Muzicmirror Interview: We tracked down Icy Narco as he drops new single ‘Stress’

Tell us about your new single ‘Stress’, What is it about ? and why have you taken a brand new direction with your music ? “Stress” is about being in a toxic relationship and finally coming to terms with the fact you gotta get out. It’s about a relationship that’s one sided. Where your working harder than your partner to maintain the love, and you feel stuck. I’ve definitely been there. I don’t think I’ve completely changed my sound, I’m just building on top of it. I’ve taken a lot of time over the past few months to work with the pop/rock teams in Nashville and my mind is just opening up musically. I will still release some classic Icy sounding songs, but for my first release in awhile, with a new team, I wanted to come out with something undeniable that shows more of me. Tell us about your previous music releases and the success you gained from them ? I started seeing a lot of success with 2 songs out. Every major label was trying to get involved. The first couple songs I dropped are Icy Classics I freestyled them, and made them really quickly. I found the […]