‘Red Devil Vortex’ Releases ‘Psycho’ Music Video

After a tremulous early start in 2016, there has been no doubt that the Red Devil Vortex band has gone on to achieve massive success in the music industry overall. Indeed, without a doubt, their passion and determination to produce genuinely top-quality music is something that’s rarely seen with new entrants to the music field – but it makes their songs all the more powerful overall. In the early days, Red Devil Vortex achieved massive initial success, largely spurred on by their first hit EP, Something Has to Die, in 2018. Unfortunately, the band’s early achievements were put on the back burner after losing their close friend and producer, Augustus, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This event represented a major blow for the band and very nearly ended the group entirely. However, in memory of his friend, Gabriel Connor, the lead singer for the band, was determined to still make it work. As such, he set out to reform the band after its dispersal and eventually came across Luis Kalil, an exceptionally talented guitarist who has performed alongside several big names in the music industry, including Steve Vai and Megadeth. Since this new partnership, Kalil and Connor were both determined […]

‘Paul Bartolome’ Announces Headline Tour

Paul Bartolome has been hard at work on his anticipated follow-up effort. Hosting an array of features in the past, including the likes of Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria), Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), Dave Escamilla (ex Crown The Empire) to name a few. His upcoming EP, “Reflections Pt.1” is set to launch this June worldwide on Legend Recordings (www.legendrecordings.co). Just Announced today, his headline “Reflections” tour across the U.K. Later in the year, Paul Bartolome will headline the Saturday date of the famed Inkcarceration Music Festival on their third stage. This will be his first performance in the United States. The event to take place in a festival setting that holds over 20,000 rabid rock fans. The upcoming Headline tour will be his first and the first of much more to come. May23rd – Swansea, The Bunkhouse24th – Rotherham, The Bridge Inn26th – Bridgwater, The Cobblestones27th – Workington, Lounge 4128th – St Anne’s, Urban Arts29th – Northampton, The Lab31st – Norwich, The Brickmakers Tickets Available Online From –ticket247.co.uk Bridgwater, The Cobblestones: (150 capacity)Tickets Available Online Fromhttps://www.seetickets.com/event/paul-bartolome/the-cobblestones/2311116 Northampton, The Lab: (120 Capacity)Tickets Available Online Fromeventbrite.co.uk Special Free Entry Events* Rotherham, The Bridge Inn*Workington, Lounge 41*St Anne’s, Urban Arts*Norwich, The Brickmakers* When […]

‘DJ Mian’ says “Growing up in the diverse community in Scarborough, I became accustomed to multiple genres of music, from hip hop to dancehall, Latin, EDM, Afghan, Punjabi, and Arab music.”

Becoming a local household name is not an easy feat in the music industry but DJ Mian from Beat of The North has beaten the odds to make a name for himself in the highly competitive DJing scene. In an industry filled with talent, it takes an exceptional person to make a name for themselves. It requires grit, passion, and consistency, all of which DJ Mian had to apply to become one of the most popular DJs within the South Asian and Middle Eastern communities. Rising From Adversity DJ Mian is half Afghan and half Pakistani. As the son of immigrants living in poverty, life was not easy for DJ Mian. But, his childhood shaped his love for music, making him the DJ he is now. “I was born and raised in Scarborough, “ he says. “ Growing up in the diverse community in Scarborough, I became accustomed to multiple genres of music, from hip hop to dancehall, Latin, EDM, Afghan, Punjabi, and Arab music.” DJ Mian later went to the University of Ottawa to pursue his studies as a registered nurse. But, his love for music remained, so when he saw a landlord selling a full set of DJ […]