‘Ingenue’ is the hot new release from New York’s ‘arlo’

arlo is a NYC-based songwriter with central-Texas roots. The debut release of his 2018 self-titled record was co-written and produced by Houston-based producer, Eric Jarvis, at crushpad productions. The 10-song true-story expression of love and loss caught the attention of the powerhouse music producing duo, brothers Kristian Bush and Brandon Bush (Sugarland, Dark Water) and renowned Atlanta-based studio engineer Tom Tapley (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Train, Wallflowers) and plans were set in motion to record the follow-up EP in Atlanta. Arlo’s anticipated follow-up EP “Lonely Soldier” is set to release in 2022 alongside plans to return to Central Texas. The 6-song production was tracked in Tapley’s Atlanta studio, West End Sound, and is a production collaboration of long-time musical co-conspirator Eric Jarvis (co-producer, bass, backing vocals) and the Bush Brothers’ (co-producers, keyboards, acoustic guitar) hand-picked heavy hitters Benji Shanks (guitar) and Travis McNabb (drums). Together the team has sculpted a carefully realized and economically structured blend of Americana Pop Rock. arlo was named a finalist in the 2021 John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and is a two-time recipient of the 2021 Unsigned Only International Music Competition. He has been featured in various music blogs as well as national news segments. Online: […]

Blending multiple styles including Afroswing, Drill, Afrobeats and Hip-Hop, AYZ-O announces his long awaited Single titled “WYNE”

Hailing from Kenya and currently based in Brixton/Stockwell, AYZ-O announces his long awaited Single titled “WYNE”. The exciting fresh new track features uber danceable grooves that is sure to get listeners off their feet. “WYNE” is now available on all major digital streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Amazon Music and others. A accompanying music video will also be available on AYZ-O’s YouTube channel. Listen to the track here. Gaining a ton of attention from many key industry players and music lovers alike, AYZ-O’s unique sound has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time. The performer ingeniously presents a fresh new perspective with his unique brand of music consisting of a distinctive blend multiple styles including Afroswing, Drill, Afrobeats and even Hip-Hop, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life. The resourceful individual also has an unique innate competency to ingeniously put together idiosyncratic sounds and melodies, creating breathtaking music, all while maintaining a consistent brand. Even though still relatively new to the music scene, AYZ-O has already gained the eyeballs of many performing at local block parties and community events. Following the digital release of “WYNE”, AYZ-O hopes to continue […]

After teaching at cultural centers across the world, ‘Maria Figueredo’ releases new album “Live to Love ~ Vivir para amar”

Maria Figueredo is a singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, researcher and educator who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and lives in Canada. She has taught at cultural centers across the world since 1992 and at universities since 1999. Maria has written songs and poetry since an early age. She comes from a long line of Uruguayans, which enriches everything she does. She has been a member of various musical groups, choirs and bands in Canada, Brazil and has performed on stages in various countries. She performs classical and traditional pieces, popular Latin American songs, and other covers. She is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. Her poetry has appeared in anthologies, magazines, print and online publications, and chapbooks. She won the Hispanic Women’s Network 2009 Award of Achievement, the Editors’ Choice Award in Poetry of the International Poet’s Society in 2005, and the Marsh Jeanneret Memorial Award for Publishing in 1991. In 2016, she won a university-wide teaching award. Her debut album spans decades of original songs in English, and includes some folkloric songs from her Latina heritage. Available Through Distrokid on all of the following:Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, TikTok/Resso, YouTube Music, Amazon, Soundtrack by Twitch, Pandora, […]

With a slight industrial ‘Depeche Mode’ meets ‘Fad Gadget’ type of dystopian mood, ‘Gloww’ is back with new single ‘Elegy №1’

The bold and majestic sound of ‘Gloww’ is back with hot new single ‘Elegy №1’. The new single starts with a James Bond esque vibe that is grand, melodic and dreamy as ‘Gloww’ sings in a deep, melodic and distinctive tone that rises to the chorus, taking you to another planet and time. The song meanders into a huge wall of epic sound that is spacey and emotional bringing the listener to a relaxed and music entranced state. Crashing out of the speakers the production sounds like it comes from a blockbuster movie soundtrack and has a slight industrial ‘Depeche Mode’ meets ‘Fad Gadget’ type of dystopian mood that touches, heals and affects the listener sticking in your head, heart and soul. The production is huge with a wall of big electronic sound and massive drums and synths that haunt you as GLOWW’s story gets told in music and lyrical expression. GLOWW produces his own music and creates everything, which brings a special atmosphere and unusual beauty to his tracks as he experiments with the vocal and sound nuances. GLOWW is a new name in music environment. It is a certain atmosphere and various aspects of perception of the whole world. Sometimes […]