Dedicated to the appreciation of someone helping them out of a dark depression, ‘Roof The Truth’ releases “I Feel Again.”

From San Francisco Comes The Latin Rapper, Roof The Truth, releasing “I Feel Again.” Through rhythm and rap Roof The Truth gets a surprise second wind with his new inamorata, expressing gratitude towards her angelic mannerism tending to his dark side. “I Feel Again” is a rollercoaster of emotions listeners can relate to, and dedicated to the appreciation of someone helping them out of a dark depression. Through the undeniable chemistry with his girl, the obscurity is overcome and although skeptical about feeling and emotional attachment again, Roof the Truth has undeniably found a guardian to lead him to the light.“…you make me feel normal, you understand, you kept it a hundred grand when it wasn’t part of the plan..” “I Feel Again’ is a charismatic flow prospering acceptance of a new high in a life chapter after a tiring low. It is now streaming on all major platforms and its video is anticipated to release soon. Roof The Truth is a Latin Rapper from San Francisco who hopes to share a positive message through all of his music to inspire, heal, and transform all who listen in. Press release Written by trushiro. To connect with Roof The Truth please […]