‘&Gello’ drops a mesmerising and dreamy ‘Emo Trip-Hop’ single with ‘Far From Home’

“&Gello drops  a mesmerising and dreamy ‘Emo Trip-Hop’ single with ‘Far From Home” – Muzicmirror UK With his moody, heartfelt take on R&B, &Gello brings a fresh modern style to a classic sound. Based in Las Vegas, the emerging artist’s evocative vocal style blends with a myriad of trap and hip hop influences to create a one of a kind atmospheric feeling. His first official release was the 2020 single ‘Far From Home,’ which chronicles his attempts to free himself from negative influences and follow his dreams. Romantic, and soul searching, it is the perfect example of what makes &Gello such a promising young artist. He is currently preparing to introduce himself to a wider audience with a string of new releases in 2020 and beyond. ONLINE: https://open.spotify.com/track/2SzdMgUmM86F7pxBbpomk4?si=uElqbZRET2KJUbsKwGB1Ug https://soundcloud.com/Gellomusicofficial www.facebook.com/Gellomusicofficial or @Gellomusicofficial Https://www.Instagram.com/Gellomusicofficial https://youtu.be/0HXHLaDtiFg