South Africa’s ‘Osa Mozwai’ sings about a pursuit of greatness on new single #DIVA.

He has been likened to the musical prowess of the Black Eyed Peas by Eddie Gordon, former Grammy Award Electronic Dance Music genre adjudicator. Like the Peas have done so many times before, Mazwai has a special trick up his sleeve. Mazwai gives birth to his new and spirited record, #DIVA… mashing the musical stylings of pop sensations such as Harry Styles and Justin Bieber with the undeniable tempo and influence of the Peas. You can’t help but think about Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire when, with ardent flair and passion, Mazwai sings “She is a DIVA, She believes in HERSELF”. This song ought to go down in history as one of the greats and one of the most empowering songs of his generation as he sings about a pursuit of greatness which ought not be denied to any being, and more specifically the legions of powerful women whom we walk amongst. Much like his other music, #DIVA has an overarching social message which is fast-tracking the pursuit of gender equality. Mazwai states that, “Fundamentally, this song is about encouraging and enabling the girl-child to achieve their full destiny and hearts deepest desires. It is important now more than ever before, […]

‘DIVA TV’ star ‘Keldamuzik’ drops a cool hit single with ‘Magic’

Keldamuzik known originally as a Hip Hop recording artist, has expanded her brand into different areas of the entertainment industry. From dabbling in other genres of music such as pop and dance, to now producing and hosting TV shows as well as producing films, pursing an acting career and running her own entertainment company; Keldamuzik will remind you everyday that she is born to be in this industry. Born and raised in San Jose Ca, as Kelda Williams, she realized at the age of 5 the entertainment biz was her calling, starting off signing to local talent agencies in the Bay Area and auditioning for mainstream commercials, Kelda caught the acting bug. After a few stints, she migrated over to modelling participating in fashion shows throughout the Bay Area and working with local established photographers. She then started to record her first R&B album in 2005. Kelda then moved to Oakland CA, and took the name “Keldamuzik” as her primary stage name and “Diva” as her alias. She has professionally released 4 albums under Loud Dust Recordings, Malaco Music, DSN and AMAdea Music. Her career took off rapidly after her first break when she received a licensing opportunity for Sony […]