The AutoClaus–New album and single “Pop Party People”

New single release from the album “Machine Mind” by The AutoClaus . The album is based on themes of what might happen if artificial intelligence decided to do its own thing following its creation by humanity. After all work has been taken over by intelligent machines there is little else for people to do but party on ! It is a bright feel good Summer song. The new concept album Machine Mind has a story-line running through the 17 tracks based on what artificial intelligence might make of us in the future! The AutoClaus says ” AutoClaus is a unique virtual artist which through the album relays the viewpoint of the A.I. to us about various cause and effect scenarios that may occur as a result of its creation. `The Auto Clause` means that automatic consequences will follow”. Pop Party People is out now on Yoff Music and produced by project mastermind Francis Robert Foy. Online:

Hipman Junky Ft K Koke – Hold On

HIPMAN JUNKY is a fresh Indie pop singer/songwriter whose music is a unique blend of British street style with a twist. He’s performed all over the UK, incorporating all his experiences into his music and song writing. Hipman Junky is currently finishing his début EP- a melting pot of sounds mirroring his diverse musical style and tastes. Hippy grew up in a musical household, Dad was a DJ and mum always had music playing. Soul, Reggae and 80’s pop were the lifeblood. He discovered pop at an early age and loved acts as diverse as Oasis, Phil Collins, Artic Monkeys and The Prodigy. This led him to writing his own material at an early age and even in Church he was always singing and humming along to his own beat. At 14 years old he entered an MC competition and won. From then on he realised this was the direction he wanted to go in. The roar of the crowd gave him an adrenaline boost and Hipman Junky was born. Growing up in West London in Kensal Green, an area that has always been populated by creatives and music people, Hippy became part of that whole scene and that London […]

“Chasing the Half Moon” new music from Soul Chatter

Soul Chatter are a rock/Indie/folk band based in Cleveland, Ohio at the southern shore of Lake Erie. The band consists of: Brian Stepien ( Song writer lyricist, vocals, piano ), Dale Schmitt ( Keyboards, horns, strings, bass ) , Jim Monica ( Guitars ), George Hart ( Drums ) and Mike Docy taking care of Sound engineering and production. The Core members of Soul Chatter formed in the early 80’s under the name Progress In April but later changed their name to Soul Chatter. Frontman Brian Stepien says “ We were always an original band, keeping the core members and floating it players for instrumental needs like cello, trumpet, percussion etc”. Soul Chatter are influenced by artists like Van Morrison, early Rolling Stones, early Elton John, CCR, Dire Straits, Jason Isbell and Counting Crows.  Soul Chatter’s music delivers movement, melody, dynamics, soul and lyrics that matter. Singer Brian Stepien says “ we lean heavily on real song structure, something that folks will get stuck in their heads and remember”. Soul Chatter’s music has been described as sophisticated, like Steely Dan by Geffen Records. Their new album “Chasing The Half Moon” was produced by Mike Docy in Ohio and unleashes 9 […]

Brand new single from rap, hip hop, grime artist K Malcolm

K Malcolm is a solo artist currently based in Dagenham, Essex and producing music within the rap, grime and Hip hop Genres . K Malcolm grew up on Gloucester Grove Estate and observed people like Giggs, Asher D and Rio ferdinand all go on to achieve big things. K Malcolm always had a passion for music as well as playing football semi-professionally. K Malcolm has worked with KSOUNDS and has released many underground mixtapes achieving success with the white label track “Next Up” which featured Tinie Tempah collaborating on the remix. K Malcolm also worked with members of N Dubz with Tulisa using the track “Miss my London” for her YouTube based photo shoot. The latest release from K Malcolm ” Never been a badman” is out on 1 August 2016 and was produced by Exo Remedy and Oscar Lo Brutto. Check out the video here: K Malcolm Online: [youtube]