Feature: Kevin Gani Speaks on Collaboration In The Music Industry

Collaboration within the music industry is not a new concept, with talented musicians throughout the decades pairing up to harness their creativity and combine their skills to develop musical masterpieces. Over the past 20 years, the way that we interact with music has changed significantly. We no longer buy physical CDs or even download MP3s; instead, we rely on streaming services and find new artists via social media. The demand for new, fresh content on streaming and social media services has meant that collaboration has grown in importance in the digital era. Kevin Gani is an international multi-genre music producer currently in Kansas and has excellent experience collaborating with some of the world’s most experienced musicians, major and up-and-coming artists. Recently, he has worked with Bugsy Malone on his highly anticipated album and is one to watch in the future. He sat down here at Verna Magazine to discuss why he believes music collaboration is vital for progression within the music industry and gave us his opinion on some of the best collaborating artists of all time. What Are The Benefits Of Music Collaboration? Music collaboration comes with its many advantages – both in a creative sense and a business […]