The real ‘NOM’ stands up and delivers the honest and radical ‘Side Note EP’

‘NOM’ is a south side Chicago native born to be a product of his environment but self raised to be more. ‘NOM’ is the founder of VIVIDVISIONS and set on making a difference. Describing how he got into music NOM Says “Hip hop has always been a major part in my life since I was little. I used to listen to Eminem almost every second of every day up until high school because I felt I could really relate with his background. I used to be bullied a lot and I was always a small really slim kid so seeing him talk the way he did and be so bold felt empowering. Once I entered high school my playlist completely changed once I got a taste of J Cole, Kendrick, Joey badass, Logic, and Bas. Music felt like a world where your life could become a weapon and I wanted to mold my own”. When asked about his main influences and childhood ‘NOM’ shares all saying “J Cole is my main inspiration despite Eminem introducing me to Rap. J Cole and I have almost parallel lives based off of how he described his life in his early works. I grew […]