Lucius first began his journey into sound allowing the ear of intuition to guide him through the incredible tapestry of music available to us. From playing piano classics at 6 to listening to the 1st wave of electro boogaloo on 7 inch vinyl by age 7, Lucius soon developed a keen ear covering a broad range of music.

The year was 1990 when Lucius was invigorated by pirate radio stations and huge underground events that heaved with the cosmic onslaught of strange shamanic awakenings that took the world by storm. There was something significant about this period, where the possibilities had opened up to allow something raw, tribal, edgy & infectious to come back into the lives of so many souls.

In 1994 Lucius moved across the south coast and became a performer. After witnessing some of the greatest turntable talents and comparing this with the time spent deeply unimpressed by commercial clubs offerings, Lucius decided it was time to go for gold with a DJ set technics 1210 & armed with a collection of vinyl that unbeknown to Lucius would be the start of a trip like fear & loathing in LA and human traffic rolled into one.

As time went by more parties, gigs and events took place as everyone experienced a big appetite for the bold new sounds that were emerging. Lucius enjoyed many incredible days and nights as a DJ smashing up dance floors with cutting edge sounds to keep the best crowds deeply involved in the process of letting go of accepted reality.

Many great specialist events grew out of this work such as The VURT, Geushky Sunday Sessions and Nocturnal Emissions to name a few.

Lucius played his first hand at developing and providing input to projects with the ‘Binary Finery team’ and shortly after Binary Finery experienced their first great success with the renowned 1998 Trance smasher of a tune that went down as 16th biggest dance tune of all time in Mix Mag.

Over 2 decades Lucius has produced countless remixes, achieved Radio and club plays of his high energy dance & electronic productions along with 3 albums in the downbeat & chill out variety.

Several productions where produced on several digital studio platforms built to shift the future studio production reference bar. Lucius says “Building a studio platform is never a small commitment, every time you face the challenge of re-architecting the way you get the human creative process engaged with technology to bring about a better outcome you are signing up to a lot of hours of research, experimentation and then build deploy & run that environment”.

Lucius is the UK Artist and brand behind ‘The Wayland Fall’ & follow up Trip Hop EP.

Lucius has released several previous albums in the Electronica, downbeat, break beat, hip hop, trip hop and lounge genres.

His music has been described as ‘Deep, seething, staring, moody, sweet, cerebral, haunting, mysterious, powerful, enchanting and moving’ with influences ranging from DJ Shadow, DJ Food, Aim, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Cold Cut, The Crystal Method, Thivery Corporation, The Herberliser, Massive Attack, David Holmes, Leftfield, Portishead and Morcheeba.

The brand new single from ‘Lucuis’ is ‘The Wayland Fall”, Mastered by Paul Godfrey of Morcheeba and is out now on Brain Bomb Productions.


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