‘Adrian Javon’ taps ‘Sham1016’ for this peaceful vibe with new single ‘What it Seems’.

‘What it Seems’ is the new single from Adrian Javon ft Sham1016. Adrian Javon taps Sham1016 for this peaceful vibe for What it Seems. Released in back 2021, the 2 grant the nostalgic single a highly necessary piece of art shot by Carlos Sanchez. Online: https://music.apple.com/us/album/what-it-seems-ep/1559618614 http://www.Instagram.com/iamadrianjavon http://www.Instagram.com/sham1016

The new single “Shut Up!” from KRUSH, featuring Howie Tizzle is infectious and guaranteed to have you singing the hook over and over again!

Krush It Entertainment and Team Mashn Entertainment presents the new single, “Shut Up!”, by Kansas-based artist, KRUSH, featuring Howie Tizzle. “Shut Up!” is a fun and energetic Banger inspired by negative and doubtful people. “Shut Up!” was orchestrated by multi-platinum Producer, Keith “Clizark” Clark, composed by Matty Beats, and mastered by 3x Grammy Award-winning Engineer, Gary Noble, giving it that sonic polish. “Shut Up!” is infectious and guaranteed to have you singing the hook over and over again! Online: https://linktr.ee/itikrush Instagram https://www.instagram.com/itikrush/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/itikrush/ Spotify Soundcloud Youtube

Revolving around love, loss and heartbreak with a focus to stay okay, ‘Lonely Ville’ is the debut pro level album release from ‘Okay Sage’

‘Lonely Ville’ is Okay Sages first pro level album release. It is compiled with 15 tracks that bring a message of realness and rawness in an industry that is so drowned in masks. The Lonely Ville project has taken 2 years to complete and revolves around love, loss and heartbreak with a focus to stay okay. Okay Sage is a multi million streamed music artist, producer and mental health advocate with a passion to bring a mental health focus to music. To meet others where they are whether that be on a couch at home or at work the next day. Okay Sages mission is to stay okay and bring as many others to say they are okay as possible. Okay Sage is the owner of “Okay Mental” a mental health focused advocation brand to reach those who are struggling to stay okay while also connect those in need with resources as to assist them. Online: https://www.instagram.com/okaysage/ https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCn3uthGMh7cZx0–efANZEg

Anthiny King’s intentions are for you to get lost in the music as he drops new single ‘No Matter’

Rising singer-songwriter and rapper Anthiny King is ready to show the world exactly what he brings to the table. Anthiny pens lyrics from personal experience and life stories of the ones around him, which has led to great respect from independent and industry artists alike. His perspectives on love, heartbreak, friendship and life’s struggles brings a realism and relatability to the listener. His intentions are for you to get lost in the music; not just from the words being said, but from the feelings it invokes. This skill has grown to the point he has been dubbed, “The Hook Whisperer” where he can write any hook to any track, about any subject. His songwriting has been prominent on many projects, whether featured on a song, or working behind the scenes. He has worked with Sean C & LV, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Bun B, Jae Millz, Wyclef Jean, Chris Rivers, Oswin Benjamin, Loaded Lux, Gwen Bunn and many other industry and independent artists to help them achieve the perfect vibe and/or sound for a record. Now, the New York City native is about to show another side to his traditional Hip Hop/R&B releases, with his new dance/house single, “No Matter”. Anthiny wanted […]

Ericc Antonio’s infectious flow weaves through trap, rock and blues on new album ‘Pardon My Presence’

Pardon My Presence is a collective of songs that touch on a range of topics. From betrayal, police brutality, injustice, love and humor. Ericc Antonio uses witty lyrics and word play with melodic hooks to define each song. His infectious flow weaves through trap, rock, blues influenced tracks that provide heavy baselines, smashing drums with 808 punches to give it that modern vibe. This is an album that can easily cross genres while staying true to its Hip hop base. Ericc Antonio brings a variety of flows and lyrical content that will keep any ongoer guessing what’s next. From a head bobbing guitar laced rock influenced trap song in “Round and Round,” to a melodic style 808 laced track in “Law Abiding Citizens.” Each song carries a modern day bounce that take on hard topics of police brutality, post traumatic stress disorder, love, betrayal and flashes of humor combined with catchy hooks, bridges and melodies adapted for today’s culture. Stream and listen to all: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ericcantonio/pardon-my-presence-3

‘King Uche’ created this new single ‘Motivate’ after a testing year filled with trials and tribulations.

Motivate is a single created by Nigerian American artist King Uche featuring fellow Miami, FL rapper Phresh305. King Uche created this single after a testing year filled with trials and tribulations. The central message is that; wherever you are in your life, wherever your hurt and pain comes from; whether it’s from fighting poverty, fighting pandemics, or fighting social injustices- it can not define you. As long as you stay strong and MOTIVATED to win You Can Never Lose! King Uche is a Nigerian artist who currently lives in Miami, Florida. This allows him to give his music a touch of originality and uniqueness given by the hip hop and afrobeat sounds of West Africa, mixed with the ruggedness of Florida and American life. Online: Listen to all: Onerpm https://kinguche.com/bio, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvlUJQbt72_aV-HFSexs-1Q, https://instagram.com/1kinguche, https://www.facebook.com/1kinguche

‘Lonely’ is the hot new single from ‘Wade2Wavey’ engineered by ‘Stomp’

‘Lonely’ is the new single from ‘Wade2Wavey’ engineered by ‘Stomp’. ‘Wade2Wavey’ is a 26 year old male artist from the United Kingdom and this is his first ever track just dropped. He says “Once you hear it you will understand I am meant to be in the spotlight!”. Online: https://youtu.be/j0EHK2dDAQ0 https://youtu.be/j0EHK2dDAQ0 https://www.facebook.com/oli.pokorski1

“Saturday night is based on several Saturday nights that I lived thru” says ‘Yungg trunks’ as he drops new single ‘Saturday night PT3’

‘Saturday night PT3’ is the new single from ‘Yungg trunks’. He says “Saturday night is base on several Saturday nights that I lived thru. My name is Yungg trunks, I was raised in the city of Compton but, Sophomore year moved to apple valley. I loved music ever since I was young I use to play the drums and some piano/guitar when I would go to church with my mom but, it wasn’t till freshman year when I realized I was able to actually write my own lyrics. Online: https://instagram.com/yungg_trunks?r=nametaghttps://open.spotify.com/album/0dutQsS1Hy4KX2hAa2aWAY?si=luXj4Xw6S4iV_0p8WtgnnQ

“This track represents the birth of my new sound called Ratchet R&B” says ‘Jay Starr Melodies’ as he drops ‘Stripper Chick’

Pioneering the crossover movement of R&B and Hip-Hop, Florida-based Jay Starr Melodies’ catchy branch of Ratchet R&B has been making waves across the East Coast. His next single, entitled ‘Stripper Chick’, was engineered by the Grammy award winner, Kori Anders, and is set for release on May 6th, 2022. ‘Stripper Chick’ sees Jay Starr Melodies pull from his seductive sonic palette to curate a compelling and intimate track that’ll elevate his self-titled strain of Ratchet R&B to the next level. Percussive synth work, tight, minimal grooves and Jay Starr’s impeccable vocal delivery come together in the best of ways – positioning Stripper Chick to become one of 2022’s certified summer anthems. “This track represents the birth of my new sound called Ratchet R&B. With my catchy lyrics, melodies, and smooth voice, it defines a different conceptual approach to making R&B” Jay Starr Melodies. Growing up in one of the roughest projects in West Dallas, Texas, Jay Starr Melodies credits music not only as his life’s passion, but also as an outlet that saved it. Fast forward to today, the Florida-based artist, whose self-titled strain of catchy Ratchet R&B has been making waves across the East Coast. In doing so, he’s […]

‘Z3RO’ drops new engaging, captivating and irresistible single with ‘Therapy’

Therapy is a new song from the up and coming artist Z3RO. It is a hard hitting and energetic piece that focuses on his journey through life. With great production from renowned producer AnnoDomini, some extra sauce added by engineer Rami Ramadan, and lyrics by Z3RO that are engaging, captivating and irresistible. TripleZ3RO · Therapy Each verse has it’s own story to tell with a different flow along with it. From beginning to end it is a dark yet fun interpretation of life experiences everyone can relate to. Therapy is a search for self awareness through doctor’s, clubs, sex, drugs and spirituality. Once you hit play there is no way you’ll turn it down. Online: Instagram@triplezero53FacebookKerry Gabriel StarrSoundcloudHttps://soundcloud.com/user-632189541Where To Buy Your MusicTriplez3ro.bandcamp.com

‘Madi Simmons’ perfects that one drop on new single ‘MY WISH FOR HUMANITY’

Sharmad Productions Reggae Singer Madi Simmons has released this tune MY WISH FOR HUMANITY. A song of Hope, Love and Unity . Madi entered the performing scene at the age of 16. He started out playing the drums, songwriting, and singing. Throughout his life, Madi’s key musical influences have been Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, John Bonham (Drummer), Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh, and that’s just to name a few. There are many other influences that you can hear in his voice. Madi has got a wide musical range and can send your mind to a nostalgic place……with vibes that remind us of Black Uhuru and a voice that combines Gregory Issac, Peter Tosh, and Dennis Brown into one, Madi Simmons is still pushing out his sweet reggae music. Madi is also known for playing drums and having a strong vocal delivery, Madi learned over the years to perfect that one drop among other styles, though as you will hear, his preference is to use his voice. He has toured quite a bit in the last 20 years, performing on stages from the Pacific Northwest, California, Hawaii, and from the Midwest to the West Coast. Simmons has interest in Europe and […]