MUZICMIRROR UK SIZZLING HOT ROCK OF 2020: An army of Elves have arrived with their leader ‘Show Whight’ and his fast and furious ‘Motorhead’ sound on the fun but serious hard rock gem ‘Elf Rock’

The incredible and extraordinary Show Whight is a solo rock n’ roll artist based in Los Angeles, CA.  Show Whight is influenced by legendary hard rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and AC/DC.  The powerful and rock n’ roll new single from Show Whight is entitled ‘Elf Rock’ and was recorded and produced in Hollywood, CA.  The fresh new distinctive rock single ‘Elf Rock’ from Show Whight reveals the facts surrounding the famous Icelandic belief in a population of elves and other creatures called ’Huldufók’.  Huldufók’ means ‘The hidden people’ who are supernatural beings that live in nature. Some Icelandic folk tales even warn people against throwing and rolling stones, as it may hit the invisible people. Mick Jagger has not yet officially commented.  MUZICMIRROR UK SIZZLING HOT ROCK OF 2020: An army of Elves have arrived with their leader ‘Show Whight’ and his fast and furious ‘Motorhead’ sound on the fun but serious hard rock gem ‘Elf Rock’ The well-produced and rocking new single ‘Elf Rock’ from Show Whight is about the home of elves.  When Show Whight was recently tracked down and quizzed by global press about the hidden meaning behind the single ‘Elf Rock’, […]

The ‘Saint’ from Las Vegas unleashes a ‘heavy monster’ sound with the Trap, Grime meets joyful, insane, dancehall vibe of ‘Dopamine Beach’

St. Clair Sagab Addir Du-Berry Jr. a.k.a ‘Saint’ is a rising star born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia that is currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Beginning as a child singing in the church entitled “Alpha & Omega” pastored by his mother & father, he was described by fellow churchgoers as “the loudest voice in the choir”. SAINTYBOI · Dopamine Beach The ‘Saint’ from Las Vegas unleashes a ‘heavy monster’ sound with the Trap, Grime meets joyful, insane, dancehall vibe of ‘Dopamine Beach’ – Muzicmirror UK RAP and R&B He has currently released hits such as his original song “Joke” on SoundCloud at 22,800 streams and “Awesome Freeeeestyle” on SoundCloud at 177,300 streams and growing. He has also released popular cover songs such as Billie Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over“, Kanye West’s “Waves”, Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, and Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. Saint is currently an independent artist, but looking to get signed to a major record label for more exposure and support in his musical endeavours. ONLINE: His new single “Dopamine Beach” will be released on all streaming platforms on May 1st, 2020 and is now available for pre-order at this link: SoundCloud –  “Dopamine Beach”

MUZICMIRROR UK MODERN SOUL AND POP TREATS: ‘John Jay’ is an exceptional songwriter and artist who releases a majestic, soulful, touching album full of songs that sound like all time classics with his uplifting ‘Emergency Exit’

John Jay, The Gospel Musician with the Smooth Voice Announces the Release of another Soul Lifting Music Album – Emergency Exit. John Jay, a gospel musician, Pop, and R&B singer has released his new album titled Emergency Exit, out now on at all good global digital retailers. This is where soul-refreshing music and clarity of purpose meet, the 12 track lists album is a collection of soul uplifting songs with a clear message; to be a source of light, a beacon on the mountain amid these trying times. In correspondence with John, he shares his vision and mission behind the album, in his words, “The Album, Emergency Exit, is a song of hope, lifting the soul and a source of inspiration to keep going, irrespective of what we may be facing presently. This album is my gift to humanity and everyone, if only we hang-on a little while, we can be a better person to live a more glamorous life we always wanted’. He is a virtuoso with numerous recordings across the board, John recorded his debut album 2011 titled “The Secret of Life” thrusting him into limelight, with nominations for several awards. He was once awarded a Gospel Blue […]

MUZICMIRROR UK EDM: ‘BAzzJoke’ is a prolific DJ and producer who drops a lush EDM single and glamorous music video with ‘Into The Blue’ feat. Marc

BAzzJoke is a music producer with a focus on creating tracks influenced by melodic house, deep and other branches of EDM. Recently, he dropped a brand new studio effort titled “Into The Blue,” which highlights his ability to set the bar higher with some world-class productions, as well as his focus on great melodies and hooks. If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Lost Frequencies, Otto Knows, as well as Robin Schulz, you are definitely going to enjoy the sound and feel of “Into The Blue,” so don’t pass up on it! This song hits the mark, and it serves as a perfect calling card for BAzzJoke. It is all about tight low end. As the name of the artist himself might imply, you can expect some massive bass tones, but his production isn’t only about making the speakers shake. “Into The Blue” is a melodic track at its core, and there is plenty of balance when considering the relationship between the bass content of the track, and it’s more melodic nuances. The production is filled beautifully with many lush atmospheric pads, striking melodies and cool sonic elements that will make you want to get on that […]

MUZICMIRROR FREESTYLE, RAP AND TRAP: The Mighty ‘Yayo Mike’ unleashes ‘Back in The Day’ taking the #ThebackInthedaychallenge to a new level!

So…Boom! There was a challenge going on called #ThebackInthedaychallenge trending via social media. When I heard “everything is Khroam in the future” and the beat drop My decision was already made; I was going to finesse that beat. I made “the stink face” and thought to my self that I wanted parts of it but due to technical difficulties wrote my verse “on reserved” but didn’t drop it, just yet. About two weeks later in the summer of 2019, a Top 20 Trenton NJ Artist list went around social media and my competitive nature kicked in. I scrolled through the comments and thought out loud “it’s time“. I called up my brother Loko to record me spitting my verse and rest is history. My original plan was for it only to be a freestyle visual for Facebook and Instagram but my supporters suggested that I make it a full song so I shot the video and here we are. ONLINE:

‘Keldamuzik’ scores huge placement deal with her single ‘I Don’t Care’

Music artist Keldamuzik is happy to announce the placement of her latest song “I Don’t Care” which was featured on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I Don’t Care” is a single from her 4th album “Diva TV, ” which stemmed from her reality TV series that aired in the early 2000’s called Diva TV. Keldamuzik who has been in the music industry, has sought out different ways to promote her music, from licensing deals and collaborating with other brands. Both has done wonders for her career being an independent artist and not signed to a major label. In previous years Keldamuzik has had indie deals that she felt weren’t the right fit for her at the time, in 2011 she left label to pursue her own doings and started to allocate a marketing team around her to help push her career forward and polish her brand. In 2012 Keldamuzik toured in Tokyo opening for r&b singer Lloyd, which boosted her career to another level as an artist. Before then she toured throughout the Caribbean on different islands with reggae singer Jah Cure. The Diva is not green to music placement, her previous licensing deals include Oxygen’s channel Bad Girls […]

‘SheisL1’ bolts out a sizzling hot new release in the form of the ‘Love Surrender EP’

It’s not easy to create a song that’s both catchy, yet still manages to stay true to your unique style and passion. Many artists these days lose themselves and give in to the demands of the music world, sacrificing their creativity and uniqueness on the altar of mainstream success. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, you get an artist who didn’t sacrifice it, who managed to keep that special something in their sound that made them unlike any other. And yet somehow, they still find a way to be successful. One such artist is SheIsL1. A very interesting young artist, she divides her time between Florida and California at the moment, but wherever she is, one constant remains true – her unbending passion for music. SheIsL1 immediately strikes you as a strong spirit. She says she wouldn’t sing a song for the popularity, simply wouldn’t be able to do it if she didn’t feel it in her soul, and we believe her, because so far, all her tunes seem to have one thing in common – they are born out of an obvious, unquestionable love for music. Her most recent song, “Love Surrender”, is a truly remarkable piece that […]

MUZICMIRROR UK BEST NEW TRAP AND HIP-HOP: ‘URBAN FU$E’ take us back to the original blues days, blended over penetrating Trap beats and a powerful spit on inventive new track ‘Trap Blues’

Do you ever get that feeling, when you’re listening to music and suddenly, it feels more like a wake-up call than an actual song? Like you’ve been living in a bubble, somewhere off in your own mind and then you hear this killer intro and it’s just like nothing you’ve ever heard before? That was exactly what I felt when I heard Urban Fu$e’s “Broke Blues”. I don’t remember how I came upon it, I just remember the sound blasting through my headphones and jolting me out of my sear. Like boy, I was not expecting that. And it wasn’t just the novelty or the obvious surprise of a song starting playing out of the blue. It’s the same feeling each time I re-listen to it. This tune has such a classy blues intro that you think you’ve been transported to this whole other place, somewhere back in the 50s, when they still used to play it like that. Not saying the tune is old, though, just that it puts you in mind of the glory days of blues music. A truly down and out tune that gets you thinking. About life, about luck, about hoping for a better day […]

With an exotic and mysterious synth pop sound, ‘Diamond Lounge’ burst out of Paris with the seductive single ‘Dangerous’

‘Dangerous’ Fuses RnB With 80s Retro Vibes In The Most Perfect Way Possible Parisian Electro Pop/Synthwave duo Diamond Lounge have been building up a reputation for being able to creatively fuse addictive Pop sensibilities with 80’s retro vibes. Their latest track sees them apply their cross-genre interbreeding tendencies once again, with their signature lush chord progressions and intricately detailed synth programming. This time, however, with RnB flavours thrown into the mix. With the sensual yet confident vocal stylings of Seattle-based singer Scarlet Jei Saoirse, Diamond Lounge takes the Electro Pop format and carves out a song that pays homage to all the women who like to live dangerously. With an exotic and mysterious synth pop sound, ‘Diamond Lounge’ burst out of Paris with the seductive single ‘Dangerous’  – Muzicmirror UK ‘Dangerous’ was released on April 2nd 2020, on Cassowary Prod. For bookings and all media related enquiries, email ONLINE: Website : Facebook : Twitter : Insta : Youtube : Spotify :

MUZICMIRROR RAP AND HIP-HOP INTERVIEWS: ‘Vic Shadez’ and ‘Soulution’ reveal some facts about their revolutionary album ‘Zenith’

How and why did you guys first start making music? We both felt in love with hiphop at an early age and knew that’s what we wanted to do, from listening to some iconic artists back then. Where are you from? Hudson county new Jersey Where are you now? Hudson county new Jersey What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your music? It’s better than mainstream music and authentic What’s the coolest, most important show you’ve played to date (the kind of show you’d like to play more of)? Opening for funk master flex at the china club. Vic Shadez and Soulution drop their radical, inventive and dope ‘Zenith’ album, proving that  Hip Hop is alive and well, as it’s heart beats stronger everyday. Thanks to artists such as VIC SHADEZ and SOULUTION, who along with GO-ILLA are the life blood of this thing we call hip hop. The under current, the subconscious energy that is the driving force. ‘Zenith’ is not just an album, but an epic and cinematic journey into sound, experimentation and hip-hop roots. The production is mammoth and dreamy and meanders and changes under an efficient and direct rap and spit. Is this Cinematic Trap […]

‘Anaimane’ drops a sleek, dreamy, atmospheric trippy track with ‘Uninvited’

Imane Elouartassi, professionally known as Anaimane, is a Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Montréal, Canada. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, she studied five years of music theory and classical piano before immigrating to Canada with her musical family when she was 13. After singing onstage at the annual Miss Afrique Montréal pageant, her ambition to become a professional musician began to shape when she was approached backstage by CBC music journalist, Duke Eatmon. ‘Anaimane’ drops a sleek, dreamy, atmospheric trippy track with ‘Uninvited’ – Muzicmirror UK In 2019, she began songwriting and working in tandem with notable Québec musicians, before expanding to collaborate with U.S. producers. In 2020, she co-wrote and recorded a new song which became her debut single “Uninvited”. The single ‘Uninvited’ was produced by Poppycow Escobar, Alvin Anthony and Voyce Official in New York City. It was subsequently aired on national Canadian radio network (CBC Radio One 88.5 FM) and is gaining some provincial notoriety, which has ultimately lead to a distribution arrangement with Spinnup Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. Influences: Prince, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Dalida, Michael Jackson, Madonna. ONLINE: You Tube

The magnificent ‘Zizzo World’ releases a reggaetón meets acoustic beach vibes track with the polished and catchy sound of new single ‘Bidaya’

Zizzo World, the UK based Pop artist bringing his influences from London into the Pop Scene. Following the release of his latest single ‘Phenomenal’ and “Hate You Now” accumulating over 250K Streams on Spotify, Zizzo World brings you ‘Bidaya’. His music charted in the Shazam Top 100 Charts in South Korea at #6 and has seen the light of the iTunes Top 40 Charts in several countries. Bidaya, meaning Goodbye in bangla language, brings acoustic pop vibes combined with a reggaeton influenced rhythm. When asked about the meaning behind the track Zizzo World says: “There is a certain amount of insanity that almost always comes with making a record. One day I may feel like a sensitive songwriter who aims to inspire people through my vulnerability – pure love. Then, other days I am convinced that not too many are in about that. Once I work through that mess, there is usually a sense of peace and indifference about music all together. It’s so strange to me. But I love the results and hope you will enjoy it too”. Zizzo World is definitely proving one to watch, with his debut album in the works and plans to tour the UK […]

MUZICMIRROR POP TREATS 2020: ‘The Safety Word’ release a well crafted and produced electronic pop single entitled ‘Games’

The Safety Word are an electronic duo from Melbourne Australia their works inspired by dream pop, chill wave and trip-hop sensibilities. The band consists of core song writing team John Rousvanis on (vocals/electric guitar) and Simon Quinn (laptop/keys) who either play as a compact duo unit or expand the band’s sound with an assortment of guest musicians for unique performances. MUZICMIRROR POP TREATS 2020: ‘The Safety Word’ release a well crafted and produced electronic pop single entitled ‘Games’ – Muzicmirror UK Their sound can be described as down tempo electronica with a twist of trip-hop and future R & B. Thrown into the blender are soulful vocals, abstract guitar, deep bass and ambient synth soundscapes. The Safety Word released “Games” the lead single from their forth coming EP on Friday 27th of March. This time they bring you a blistering electro-pop anthem crafted as much for the dance floor as it is for the headphones of the lonely ones pining after their unrequited love. This track bounces along with a catchy dance floor ready groove whilst keeping one foot firmly planted in washed out nostalgia and reflection. The songs themes explore complex relationships, conflicting emotions and fear of commitment. Upbeat […]

‘J.Drive’ mixes cinematic samples and beats into a funky vibe with strong lyrics and a real life spit on ‘Lane Switch’

J. Drive drops ‘Lane Switch’. Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, Jessie “J.Drive” Driver freewheels with a brash, self-confident personality as he gives his perspective on self-inspiring behaviours. Born July 1st, 1996 “Drive” channels his story-telling abilities into striking, playful wordings with a sense of appeal. Through menacing trap beats, smooth bangers & really any vibrant instrumental the artist & songwriter lets himself vent out raw rap lyrics while tinkering with melodic structures which makes his upcoming debut mixtape “OVERDRIVE”, suitable for his best effort yet. ‘J.Drive’ mixes cinematic samples and beats into a funky vibe with strong lyrics and a real life spit on ‘Lane Switch’ – Muzicmirror UK The artist strips conventional song structures for simple, synth melodies to form a captivating take on his humbling journey through rap music. Comparable to his life as a former all state hoop star to living in a car alone being victimized because of his caring nature his music also assumes blue shades one moment and fiery passion the next. By taking the same vitalizing qualities of trap music, and exploring song sketches, J.Drive buffs his records into an intense, high energy tune while still being entirely within his own frisky, daring world. […]

With a bright Alt-pop rock sensibility and melodic songs that will keep you in a warm mood, say hello to ‘Your Best Friend’

In early 2019, six long-time best friends came together from various projects to form a new sound. Your Best Friend! was brought to life. With a bright Alt-pop rock sensibility and melodic songs that will keep you in a warm mood, say hello to ‘Your Best Friend’ – Muzicmirror UK Drawing from members’ shared love for Fall Out Boy, Fun and George Michael, the six piece created their first two singles: “Stay” and “Holy Ghost.” After moving cross country from Kentucky to California, Your Best Friend! played its first show at Blackbox Soundstage. Since then, Your Best Friend! has been working together to create new music for their curated Alt-Pop sound. ONLINE: Facebook: Instagram: x @ybfband Twitter: x @ybfband Spotify: YouTube: iTunes: