Singer Jewel has revealed she fell in love with actor Sean Penn when he was temporarily separated from his now ex-wife Robin Wright.

The Foolish Games hitmaker recently released a new memoir entitled Never Broken – Songs Are Only Half the Story.

And in the book Jewel detailed an unlikely relationship she struck up with the Oscar-winner, which began when she was just starting out in Hollywood on the heels of her 1995 debut album Pieces of You.

“He had seen me on Conan [O’Brien’s late night talk show] and was working on a movie he’d written called The Crossing Guard,’ she recalled on how they initially crossed paths. ‘He wanted me to compose a song for it. I told him I would and he said he would meet me anywhere to screen the movie, I could name the day. I gave him my cell number and figured I would never hear from him again.”

Also in 1995, Sean had separated from his then-girlfriend Robin Wright, who he officially divorced in 2010 after 14 years of marriage.

Jewel went on to explain in her book that she wrote a song called Emily for his movie and after the tune was penned, the two struck up a secret romance.

“We spoke on the phone a lot and he was a fantastic flirt and I did not mind one bit. But I was no fool and knew I was most likely a trifle to him. I intended to give him no such conquest,’ she detailed. ‘I put that man through his paces and he took it in stride. He began to court me in earnest, following me around on tour, acting as my de facto roadie. I moved very slowly with him but he was a persistent and inventive suitor, and I enjoyed it immensely. I kept our burgeoning relationship very quiet.”

Jewel noted she eventually found herself ‘in love’ with Sean, but their relationship fizzled out a few months after they struck up the romance.


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