As someone who cut their musical teeth on the bedrock of 80s rock and pop, the thrill of discovering SMITH‘s “RUN” was akin to unearthing a treasured vinyl from the golden era of Michael Jackson and Prince. It’s not every day that a song comes along and revives the quintessential vibes of the 80s, all while injecting something fresh and electrifying into the mix. SMITH, with her latest masterpiece, does just that, proving that the soulful spirit of the 80s is alive and kicking.

From the get-go, “RUN” grabs you with a beat that could easily have been a backbone for a hit on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or a hidden gem from Prince’s illustrious collection. The introduction of a flowy synth line, airy and uplifting, immediately transports you back to a time when music was not just heard but felt. This isn’t just a nod to the past; it’s a full-blown revival, with SMITH channeling the king of pop’s groove and Prince’s undeniable charisma.

What sets “RUN” apart, however, is SMITH’s vocal prowess. There’s a certain magic in her voice, an enticing blend of rhythm and psychedelic flair, that compels you to move. You find yourself bobbing your head, lost in the music, reminiscent of days spent spinning records and getting lost in the artistry of the 80s icons. The minimalist production, a deliberate choice, ensures that her vocals aren’t just heard; they’re experienced, echoing with a resonance that fills the room and your soul.

The chorus of “RUN” is where the true homage to the 80s shines through. The spooky, riveting lyrics are delivered with a groove that feels both familiar and new. “You better run run run as fast you can, don’t look back don’t wanna take a chance, no. Hide hide hide as fast as you can, if I catch you I’ll have blood on my hands, no, whoa.” These words, paired with the infectious beat, could easily fit alongside the anthems of Jackson and Prince, yet they stand strong on their own, a testament to SMITH’s ability to blend influence with innovation.

It’s impossible not to appreciate the irony of a song that urges you to run, yet keeps you firmly planted, entranced by its rhythm. SMITH, a Grammy-nominated artist, has indeed run with the legacy of the 80s, propelling it into the present with a flair that is undeniably hers. With “RUN,” she has not only paid homage to her musical forebears but has also staked her claim as a modern-day icon in her own right.

This resurgence of retro 80s coolness, courtesy of SMITH, is not just a fleeting nod to nostalgia. It’s a celebration of an era that reshaped music, presented by an artist who is clearly at the top of her game. For those of us who yearn for the days when music had the power to transport, to transform, “RUN” is a beacon. It’s a song that bridges generations, proving that the spirit of the 80s, with its boundless energy and undeniable charm, will never truly fade.

As SMITH continues to chart her path across the musical landscape, it’s clear that she is not just running; she is soaring. “RUN” is a brilliant fusion of past and present, a song that reminds us that great music is timeless. For an old-school rock fan, there could be no greater joy than witnessing the revival of the 80s in such a spectacular fashion. With “RUN,” SMITH has done more than just release a song; she has reignited a flame that will burn brightly for generations to come.

Guest review by John Pinkerton