Influenced by conservatoire’s classic environment, ‘Matteo Michelutti’ releases the beautiful sound of ‘Gardens of Youth’

Matteo Michelutti is a (renowned) synesthetic composer and musician. He has curved a unique music career that focuses on sound only as a means to inspire the listener to explore the beauty of imagination and emotions. He has ten years’ experience as a pure sound composer whose work has been featured in some short animated film. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Music and New Technologies from the department of Electronic Music of the Conservatorio G.Tartini of Trieste. His training in pure sound music has been influenced by conservatoire’s classic environment, thereby, equipping him with the right skills and knowledge to create music. Creating music that speaks to the mind and heart of a listener is not that simple. As such, Matteo Michelutti depicts strong skills in innovation that sets him apart from other traditional artists that combine sound and lyrics to make music. Matteo brings the spiritual aspect of music to live through pure sound and empowering listeners to think with him. Online: Facebook Spotify… Youtube Music Apple Music Bandcamp link to the track  If you are a pianist/musician and you would like to play this piece, you can find the score here […]

With credits also being owed to Grammy award-winning mastering engineers Gavin Lurrssen and Doug Sax, ‘Mighty Mage’ drops ‘The Best Of Mighty Mage’

With years of unequivocally unique and mesmerizing music from the artist’s coveted career, this is Mighty Mage’s moment to share his sound with the world. After six professionally recorded projects and with an impressive discography of curated Folk, Folk-Rock, and Americana, Mighty Mage’s latest endeavor pays homage to the decades he’s dedicated to fine-tuning his craft. Premiering on March 15th, 2022, ‘The Best Of Mighty Mage’ is a 14-track project that was recorded over many years alongside a plethora of world-class producers, engineers, musicians, and vocalists. Mighty Mage wrote, co-produced, played guitar, and sang all of the songs, with credits also being owed to Grammy award-winning mastering engineers Gavin Lurrssen and Doug Sax. With an aura of warmth, passion, and a true love for his craft consuming every second of the album, many of the project’s songs see Mighty Mage narrate his endurance of difficulties or share his undertreated love for music. From the tantalizing guitar strings and beguiling softness, warmth, and emotion of hisvocals in ‘Forgot The Way’, to the energy, charisma, and undeniable passion of ‘Home’, each and every song is a clear indicator of Mighty Mage’s love for the art form. “This is my best-of collection containing […]