“Going through heartbreak is one of the most painful things” says Sophie Ann as she drops ‘ I Don’t Wanna Know

LA singer-songwriter Sophie Ann is back with a haunting ballad, “I Don’t Want Know.” Sophie’s third single, leading up to her sophomore upcoming solo EP serves as a follow up to her singles, “Flawless” which premiered on Earmilk, and “Read My Mind” which enjoyed a very long run on Radio Disney where it rose to the Top 3 Songs. Sophie says, “The idea for ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ came from the pain and confusion you feel when you are getting over someone. I was reflecting on a previous heartbreak and remembering how hard it was to block out all of the ‘what if’s’.” “I Don’t Wanna Know” features a minimal, intentional production that creates a haunting soundscape that calls listeners into Sophie’s mind. She says, “When the emotion rises, the production builds, but keeps returning to that melancholy refrain of me once again feeling the pain of feeling closure.” Sophie hopes that listeners can relate to this song and feel less alone. She says, “Going through heartbreak is one of the most painful things I have ever gone through. I have grappled with anxiety and depression, and being able to open up and talking about this type of thing is […]