Jenny and James with Julie and the Roundabout Singers Release Uplifting Anthem ‘Let Us Sing’

Philip Myburgh’s brainchild “The Dance of the Footnote” is a celebration of the enduring ethos of Rugby. The lead single, “Let Us Sing,” is an uplifting homage to a sport that captivates hearts around the world. The single was Recorded, arranged and produced by Jonny Blundell of Rootspring Studio with Choir arrangement by Julie Blundell. Emerging lyricist Philip Myburgh, in collaboration with a group of talented artists, releases “Let Us Sing” from his highly anticipated album, “The Dance of the Footnote.” Following the release of the first two tracks, “Sinani” and “Mama wam” – the collection features 20 carefully crafted songs, with “Let Us Sing” promising to resonate with a global audience through its universal message and vibrant energy. “Let Us Sing,” performed by Jenny and James with Julie and the Roundabout Singers, embodies the spirit of unity and respect that rugby instills. The song draws inspiration from the camaraderie seen on the rugby field, where fierce competition gives way to mutual respect and friendship after the game. Philip Myburgh shares his motivation behind the song: “What I love about rugby is its ethos—the idea that two teams can go full tilt at each other for 80 minutes and then, […]