CedMoney$ Ft CEOsmoke release new single ‘Backends’

CedMoney$ originally from Gulfport, Mississippi born and raised home Base Virginia Beach, Virginia grew up listening to Hot Boys and most of the down south rappers. He says “I’m the type of rapper that versatile and switch it up at anytime. It’s really about me basically getting more official with my music becoming a real Artist I was always calling myself a Rapper but never really made it official. Hopefully open up more doors for paid shows”. ONLINE: https://linktr.ee/CEDMONEYBOI

Outstanding Members Entertainment releases Pandemic Mixtape featuring five generations of music on one mixtape

Old-school and new-school rap music featured on incredible new release by Chicago group July 21, 2021; Chicago, IL – Outstanding Members Entertainment has officially released the all-new Pandemic Mixtape. The Chicago-based rap group features a who’s who list of members including Loot, BMG, Drillz Millz, N-Doe, Redd Dogg, Mooskie 200, Lil Fame, Baby Goat, Lil 40 Krugerman, Savage Lyfe, and Chuck A Luck. Founded in 2006, Outstanding Members has been a key player in the American rap and hip-hop scene. The Pandemic Mixtape features five generations of music on one incredible mixtape. Listeners have a variety of rap music to enjoy from old-school hip-hop to new-school tracks. Outstanding Members dropped the Pandemic Mixtape on July 16 and made it available via Youtube or Outstandingmembers.com Outstanding Members is one of Chicago’s longest serving rap groups. According to the members, the rap group is one “big family”. While many rap groups throw around the term “family”, Outstanding Members means it as the group is either related through familial ties or long-time friendships. Each member of the rap group adds to lyrics, music, production, and engineering to the mixtape making it a fully collaborative effort. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing in the United […]

The young artist CINDO69 drops new song ‘Traphouse’

The young artist CINDO69 has obviously created the best conditions for the success of his new song “Traphouse“. An established producer team, a strong label and internationally acclaimed promoters and members of the Grammy Recording Academy® are behind the rap artist Mete-Can YILDIZ, who will start on July 23, 2021 with his “Traphouse” number. Freely under the motto “Tell me what you dream of?”, The song is about a spot of a gathering of young people with visions and the only desire for social recognition through only material values. The title describes the thoughts of many young people who are conveyed wrong values in society and in the media. SPOTIFY INSTAGRAM CINDO_69

Doing what she loves best, Nakai Music drops her new single ‘Get it’

Nakai Musik is a singer, songwriter, producer & rapper from Dallas, TX. Growing up around music, her father is the famous edgy bounce artist(Mista Naked) from the 90’s and early 2000’s who did songs with New Orleans legends like Mc Thick and Cheeky Blakk and more! Nakai is currently going to school in LA at the Los Angeles school of recording in which she will finish up Fall 2021 majoring in recording and producing to add to her already Bachelor of Phycology Degree. Now she is doing what she loves best and that is making music but she is definitely following in her dad’s footsteps with her edgy and provocative lyrics on some fire tracks that will keep the dance floors packed. Nakai Music says about the song “The song is about ladies using what they got and go for what they want. Song has a catchy hook with a serious dance club vibe to it”. ONLINE: https://songwhip.com/nakaimusik/get-ithttps://youtu.be/3STYjvOkLX8https://instagram.com/just_nakai_

Interview: Zpextre

Zpextre, Can you tell us about your latest single, Save it for the Kids?       As a child, I was able to dream and imagine my future.  Innocence allowed me to wander through the development of my mind to be who I am today.  I wrote Save It For the Kids on March 15th 2020  as Trump continued to sell out the country for his political and financial gain.  I wanted to scream out to the world Save It For The Kids!  Save their innocence.  Save the environment. Save this Democracy. Save this trust that we have in humanity!        It takes a lifetime to build a home, but a single day to tear it down!   More criminal than all the countless institutions that he destroyed, is his blatant disregard for the social contracts that we have inplace.  In this case, the innocence of children is something that we all subconsciously agree upon.  That is, until Trump. Is there a story behind the single? The imagery of the song is reminiscent of a time I brought my 6 year old niece to a protest in San Francisco. On our way there, the bus door opens and so do the things in […]

Jamaican Superstar Dejour is All-Set to Perform at Caribbean Rocks Music Festival in the UK

THE FESTIVAL WILL TAKE PLACE ON JULY 24TH AT THE BOWLERS EXHIBITION CENTRE IN MANCHESTER & IT WILL FEATURE LEGENDS OF THE CARIBBEAN MUSIC SCENE Manchester, England, UK – July 17, 2021: Globally emerging Reggae and Pop Music Artist, Dejour Gardner has proudly announced that he is all set to perform at the Caribbean Rocks Music Festival in Manchester, England. This amazing music festival will take place on Saturday July 24th, 2021, from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester, England. Tickets for this festival are now available online and the ticket sale closes on 22nd July at 8:01 pm. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, the real name of Dejour is Fabian Gardner, but he is popularly known in the entertainment industry as Dejour Gardner. Moreover, the award-winning artist finds inspiration in raw music, its healing power and uses his music to bring about a sense of wellbeing to the next generation of music fans worldwide. “I am really excited to perform for the fans at the UK’s Caribbean Rocks Music Festival. I know my fans are thrill to see me right now. Trouble when mi reach man.” said Dejour Gardner, while talking about the upcoming […]

Cliffwho talks about releasing his song ‘Moon’

Cliffwho releases his song ‘Moon’. He says “The last couple years I have been struggling with diabetes and kidney function but I am not going to let that stop me from going forward and grinding! I grew in a christian household and I was raised to be humble and patient and good things will come to those who wait. Everybody calls me Cliff or Cliffwho and I love and have a passion for music like it’s the end of my life”. ONLINE Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/cliffwho/?hl=enFacebookhttps://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Musician-Band/CliffWho-111771040342397/Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/2vmpGw9ZKgWC6JjjXQbFNoWebsitehttps://linktr.ee/cliffwhoYoutubehttps://m.youtube.com/channel/UCoOvuYnoJkm2b1yR3hyoIdg


It is often said that some of the best, most groundbreaking music comes about as a result of fusion. Taking two unique concepts and blending them to make something new is exciting and allows the music to forge new paths. From the jazz-funk era of the seventies to the pop-rock genre that has emerged more recently, fusion has always been something that, while hard to pull off effectively, offers music that is fresh and enticing. With his new single, “Time”, Kamalzi — a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Kansas City, Missouri — does this perfectly.             The song intertwines the likes of both contemporary Christian and gospel music with the upbeat tempos and rhythms of Hip-Hop. This is most easily seen when listening to the beat of the song. It opens with a mellow guitar riff that carries the listener’s ear throughout the entirety of the song. “Time” really begins to pick up speed, however, once the beat drops, the elements of Rap and Hip-Hop truly become evident. Anyone who listens to the song will instantly be able to feel the energy infused into this song. It is positive and in a lot of ways makes you feel inspired.             One […]

Priming his fans for his first major summer release, Jah Single unleashes ‘In My Element’

It is evident in his musical assertions that the artist known as Jah Single followed in his father’s footsteps, but in his own stride, and to a different tune. Born Evroy Lawes on the island of Jamaica, he was raised in the cool hills of rural Manchester, where his natural evolution into music was catalysed by a father whose passion helped influence the likes of Winston McaNuff and Eek-a-Mouse, now legends of music in their own right. But it was his gift of a guitar to his son that would help catalyse the passion of a youth who would become the penultimate standard-bearer of his fathers name, Jah Single. 10 years later, he would migrate to Miami, Florida, where the cornucopia of musical influences would help expand his rhythmic soundscape, and over the next few years, he would take the time to carve a sound, outside of his homegrown comfort zone. The afro inspired “Nollywood Queen” would be his debut release, giving him a taste of what to expect in the music industry, but it would be the Hip-hop tinged single “Mow Down” that would put him on the regional music map. Now priming his fans for his first major […]

New single ‘No Pressure’ drops from 20 year old Boise Idaho rapper ‘J $teeze’

Boise Idaho based 20 year old artist ‘J $teeze’ has been rapping since he was 11-12, but has been recording for 3-4 years. His new single is entitled ‘No Pressure’. He says “I’m just now starting to enjoy the music I put out more than I use to. I recorded this joint in a empty room in my apartment and it took probably 30 min to put this song out. I’ve always had a soft spot for music, I can’t go a single day without listening to music or doing something related to music. The song “No Pressure” is almost self explanatory by the title but when you hear me rap I’m not talking about being pressured into Anything, the flow just came out so naturally and I was not pressured at all into making a song that I liked, and I’m usually pressured to one-up everything I do. Hopefully it’ll inspire other young artists into doing whatever they love” ONLINE: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/PQ96y9mwMhnQ6t466 https://instagram.com/steeze_08/ https://facebook.com/TheRookie08 https://music.apple.com/us/artist/j-%24teeze/1576027014

Continuing on in the footsteps of past hip hop greats such as Ms. Lauryn Hill and 2pac, LaToya Jane’s addictive new single “Empty” is out now

Continuing on in the footsteps of past hip hop greats such as Ms. Lauryn Hill and 2pac, LaToya Jane’s addictive new single “Empty” tells a story of growth and persistence. A little bit of background knowledge is needed to clearly understand how masterfully Jane has been able to convey these themes in her song. Jane grew up in a tough neighborhood in the Toronto area — an environment that made it easy to slip into trouble and enter a cycle of hardship. She unfortunately fell into a bad situation, leading her to spend 18 months in a women’s incarceration center. However, this was just the spark that she needed to bounce back and finally pursue her true passion: music.             Although it isn’t stated outright, this story of her past and how far she has come since then is evident all throughout her new song. She makes a powerful connection with the listener that draws them into her life and shows the pain that can come along with a journey such as hers. Even though “Empty” is specific to her own experience, it is genuine and truthful in a way that allows pretty much anyone to connect with it. After […]

Dnigel ft Steve Drakes drop brand new song ‘Summer Lovin’

Dnigel ft Steve Drakes have released their brand new single entitled Summer Lovin. The new single Summer lovin is a warm track full of Summer Good vibes from the Producer and Songwriter who is based in the DMV area in the United States. Check out Dnigel Online:Instagram: dnigel_Facebook: @dnigel9YouTube Channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCF3iBu19q0HQSWYZjRPLnDg

Feature: Kevin Gani Speaks on Collaboration In The Music Industry

Collaboration within the music industry is not a new concept, with talented musicians throughout the decades pairing up to harness their creativity and combine their skills to develop musical masterpieces. Over the past 20 years, the way that we interact with music has changed significantly. We no longer buy physical CDs or even download MP3s; instead, we rely on streaming services and find new artists via social media. The demand for new, fresh content on streaming and social media services has meant that collaboration has grown in importance in the digital era. Kevin Gani is an international multi-genre music producer currently in Kansas and has excellent experience collaborating with some of the world’s most experienced musicians, major and up-and-coming artists. Recently, he has worked with Bugsy Malone on his highly anticipated album and is one to watch in the future. He sat down here at Verna Magazine to discuss why he believes music collaboration is vital for progression within the music industry and gave us his opinion on some of the best collaborating artists of all time. What Are The Benefits Of Music Collaboration? Music collaboration comes with its many advantages – both in a creative sense and a business […]

‘Plug Not A Rapper, Party Plug Mikey’ rises to success with debut album ‘Swamp Baby’

Swamp Baby is George Ransom Turner III, Plug Not A Rapper, Party Plug Mikey’s first ever project as an artist. Born and raised in Savannah GA and made a name as a beach festival, mansion party and concert promoter and business man throughout the coast of Georgia Florida & South Carolina, Plug Not A Rapper gives his fans a view of his humble beginnings and rose to success in debut album Swamp Baby. George Ransom Turner III goes by many names and occupations but is known internationally for being the owner & Founder of Orange Crush Festival & Crush Magazine LLC. He was born in Savannah GA on August 10, 1992. He launched Orange Crush Live in 2007 as an events festival in Savannah GA & Neighboring Hardeeville SC. He is an Entrepreneur, Artist, Songwriter, Actor, War Veteran & Philanthropist. After years of being the Self Proclaimed King of Mansion Parties & Beach Bash Events in the South Eastern United States ranging from Miami to Atlanta he grew his brand into a Magazine and Record Label. In 2016 He Launched Crush Magazine and Crush Magazine the Label. He hit the scene as an artist in June of 2021 with singles […]

Electronic Music Producer Luca Draccar come to life upon the release of his new EP entitled ‘419’

The sensational sounds of Italian electronic music producer Luca Draccar come to life upon the release of his new EP titled 419 (short for For One Night aka One Night Stand). Captured in the allure of exotic techno garb, 419 is truly a stunning musical accomplishment. Over the past few years, Draccar has evolved into a fountain of creativity and is often revered for his free-spirited and cinematic production. 419 is comparable to living life on the edge. Each track unfolds into the next. It is a refreshing path that is filled with pleasant surprises and many introspective moments. Draccar offers a 3-track melodic gem that begins with Dadaism and concludes with Vagabondage. The production is crisp as it draws us into its scheme with a high degree of warmth and a thorough taste for innovative concepts. Every selection delivers a high altitude of groove sensibilities that are unforgettable. Stream on Spotify: Follow Luca Draccar: https://www.instagram.com/lucadraccar/https://lucadraccar.bandcamp.com/https://www.beatport.com/artist/luca-draccar/724753/trackshttps://soundcloud.com/lucadraccarhttps://www.facebook.com/DraccarLuca/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKPLkC4uCAoepaE972GhGg?view_as=subscriberhttps://music.apple.com/de/artist/luca-draccar/1419658478

Highly anticipated by fans across the Eastern Caribbean community, and US east coast cities, ‘Arkesh’ delivers ‘fete’

With outside now a reality for Summer 2021, the entertainment scene around the world is getting back the colour in its cheeks, and for musical creatives, the new normality created by COVID -19 has presented a unique set of challenges. For many emerging and indie artist the digital space has become the new centrifuge of the music industry, and the opportunities presented in the new paradigm has made the game more palatable for fusion artists such as Arkesh, the Caribbean bred, Miami native, whose tasty blend of electronic, Dancehall driven soca is creating a real organic buzz in the digital underground. The Jamaican born, Bronx raised songwriter, got his first taste in the mainstream in his early teens as one part of the Miami based duo 1-50-1, which led to a short flirtation with Warner music and later Red Vinyl Records. Military service, however, presented a better option than a bad record deal for Ryon Rakeish Royes, who served honourably before making a notable foray into the East Coast tech scene. But always an artist at heart, Royes kept writing and used the hiatus to build a new musical soundscape that critics in the Caribbean urban underground have been calling […]

Three of the most prominent rising talents, ROMBE4T, San Sebastian, & Stephan Summer, have teamed up to produce the soundtrack of the summer with “You Make Me Feel.”

ROMBE4T, San Sebastian, & Stephan Summer Release House Soundtrack To The Summer With ‘You Make Me Feel’ ROMBE4T is taking 2021 by storm as he has now teamed up with San Sebastian and Stephan Summer to release this house banger. Recalling the early years of house music, “You Make Me Feel” is the perfect blend of the past and the present. The pristine percussion guides the swing-heavy bassline as the soulful vocal adds the overall personality to the track. Undoubtedly, each buildup will rile up any crowd and have them dancing with the drop that radiates pure energy. From the car to the beach to the club, the single is the perfect track to brighten up or add the necessary groove to your day. “You Make Me Feel” is a song every playlist and DJ needs which is out now on all digital streaming platforms. Totally hooked on infectious beats filled with feel-good and happy vibes, ROMBE4T feeds the creative signature thanks to which he has already been called a master of House music. From his first performances in the ‘90s, to raves and DJ performances, ROMBE4T’s music is the kind that, in terms of the value of House music […]

British-American trio Raynes started recording their new album ‘Set Fire to the Foxes’ largely in isolation

Signing with Sony Music Publishing less than a year after their inception, British-American trio Raynes formed in 2017 and have since released three singles that have earned them features in Billboard, Earmilk, and Atwood Magazine, among many other publications. Now, their singular blend of folk, pop, and world music is being featured on television shows, commercials, and tastemakers’ playlists, generating buzz in the UK and the US alike. Mat Charley and Joe Berger, both born and raised in North Dakota, met in college, where Mat, a producer and multi-instrumentalist was usually skipping class to write songs. Before long, the two had recorded a handful of demos and realized that the songs were good enough to build a band around. Knowing that they would need a strong vocalist, they took to the internet to find the missing piece of their project. After months of searching, they finally struck gold when they came across a video of Mark Race, a native of Durham, UK. The trio’s differences have proven to be a winning combination. As Raynes, they combine their diverse influences to form a group whose taste spans the globe, incorporating elements of folk, Americana, and baroque pop with Celtic and world […]

Reinventing Hip-Hop and Soul, sisters ‘P.Ri.S.M’ drop a groovy, sweet and cool new single with ‘Heart Strings’

(P.Ri.S.M) stands for ‘Poets Reinvent Sound Music’ who represents a melodic and lyrical duo of sisters Nyenye (Alter) and Nailah (Royal Ether) Born and raised in New York. ‘Prisms’ musical versatility is demonstrated in their ability to fuse song, hiphop, soul and poetry to Express artistic freedom. Watch the official video here: P.R.I.S.M ONLINE: Instagramhttps://instagram.com/officialp.ri.s.m?utm_medium=copy_linkSpotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/23bsrSPx1lpdZ3qcUNphwP?si=H-98bdixR6KvLkj7VNUlmAWebsitehttps://poetsreinventsoundmusic.blogspot.com/?m=1Soundcloudhttps://m.soundcloud.com/user-840409186/prism-heart-stringsYoutubeWatch “P.RI.S.M – Heart Strings (Official Music Video” on YouTube https://youtu.be/3zHk8HUs-q0

Rockers Heavisyde are bringing the summer love with their latest single called ‘Summer Kiss’

Rockers Heavisyde have released a new single called ‘Summer Kiss’ featuring Amanda Power. This is a fun song about summer love and a longing for that special kiss. With a style they’ve rightfully dubbed ‘Swag Rock,’ Heavisyde is on a mission to return electric guitar based Rock ’n Roll to its former glory. And with their thrilling mix of prog guitars and Anthemic hooks, they might just be the band rock fans have been waiting for.Check out the song here: To connect with Heavisyde, click on the link: https://linktr.ee/heavisyde Stream the track here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/heavisyde/summer-kiss-feat-amanda-power