‘Supreme Emptiness’ is Luca Draccar’s newest offering.

Supreme Emptiness is Luca Draccar’s newest offering. The EP is amazingly innovative and warm. The project demonstrates Draccar’s ability to pierce human consciousness through vibes of sound. Luca Draccsr is a Berlin-based producer with Italian roots. In recent years, he has released several single and EPs that act as an anchor to the many emotions that Supreme Emptiness shares. The EP is led by a track titled Change Your Self. The fluidity of this groove is heartwarming and equally therapeutic but is an excellent way to introduce the listener to the project concept and rich sound. The next tune Mind and Soul is distinct for its thumping bass and percussive elements. Midway through the journey, we are introduced to Move On. Appropriately, as the title suggests, Move On is invigorating with retro overtones and elements of industrial trance. Supreme Emptiness concludes with the cinematic and stirring Let It Slide Let It Bleed otherworldly grooves amid various sounds of voice and electronic bravado. Supreme Emptiness by Luca Draccar is a masterpiece. Online:WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD | INSTAGRAM

‘Off The Porch’ from fast rising rapper ‘Dopeboy D Birch’ is a song about a young man coming up in the game.

‘Off The Porch’ is the new single from ‘Dopeboy D Birch’. ‘Off The Porch’ is a song about a young man coming up in the game watching his older cousin Jim hustle turn him into a hustler, now at the top of his hustling game he’s stepping into the limelight. Dopeboy D Birch’s career has gone to new levels in the game with his new single ‘Off The Porch’ debuting on WorldstarHipHop.com. This has allowed his name to be recognized along with some of the Carolina elites as one of the true independent artists out of South Carolina, alongside the likes of Junkie Muzik Distribution LLC his strategy and knowledge about the game has allowed him to increase his intensity as well as his royalty revenue. Online: https://youtu.be/sJpoBkUkuj4https://www.instagram.com/dopeboyd843/?hl=en

Playboy star and celebrity cover star model, ‘Yvette Lopez’ thrills fans with incredible new single ‘Faded’.

‘Faded’ is the new single from ‘Yvette Lopez’. Yvette Anna Marie Lopez was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico into a family of musicians, and has been inclined to dance from a very early age. A trained Spanish dancer, she forayed into the world of modelling at the age of 17. One of the most loved models in the USA, Yvette has appeared in 6 Playboy issues and has also graced the cover pages of several other esteemed magazines, such as Maxim Español, Lowrider, and FHM. She was voted to FHM’s Top 100 Hottest Celebrities and she also had a special celebrity guest appearance on Chris Angel’s Mindfreak show. Also a musician, Yvette has written and recorded songs with famous producers like Jens Gad, Toby Gad, Willie Wilcox and Peter Rafelson. She has just finished the recording of her latest bilingual album in Berlin. In October 2021, she launched her own podcast show, Bodacious Minds. Online: Yvette-Lopez.com

‘L-OH-L’ has been a major influence to his peers and his fan base, serving as the prime example of a “saved” rapper as he drops phenomenal new single ‘Run it Back’.

L-OH-L releases Christian Hip-Hop song “Run It Back” a tribute to his becoming of his pure devotion to God. The Louisiana born and raised rapper, L-OH-L, has been a major influence to his peers and his fan base, serving as the prime example of a “saved” rapper/ veteran/ gang member. Through his great tenacity, the Hip Hop artist has endured and overcome hardships both physically and mentally in the face of war as a veteran, and street hustler as a former gang member. Through his faith L-OH-L has surmounted crashing waves in the darkest depths of his mind; he continues to rise up and by serving as a minister and artist in his forever paying it forward debt to his savior, God. Delivering his heavy beats and hard rhymes the “Run It Back” rapper will lure you into his world to see with eyes unclouded; God loves gangster, too. Hoping to get more people off the streets by combining his old school lyrical content with new heavy sounds in “Run It Back”, L-OH-L has been phenomenally instrumental in captivating the listener throughout his track. L-OH-L currently is a minister at Convicted to Conquer Ministries where heshares the gospel with inmates […]

‘Mercenary’ from ‘MNA’ is about how fighting for one’s money, power, career, legacy, and place in the world can often resemble the personal sacrifice of war and soldiers, albeit for profit.

Mercenary by MNA is an album about the dark fantasy world in which rap culture and the entertainment industry exist. Mercenary, which compares a businessman to a gun for hire, is an album and story that depicts the battle inside of every entrepreneur. How fighting for one’s money, power, career, legacy, and place in the world can often resemble the personal sacrifice of war and soldiers, albeit for profit. This album was inspired by the personal successes and two-year journey of rap artist MNA and his music production company MNA Industries in the music world. “Mercenary” was recorded by City’s Best Sounds in Olney, MD and was released on January 22, 2022. Raised in the small town of Olney, Maryland MNA (Matthew Nino Azcuy) watched and listened to all of the greatest rappers and musicians during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. During this golden age of music and music videos, Azcuy was inspired by both rappers and rock groups alike, and when he was sixteen years old decided to make his own music. After years of finding his sound, he teamed up with local producer nemo, to make his album “Diamond Dog”. Matthew Nino Azcuy is also a published book […]

‘Tamela D’Amico’ is a multi-hyphenate talent who releases thrilling new electro swing single ‘Boring 20s.

‘Boring 20s’ is the new single from ‘Tamela D’Amico’ and is produced with Electro Swing producer Wolfgang Lohr and songwriter Ashley Slater. “Four walls and walls and walls and walls is all that I see. If I can’t break out soon, there’ll be no more me.” Could anyone put the emotional rollercoaster this pandemic has put us through into any better words? Tamela D’Amico is long over lockdowns and isolation and delivers the perfect soundtrack for our “return to life”. Anticipating the world opening back up Tamela has teamed up with Electro Swing producer Wolfgang Lohr and songwriter Ashley Slater, to bless us with a track that reflects lockdown thoughts while inviting us to celebrate the new-old “normal” and get back on the dancefloor. A groovy Electro Swing Beat, catchy brass lines and clever word play invite us into the (musical) world of the new 20s. “Boring 20s”? Well, not with this one. You better get ready! The History of Tamela D’Amico Tamela D’Amico is a multi-hyphenate talent. As a music recording artist, she launched onto the jazz scene having recorded her debut album Got A Little Story, executive-produced by actor/producer Peter Krause (Parenthood, Six Feet Under, 911), produced by 6 time Grammy Award winner Jimmy Hoyson, and arranged by […]

Manifesting his talents across a wide range of creative endeavors, ‘Gianluca Zanna’ is back with stunning new single ‘Just Dream it’.

‘Just dream it’ is the new single from ‘Gianluca Zanna’. The single was arranged, produced and the Music & Lyrics were all written by ‘Gianluca Zanna’ with guitars from ‘Simone Sello’. The single ‘Just dream it’ was mixed by Award Winning Multi-Platinum Mixing Engineer and Music Producer, Brian Reeves. Gianluca Zanna is not just a songwriter and music producer, but also a certified hypnotherapist. He crafted this song using powerful hypnotic language to free the individuals from their limitations and reach their potential as human beings. Songwriter and Music Producer ‘Gianluca Zanna’ is an artist in every sense of the word as he manifests his talents across a wide range of creative endeavors as a flourishing multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and poet. Gianluca has honed his craft as a musician and poet from early childhood and it has culminated in him currently working with prominent music industry stalwart Brian Reeves, a world-famous record producer and sound engineer who has been behind the projects of luminaries such as Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Billy Idol, U2 and Simple Minds. The pair have collaborated on a string of well-received single releases establishing themselves as a formidable creative partnership. Gianluca Zanna History Gianluca Zanna’s own […]

LYZZIE releases new masterpiece single ‘GRAVEYARD’

Don’t you just love it when you put on a song, and from the first beats, you just know it’s gonna be a good one? Rhetorical question, actually, because who doesn’t? There are few things in this life more exciting than discovering a really good piece of music, which is why we’re wasting no time in telling you about our most recent discovery – Lyzzie. This young up-and-coming musician from Toronto, Canada, takes a page from the examples of fellow female greats like Billie Eilish and The CHVRCHES. And you can feel that in her music, but you also hear something uniquely hers. This is one artist who won’t just toe the line but set her own path through her deeply emotional, meaningful songs. “Graveyard” is just that kind of song, delving into the never-easy subject of mental health issues, which is a common theme for this young artist. Should I share, undecided. Would you care, would you be open-minded? Thus begins the song “Graveyard”, immediately outlining a theme of vulnerability, but also a deep feeling of loneliness in the singer. Would you care? Lyzzie asks us, and as it happens, we do. Precisely because we know what it’s like […]

‘Vaibhav Bhutani’ is the mastermind behind ‘ioish’ who just put out a new song ‘Radiance’. Read an interview and find out more.

Vaibhav Bhutani from New Delhi, India is an artist and composer who makes music under the moniker ioish. He produces all the music and then gets people to play it their way on the tracks. ioish has just released a new song entitled ‘Radiance’. Vaibhav Bhutani used to produce music for all of Viacom’s 18 Channels in India for about 4 years, including Nat Geo, Discovery, History channel and more. He talks about it saying “It wasn’t rewarding at all and it was making me hate music because of overdoing it (300+ songs a week including mixing and mastering). I have moved on as a psychologist and a sound therapist, but I still love music so this cant ever be stopped”. ioish drummer Shantanu Sudarshan has been working as an active session musician for both stage and studio scenarios since 2017. He has had the opportunity to work with/for many artists in the Indian music industry in various musical settings such as Jazz, Fusion, DnB/Electronica, Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop. Shantanu has been playing professionally since 2008, starting his career as a member of the Delhi- based bands October, Jester and Grammy Winning Effort. In 2016, he completed his Bachelor’s in […]

‘Prado’ slays in new single ‘they made you for me’

There’s always something exceptionally refreshing and exciting about music that’s inspired by multiple cultures, and this comes through powerfully with PRADO’s exceptional style. Born and raised by Cuban and Italian parents, PRADO’s style is one that’s distinct from so many other artists in the music industry, ensuring that her sound is effortlessly easy to resonate with. Despite this, there’s still a welcome familiarity and comforting nature to her music, thanks to her inspiration from several other well-known artists, including Jennifer Lopez, Jessie Reyez, and Marc Anthony. PRADO has always been passionate about music. This trait and love for music is something that was instilled in her from an early age by both her father and grandfather. With both men being professional Cuban musicians themselves, it was really only a matter of time before PRADO began to discover this powerful calling for music as well. Through her music, PRADO strives to help connect with her fans while creating a bold sound that’s uplifting and rhythmically easy to listen to. It’s hard not to smile as you listen to her first single, They Made Me For You, and we can’t wait to see how her career progresses, too. After all, this is […]

Featuring two exceptionally talented vocalists, ‘Kly and Roxiie Reese’, ‘J.Maurice’ drops the video for his engrossing rap tune ‘Beautiful’.

Swiftly making his way into superstardom like he is primed to; J.Maurice is the top boy and emerging star of rap music as he brings a freshly engineered and hopeful style of rap music that is not only entertaining but also inspiring and impactful. In an era where most hip-hop artists have maintained the flashy lifestyle of rap music, he chooses to be different and unique- his music boasts some blazing instrumentation and is backed by an equally relatable message behind the lyrics that allows a listener to meditate through the lyrics and somehow find therapy through the lyrics and melodies. He has a new indescribably charismatic anthem titled, “Beautiful” – a dedication to all of the beautiful queens from all over the world and one inspired by his own wife who fought through cancer and came out the other side as a victor. This is an affirmation of that true love that he has and will always carry in his heart for her and no matter what life throws at them, they will fight together. This is a universal extension for anyone who feels that deep and wild love for their lady and which no amount of destructive wave […]

“We will rise above what they are trying to program us to value” says ‘IS The Wizard’ as he drops dope new single ‘Grind’.

‘Grind’ is the new single from IS The Wizard a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew. The new single ‘Grind’ is an observation on how the effects of current events, such as the pandemic, war, turmoil has resulted in isolation, depression and even attempts to escape reality via substances. The imagery is supported by the verses which tell the story of how we, as a people, will rise above what they are trying to program us to value and will embrace the realization that our values are of importance and worth pursuing whole-heartedly. Hence, ‘your grind is no grind of mine…’ IS The Wizard a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew is a Christian Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. He writes, records and produces his own music. He says “I’m not seeking fame, I just want to combat the fake hip hop with what it was meant to be and ensure everyone knows that someone is going thru or has gone thru what they are going thru and loves them for them, no matter what. After all, we’re ALL GOD’s children”. The upcoming Album which will include the new single ‘Grind‘ is entitled ‘Journey’ and will drop in Nov 2022. Online: Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_D3liKfWoUApple Music:https://music.apple.com/us/album/grind-single/1628722840?uo=4Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/album/2dgYB7S80xG5ESuteSq5Su?si=vfugNSl7QTOmAjm6VPd1-Q […]

“I want everyone to accompany me in this journey” says rapper ‘G8.DYZER’ in this interview with Muzicmirror.

What is your name ? Artist/ Stage Name: G8.DYZER Do you have a preferred title ? Producer, rapper, influencer ? Rapper and Songwriter Why should people read about you? What story do you have to tell? What makes you stand out? Because I am a normal person just like everybody else, who had a thought childhood and have a lot of dreams. However, I’m turning all my dreams into goals and I want everyone to accompany me in this journey and I hope others will get inspired to work towards their dreams everytime they see me accomplishing my dreams and goals. People should read about me because G8.DYZER has many stories to tell. What are some notable career highlights? (Awards, recognition, accomplishments) Sports Coaching Graduate What were the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them? The biggest challenge I ever faced was letting go of certain things that happened in the past and understanding that things done in the past can’t be changed. I overcame and I am overcoming that everyday by keeping myself positive and by working towards the things I want to obtain. What wisdom would you want to share with others? What lessons can […]

22 year old singer-songwriter ‘Sarah Belle’ releases the 2nd single “Quarter-Life Crisis” off her upcoming E.P ‘Spring’.

Sarah Belle is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Miami. “Quarter-Life Crisis” is the 2nd single off her upcoming EP, “Spring”. The single “Quarter-Life Crisis” was written after moving from a small town to the big city, while feeling lost, confused, and struggling to find her identity in the chaos. Sarah Belle was a behind-the-scenes songwriter for many years and is finally releasing music in her own name for first time. Sarah Belle says “Music is the silver lining that unites us all. My biggest hope is that my music resonates with people and that they listen to it and feel inspired and less alone”. Online: https://open.spotify.com/track/4tgclOyhEx1rubRVaUUMxF?si=25bde91239514187https://www.instagram.com/sarahbelleofficial/https://twitter.com/realsarahbellehttps://youtu.be/d_StUiKiFpY

Featuring several acclaimed underground emcees accompanied by some top-notch production, ‘Taot Recordings’ drop 17 track album titled “As of Now”

Taot Recordings releases a 17 track album titled “As of Now”. This release features several acclaimed underground emcees accompanied by some top-notch production from Statik Selektah, DJ Mercilless, Kidd Called Quest, J.Pal, Sibbs Roc, bvtman, Mista Murray, Architect & DJ Scam. The first track certainly sets the tone on this project. “Let’s Talk About it” is an unwrinkled, easygoing, head nodding dose of Boom Bap! Canadian emcee Righteous and Gang Starr Foundation Big Shug manifest grown man bars over this tightly produced track by bvtman. DJ Mercilless adds value with some high-level scratching along with Righteous chanting “As of Now, Let’s Talk About it!” Big Shug ends off the track with some ear pleasing melodic vocals. The listener is then in for a treat for the Statik Selektah produced “Fortunate” featuring Rashad Roulett, Ikee Mula and Brooklyn veteran Thirsty McGurk. The synergy between these three emcees seem so natural. The listener has been hit with a second dose of Boom Bap! The listener isn’t safe because they are about to become hooked! Es and Elzhi team up for the J.Pal produced Smash “Attack!” DJ Mercilless adds the finishing touch on the 1’s & 2’s. Overall it’s a psychedelic experience! At […]

Louisiana-based rapper ‘OBN Jay’ delivers brash, determined lyrics about his life experiences on new single ‘Last Night’.

‘Last Night’ is the new Independent single from ‘OBN Jay’. The music video recaps a night showing a normal night in the life of OBN Jay. ‘Last Night’ is the follow up to his recent smash hit Bow Bow Bow ft. HD4 President. Fully Independent for the first time in his career, this has been a huge 48 hours for ‘OBN Jay’ as his release has crushed it’s first 48 hours! — Trending on IG reels for 3 straight days— 435 TikTok videos made— 135k on Youtube music video + audio— 17k Spotify— 10k Apple Music // 400 Shazaams ‘OBN Jay’ is currently an independent artist and releases his music directly through tunecore and he considers this release to be his last real shot in music. ‘OBN Jay’ got signed as a 17 year old to Columbia Records but their CEO left and he got bought out of his deal. ‘OBN Jay’ then went on to sign with a smaller label (Empire), but is finally free of that deal. This new single ‘Last Night’ is trending on ig reels, bringing the dance feeling back to Lousiana post covid, and is really the moment that he’s deserved for some time. He […]

Featuring cleanly mixed verses with dreamy pads,’ Gate of Hope’ is the new single from ‘Popcypher’.

Popcypher is an artist based in Montreal, Canada, who is committed to celebrating positive pop culture. His debut single, Gate of Hope, reflects his commitment and explores the rise of artificial intelligence. Popcypher’s music blends pop, hip-hop, and lo-fi styles. He collaborates with writers, singers, and producers to bring his songs to life. Popcypher is inspired by Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Glass Animals, and David Guetta. Introducing Gate of Hope, a debut single from Popcypher collaborating with Antonia Marquee on vocal. The track features a vintage pop flavor with Antonia’s sultry vocal and Popcypher’s dynamic production. Featuring cleanly mixed verses with dreamy pads, a resounding chorus with an anthemic lead melody, and a thumping bassline, “Gate of Hope” is perfect for any listener who enjoys music with meaning. Gate of Hope brings in dreamy synths and euphoric female vocals from Antonia Marquee to explore the world uniquely, anthemically. Popcypher’s production style is very dynamic, and he knows how to craft a catchy chorus.  Lyrically, the proceedings have a thoughtful quality, with well-placed repeats to successfully wrap up each line before the rise to uncertainty and contrasted brightness that is the hook. The production is top-notch, with the perfect blend […]

R&BZOE has become an uplifting artist with hot new single ‘Talking to You’ out now.

Unbreakable artist R&BZOE rises above with his new single “Talking to You.” The “Talking to You” artist hopes to inspire, motivate, build self-confidence and encourage listeners with his latest single. Throughout life, facing extremely difficult obstacles everyday, R&BZOE has become an uplifting artist, altering all of the outcomes that can be achieved through self love and his faith in GOD. “Talking to You’ is undeniably a self-empower song listeners can feel with their whole heart and gain inner strength. Mastering control of his mind has not come easy, R&BZOE has tackled depression most of his life, facing extreme lows such as homelessness, and experiencing a life threatening injury. Through his powerful vision and belief in GOD, his passion for achieving success in music has served as his resurgence. Through his own experiences in these uphill battles, and relations with others have been influential in R&BZOE’s creation of healing music and changing lives and perceptions of glasses “empty”. Traveling the world, performing and singing to others are in the future of R&BZOE ‘s plan to continue to manifest a magnetic field of self growth and love for oneself. Press written by-trushiro. Online: Youtube – https://youtube.com/channel/UCrcxRCkdBAy0aooYX2h5V8gSpotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/6G1ZzbsXngVBqUszilhHmg?si=Rn4YgL0dRDmFxzuVygpDiQInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/rnbzoe/?hl=enFacebookhttps://m.facebook.com/people/Rnb-Zoe/100018838537597/Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/album/6G1ZzbsXngVBqUszilhHmg?si=Rn4YgL0dRDmFxzuVygpDiQWebsite@R&BZOE.com

I Won’t Change” and “Back it Up” are the latest singles from globally rising ‘Handsum Santiago’.

“I Won’t Change” and “Back it Up” are two new singles from ‘Handsum Santiago’. With his silky smooth voice, charismatic stage presence, and jaw-dropping physique, Handsum Santiago has quickly established himself as one of the most vital talents in modern music. Since emerging with his debut Release EP “COVID19” in April 2020, he has been steadily building momentum, revealing new sides of his artistry with every track. Now, with the release of his most compelling music to date, he is on the brink of taking the modern music world by storm. I Won’t Change is also capturing listeners’ attention. The track’s contemporary trap meets progressive R&B beat is juxtaposed with Handsum Santiago’s seductive crooning. Back it Up, this is his game. He smoothly sings, “its a strange situation. You left with no hesitation. You said you love me. I want you to prove it to me.” Online: Website: http://www.handsumsantiago.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTvzMu_b2l7ZF8zzFBWqOjA Instagram: @handsumsantiago Twitter: @handsumsantiago Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0cNo0tRJhZcGFg61xgQGOh Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/handsum-santiago/1506291939

“Keeping it real”, Canadian rapper ‘Blow_flyy’ chooses not to rap Fiction on 6 Reviewed single releases out now!

Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with a new thought process, he does it his own unique way, that is without rhyming, instead, he chooses to be a storyteller, rapping about real things in life in which he experiences, and sees in the world around him daily, Blow_flyy chooses not to rap Fiction or makeup things when he is in the writing Process of a rap song, whether it be about his love and respect of women, or what he sees happening around him on the streets or just rapping about life in general, him or others around him enjoying life having a great time. This, his style of writing rap songs & what he chooses to rap about along with his on-point Delivery is what makes Canadian recording artist Blow_flyy Unique and different from these hip-hop/rap artists of today and the last 5 to 8 years or so. Blow_flyy, his revolutionary style of fusing past lyrics & sounds with todays. His non-rhyme style of lyric writing and Storytelling really sets him apart from other artists out there and stands to not sacrifice any of his lyrical storytelling & […]