘Whiskey n Honey’ which features “The Lights Dark Night Remix’ plus an addition remix of the title track, ‘Neon Fantasy’ remix. Dar.Ra known for his rock anthems and recent hit album ‘New Kinda Normal’ has recently been making a push towards a new EDM style combining both the rock music and EDM genres to create something truly unique to the artist, allowing for the creation of the style he calls Rock Step. Credit: Dar.Ra is the Cover Star for MusiTrendz March 2020 Edition.  The combination of genres is already proving itself to be a hit with Dar.Ra’s dedicated fan base and following having countless streams and shares across all of the major social media sites by fans of both EDM and rock music. The EP kicks of with the Title track ‘Whiskey n Honey’ which is a soulful gothic balled and tells a tale of a guy that gives up his life in pursuit of a neon fantasy, fast love and temporary highs and exchanged for a loving family who he […]

“I’m taking control and using my talent to impact the world” declares USA Hip Hop artist ‘Fa’shotime’ as he unleashes the powerful ‘First Draft First Pick’

Brevard County, FL based Hip-Hop artist Fa’shotime is proud to announce the release of his new mixtape, “First Draft First Pick”. This latest work exposes the characteristics of a highly talented individual who delivers awesomeness in his creativity. The mixtape was released on December 27th, 2019, and made available on all music platforms online. There are 14 tracks in this revealing and highly creative work, each offering a unique presentation that listeners will enjoy. For most fans, Fa’shotime is not just an artist but an inspiration to the new generation. His music has been able to cut across a wide selection of a group of people in society. A fan’s review on ISIS reads, “If you are a dude that considers yourself a killer rapper, slaying ISIS is a good start. Joyner Lucas and Logic made sure that they spazzed on ISIS — Fa’Shotime followed suit on his remix of ISIS. The flows he utilizes in the song are impregnable, his punchlines are powerful, and his wordplay is efficient.” Fa’shotime’s hot new release is an exemplary work of art that has got many people attracted to this young man. As an upcoming Hip-Hop artist he understands clearly what he needs […]

Fresh off the Bronx HipHop scene comes a sound deeply rooted in the ‘golden age era’ as QüeDavinciYO drops ‘Yes I do’

Fresh off the Bronx HipHop scene comes a sound so deeply rooted in the old, ‘golden age era’ type street music classics, that you can’t help but stop and appreciate it for a second. Of course, right after this second is over and your ears become accustomed to the song and lyrics, you come to see it’s not simply a good tune, that it doesn’t merely follow in the footsteps of long-ago greats, but rather builds on that to bring you something unique, a sort of meeting point between the old and the new. And how else could it be? Although QüeDavinciYO is a fairly young man with his whole life ahead of him, he’s already started establishing a name for himself in the world of music, demonstrating in each beat his inventiveness and attesting his potential, leading critics to acclaim as a potential future great of this generation. What truly captivates the listener about QüeDavinciYO’s latest track, “Yes I Do”, is the gritty feel of it all. Both in the lyrics and sound, as well as in the accompanying music video, QüeDavinciYO manages to capture and express what life on the street is like – tough, hard and often […]

Belgium based artist ‘Ivory’ unleashes ‘Demons in Her Heart’ off the soon dropping new E.P ‘Rigor Mortis’

‘Ivory is a Belgium artist who started writing and producing music at the age of 16. Ivory originally started out as a songwriter only and later developed a talent for producing the music. Ivory takes his inspiration from worldwide acts like J. Cole and Kanye West. The music video was released on 31 January 2020 and is related to his exciting up and coming EP entitled ‘Rigor Mortis’. ‘Rigor Mortis’ is a 6 track EP and follows his 2018 full length album ‘Chaos To Poetry’. Ivory is 20 years old who lives between Denderleeuw and Brussels and has also released previous dope, hot and popular singles ‘Revenge’ and ‘Judas’. ‘Ivory’ recently declared that “Rigor Mortis is my best project so far”. The album was co-produced with music producer ‘Eneal’ who is Ivory’s main producer who describes as “A well talented man with years of experience in the music work”. Ivory and Eneal have worked closely together on ‘Choas To Poetry’ and the forthcoming new E.P ‘Rigor Mortis’. ALL PLATFORMS ONLINE: