Blake Bastion’s “Hummingbird” is our new singer/songwriter of the moment it’s epic, uplifting and beautiful

Debut E.P from Blake Bastion “Hummingbird” Rob Blake A.K.A Blake Bastion, is an English singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Brighton. Combining intricate guitar playing, eclectic rhythms and lively melodies, with deep bass and rich vocals, Blake Bastion creates timeless sounding songs in a modern style. His heartfelt, soul searching lyrics seek to find purpose in our fast paced and ever changing world. Influences of Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell and Sting can be heard in his voice, and as often found with guitarists that grew up listening to their parent’s records, he played along with Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton from an early age. Blake began working in recording studios at 17 years old after moving to London. As a session guitarist and studio hand he met and worked with many established artists, whilst writing his own songs and honing his production skills. Blake entered the music industry with the release of an electronic crossover album on Distinctive Records, titled ‘Know No Boundaries’, under the collective moniker ‘iLL AUDiO’. The LP featured collaborations with Roots Manuva, Skunk Anansie, The Dub Pistols, Alex Vargas, Bluey Robinson and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The first track, titled ‘Nibiru’, is […]

Lady Gaga’s new single hints at the end of her romance with actor Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga’s new single hints at the end of her romance with actor Taylor Kinney. The U.S. superstar has returned to the pop world with Perfect Illusion, her first solo track in three years. Gaga and actor Kinney ended their engagement after five years together in July (16). The singer made her long-awaited comeback on Friday after a three-year absence from making solo music, dropping her new song and performing a secret set in a tiny North London venue. Her new song references a failed romance in the chorus hook: “It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion,” but Gaga explains while part of the song is about the type of love she has experienced, it’s not just about her personal romance. “It is about love. Of course it is,” the singer explained in an interview with The Sun newspaper. “It is about all kinds of relationships, every kind of love in your life and mine. “And I think it’s both sides – it’s not really from the woman’s perspective this song – it was important to me that men, when they heard this song, felt connected to women even though the song is essentially about a […]

Jay Elle is the new Lloyd Cole check out the haunting single Twelve on Sunday

Jay Elle is a singer  songwriter  and guitar player currently residing in New York City. Jay Elle has a soothing and passionate voice blending perfectly with unique guitar arrangements. Ja Elle’s songs bring together lyrics and music in a singular fashion. The brand new single ” Twelve on Sunday” from Jay Elle was recorded at Varick Studios in New York. Online: