‘The Purple Mice’ work together with the voice of ‘Andrea Pizzo’ to release new album ‘Potatoes on Mars’.

The Purple Mice is a group of different artists who started to work together in a musical project around Andrea Pizzo’s voice and his idea to create a concept album about the Universe and some human deepest dreams. Andrea Pizzo was born in Albenga (SV) in 1977. He grew-up close to nature and has always been interested in science and astronomy. He likes watching science-fiction movies but his greatest passion ismusic. He loves singing. He graduated in physics from University of Genova and he works as a software engineer. He is the music composer and the voice of The Purple Mice’s songs. Raffaella Turbino was born in Chiavari (GE) in 1977. She spent her childhood near the seaside where she developed her passion for adventures and exploration. She loves open air sports, simple life and nature. She also loves reading, writing, drawing and handmade creations. She graduated in Humanities from University of Genova and works as a teacher. She writes the lyrics and create drawings and paintings making songs’ videos. Andrea and Raffaella are married and live in Genova with their daughter Maria Elena, who also helps to make real their artistic projects. Riccardo Morello lives in Genova where he […]

Resistant to the universal intelligence enslaved to dichotomy, The new E.P “Diaries Of A Golden Calf” from LOGOS is out now.

L.A. based artist LOGOS (indv/per) shows listeners in tongue-and-cheek demeanor the social commentary on our culture’s ‘Worship of Idols” in debut EP “Diaries Of A Golden Calf” mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated mix engineer/producer Stan Greene. Aside from the cunning display of witticism, the EP has a plethora of dark catchy rhythm and tones sure to capture listener’s attention and inspire unclouded thinking based on LOGOS’ theme for the EP -our worship of idols is an empty pursuit, but it feels good. LOGOS, resistant to the universal intelligence enslaved to dichotomy, shows fellow earthlings they can be more than the flesh they are bound to, they can be gods. The sensual Hip Hop/ Rap artist personifies various characters, both from fact and fiction, to convey this position. LOGOS has wrapped up production for the music video for “Diaries of a Golden Calf” from which the artist claims Pharaoh Ramses the Second was influential in inspiring. With it’s upcoming release on May 29, in collaborating with Booklight.co – an emmy award winning production company responsible for the creation of Gilly and Keeves and The Minimalist on Netflix, and the co-direction of LOGOS, the video represents the loss of both innocence […]

‘Chloe Temtchine’ left it to her audience to choose the ending of new music video for new single ‘Beautiful Mess’.

Singer, songwriter, and speaker, Chloe Temtchine, and Mark Barrette, her co-writer on Beautiful Mess, have written a love song that will both move you and keep you guessing. Literally. Chloe left it to her audience to choose the ending of the music video for Beautiful Mess. Did the love fantasy remain a fantasy or did it become a reality? What makes this story even more powerful is that not too long ago, writing a song about love would have in and of itself been a fantasy for Chloe, who recently received the gift of a life-saving double-lung transplant. After living with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) and Pulmonary Veno Occlusive Disease (PVOD) for 12 years, lugging around her oxygen tank that she affectionately named Steve Martin for seven of those years, going into cardiac arrest, being in a coma, and then on ECMO (life support), it is no wonder Chloe has been primarily focused on writing songs about survival. “Although I love writing songs about hope, It feels so great to be able to write a love song. I’m a little less focused on life and death at the moment.” In addition to having her fans choose the ending of the music […]

FAMA$ releases some of the hottest summer time tracks on new album “The POV”

Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and award winning executive film producer FAMA$ has been making his way up the charts, landing him as the next big thing in the hip-hop, pop, and R&B community. With the help of Volunteer Media his highly anticipated debut full length album: “The POV” distributed by The Orchard (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment) is releasing today (May 20, 2022). Leading up to the album’s release, FAMA$ has dropped several high profile singles including 2020’s FLY and LOVE. FAMA$’s music has picked up significant steam on platforms such as YouTube, and TikTok while also keeping dance floors moving all over the world. FAMA$ is on a roll and keeping up what he’s known for best: releasing some of the hottest summer time tracks that the music community has ever heard. Not only does he hold a unique sound and style, he also has a deep passion for R&B and pop culture. His music contains lyrical content surrounding real-life issues experienced by many worldwide. In his interview with us he tells us that he is a modern day R&B connoisseur, on a mission to return rap to the days where it was more than simply […]

A classy trap feel with a witty word play drip on new single ‘Let it Ride’ from ‘Ramel Shakur’.

Ramel Shakur is from NC and this is his 3rd release for 2022. Ramel Shakur anticipated single “Let it Ride” has been garnering popularity throughout the United States. Listeners can expect to hear a classy, trap feel with a witty word play drip in Shakur’s delivery. Shakur is no outsider to the game, with two more successful drops this year alone, “Let it Ride” is set to add fire to the EP Shakur plans to release later this year. The father of 2, is focusing on a music video to accompany “Let It Ride” out on his official VEVO page June 24th. Spontaneously shot, the video for “Let It Ride” was filmed outside of a Denver, Colorado hotel Shakur was passing through downtown. Traveling all over the U.S to shoot his music videos, from the Virgin Islands to Miami, Ramel Shakur’s upcoming EP is sure to deliver a visionary vibe of good energy and a feel good grind. Produced by Genius McFly (Smart House Music Beats) and Solo Beats (of FMG), “Let It Ride” naturally is a laid back, head boppin cruise listeners can play anywhere. Written by Trushiro. “Stay Positive and you’ll get positive results…” – Ramel Shakur He […]

Dedicated to the appreciation of someone helping them out of a dark depression, ‘Roof The Truth’ releases “I Feel Again.”

From San Francisco Comes The Latin Rapper, Roof The Truth, releasing “I Feel Again.” Through rhythm and rap Roof The Truth gets a surprise second wind with his new inamorata, expressing gratitude towards her angelic mannerism tending to his dark side. “I Feel Again” is a rollercoaster of emotions listeners can relate to, and dedicated to the appreciation of someone helping them out of a dark depression. Through the undeniable chemistry with his girl, the obscurity is overcome and although skeptical about feeling and emotional attachment again, Roof the Truth has undeniably found a guardian to lead him to the light.“…you make me feel normal, you understand, you kept it a hundred grand when it wasn’t part of the plan..” “I Feel Again’ is a charismatic flow prospering acceptance of a new high in a life chapter after a tiring low. It is now streaming on all major platforms and its video is anticipated to release soon. Roof The Truth is a Latin Rapper from San Francisco who hopes to share a positive message through all of his music to inspire, heal, and transform all who listen in. Press release Written by trushiro. To connect with Roof The Truth please […]

“It is a chill post-breakup and self discovery anthem” says ‘Hannah Gold’ on the release of new single ‘Alone’

Following a slew of successful releases, Pop and R&B songstress Hannah Gold is sharing her latest single Alone. Featuring a lush soundscape with Hannah’s sultry vocals, Alone is an easy-to-listen-to record that will be stuck in your head after one listen. In her own words, Gold shares, “Alone is a creative blend of rap, r&b, pop, trap, and hip-hop. It is a chill post-breakup and self discovery anthem that anyone can relate to.” The introspective record was inspired by Gold’s own feelings of being trapped by situations, places, or people, and her ability to push through and break free. She shares, “Alone’ is a song that can apply to relationships and friendships alike. Sometimes it’s better to let go of relationships that aren’t serving you and filling your cup to prioritize yourself even if that means spending more time alone. When you’re your own best friend and hypeman, it’s impossible to have a bad time by yourself. Quality alone time can be super beneficial for the soul because it allows for self-reflection, deep thinking, meditation, and manifestations.” Alone is available on all streaming platforms. Hannah Gold is a 23-year-old R&B-Pop fusion artist with sprinkles of hip-hop, alternative, gospel, and rock […]

With early 2010 hip-hop vibes feeding into the feeling of love and loyalty, ‘Yona Marie’ drops new single ‘Loyalty’

Yona Marie’s new single “Loyalty” is a dedication to those who have provided their friends, family members, or romantic partners with unyielding love and loyalty over time. Yona has created an anthem that anyone that has given or received authentic love will be able to relate to and remind themselves of how much a blessing having a loyal person in your corner can be. The simplistic writing and production with early 2010 hip-hop vibes feed into the feeling of love and loyalty between souls that have been connected over the last several years. Rachel Marie, also known as Yona Marie, has been singing and writing almost all her life. She was born and raised in Maryland and parts of Washington DC. Rachel started out singing with her family often at a church by the name of First Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church, and in performing arts schools including Hyattsville Middle School, Suitland High School, and Jacksonville University. Yona Marie · Yona Marie – I’m Still Loyal As a session singer, writer, and producer that has worked with over 200 clients to provide high-quality jingles, singles, features, nursery rhymes, and DJ drops, She currently spends her time engulfed in creating and […]

Breaking generational curses through the vibration and sounds of her music, ‘Simply Missy’ drops So Sexy Oh (feat. Executive Scott)

Simply Missy, who has Afro-Caribbean Diaspora ties to Trinidad & Tobago as well as St. Vincent, Nigeria & Mali, is one her way to making a mark in music with intent to attempt every genre, including making the point that the, “Music is in all of us and we all have a perspective to share”-Simply Missy 2018. Born in Brooklyn; toddler years in Trinidad; raised by a single mom in Brooklyn & self nurtured as an adult in Queens NY, Simply Missy embraced all music and cultures introduced by her family; and those she found as an avid international traveler. It’s often crossed Simply Missy’s mind that not many stories were passed on to her as a child about heritage, culture and music beyond her mother’s adopted Countries and Culture of Trinidad & Tobago and St. Vincent & Grenadines, where Soca is king, with a side of Steele pan and parang. As an adult Simply Missy was able to trace her maternal grandfather’s roots to Nigeria and her maternal grandmother’s roots to Mali. Although there is silence between the two timelines and generations, Simply Missy is attempting to bridge the gap and break generational curses through the vibration and sounds […]

OMNIVI3E’s latest album ‘For The First Time’ features the new single ‘Paradise’ with globally successful South African artist ‘Byron Major’

OMNIVI3E’s latest album ‘For The First Time’ released on 4th February with Byron Major’s latest collaboration with Andy Whitmore (Eternal, Lemar, Elton John, and Peter Andre) with the song ‘Paradise’. Byron Major is a singer-songwriter who music takes on elements from Motown to Alternative R&B and Soul. You can clearly hear the musical influences of Prince, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in his vocals and musical arrangements. At the age of 17, he made it to the Top 24 of South African Idols. The new song “Paradise” is now available globally to download and stream on all major music platforms. Byron Major has achieved quite a lot during his musical career – he’s performed his original song ‘South Africa’ at Nelson Mandela’s Boston Massachusetts birthday celebration in 2013. He shared a stage with Pavarotti during his farewell tour in South Africa as part of the Drakensberg Boys Choir, made it to the Top 24 of South African Idols at the age of 17, and sang alongside Grammy Award-winning songwriting Paula Cole at a songwriting showcase while attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in America. In Jan 2022, he released a track entitled “4EVERMORE”, which reached number 4 […]

Dominating the independent hip-hop community, SOULEYE drops ‘Protected’ featuring powerful South African vocalist ‘Esjay Jones’.

‘Protected’ is the latest single from genre-bending conscious hip-hop artist SOULEYE and featuring powerhouse South African vocalist Esjay Jones. ‘Protected’ is a ‘searingly emotive’ explosive hip-hop/rock track about the power our past wounds have in shaping our present when we open our hearts and feel them, and use the lessons to build strength moving into the future. With nearly a dozen studio albums, EPs, and countless singles, SOULEYE has become one of the most prolific voices in the independent hip-hop community for nearly two decades. In addition to touring as a solo artist, he has toured with BLVD and frequently collaborates with wife seven-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette and other artists across virtually every genre. Online: Souleye Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2gaCCgazdYDAl1nbo8JNV6?si=p6fhEr1OSpKSlWzVp5ZDPQ ‘Protected’ single (Apple Music) – https://music.apple.com/us/album/protected-feat-esjay-jones-single/1619222164 ‘Protected’ single (Spotify) – https://open.spotify.com/track/0pr3J1sXBKqKIXZaONJOnG?si=2dfa029156e2478f Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/souleye/?hl=en TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@souleye Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/souleye Twitter: https://twitter.com/Souleye Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Souleye

“CAKE!” is a fun, sexy, tongue & cheek dancehall/afrobeat” says ‘Jay Scott’ in this artist interview

‘Cake (A Dancehall Birthday)’ is the new single from ‘Jay Scott’. 1. Who are your musical inspirations? (If you would prefer me to not to compare you to other artists, that’s absolutely fine, but its good for me to hear the genre you sit in to get a feel for what you do) My biggest musical inspirations are Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo, Brandy, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Summer Walker, Ty Dolla $ign and so many more! 2. Who or what influences your music? I feel like my sound as an artist influenced by and a mixture of Sean Paul & Chris Brown so Dancehall mixed with R&B. There isn’t and I don’t think there ever has been a male artist from the UK who gives the whole package vibe like Chris Brown (singer, dancer, performer, fashion) and I want to fill that slot! 3. Please list your band/artists highlights. This could be radio play, support tours, headline tours, album releases, festivals (anything that you think will showcase you in the best light) Well I’m a new solo artist but I did a feature with an American producer which was released last year with a song I wrote called “Breakthrough” which I’m really proud of! It […]

There is no choice but to DANCE to new single “Who Do You Think You Are” from ‘Porky Paul’ feat ‘Jasmine Knight’

BACK! After the huge release of “Dressed To Kill” featuring Michelle Osborne. No 6 Music week commercial top 30 and nearly 700K views on Tik Tok. Porky Paul drops another banger “Who Do You Think You Are” featuring the vocal talents of Jasmine Knight which is proven to be doing damage on dancefloors and heating up the radio airways. The remix pack is insane with mixes from Mike Delinquent, Blakk Habit, Brock UK and a Drum & Bass version (No 1 Juno Chart) with the legendary Dope Ammo who delivers a pure fire peak mix causing havoc on the dancefloor. On the flipside MK11 provides a 90s classic rave mix. Stream it now on Spotify: Porky Paul started his music life as the Drummer of a gigging Indie band (The Roundabouts) in the early 90s who were based in & worked out of the beautiful Roman city of Bath.  With the full support of their manager at the time Trevor Curwen who was also a sound engineer/producer (Portishead, DNA, Spiritualized & lots of other Artists) and with the help & support of the likes of session Drummer (Manny Elias – Tears For Fears, Julian Lennon) the band built up quite […]

‘Stonebwoy’ is an award-winning African artist who drops new single ‘Therapy’ via Universal Music group and Def Jam Recordings globally

Universal Music Group (UMG) label divisions Def Jam Recordings, 0207 Def Jam and Def Jam Africa are thrilled to announce the global signing of Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and beloved reggae musician and pioneer, Stonebwoy to the global Def Jam artist family. Def Jam Africa will represent his music across Africa, whilst Def Jam Recordings will become his label home in the U.S. with 0207 Def Jam supporting the record in the U.K.. This partnership between labels showcases UMG’s global commitment to introducing Stonebwoy’s eclectic sound and Ghanaian music culture to new audiences around the world. Stonebwoy is an award-winning African artist that has been placing the continent firmly on the musical map with international touring, standout collaborations and hugely popular singles since 2012. One of Ghana’s most pertinent superstars, Stonebwoy will release his brand new single, Therapy on May 3 via Def Jam Recordings, 0207 Def Jam and Def Jam Africa, supported by UMG labels around the world . Therapy comes off the back of an already illustrious career of four albums, countless hit tracks and movie roles, not to mention his philanthropic work as part of the ‘Livingston Foundation’, educating young Africans and elevating the youth of Ghana. The […]

‘Jono Windsor’ is a man who wears many different hats on hot new single ‘Attracted to you’

Jono Windsor, an Australian artist, is a man who wears many different hats. Not only is he a singer/songwriter and trumpet player, but he is also a very competitive distance runner and triathlete, with experience at competing in Australian Championships. Jono is in fact, one of very few artists to possess the combination of high level musical and sporting abilities. Attracted To You is Jono’s second single released in 2021. It is a song that describes feeling a loving attraction to someone, even though the two of you are very different people. It also features a short trumpet solo after the bridge, played by Jono himself. Jono’s greatest artistic influences are Michael Buble and John Legend. Online:Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/jonowindsor/Facebookhttp://bit.ly/FBJonoWindsorSpotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/6vWlT3BDmYwDmCkXt7AySq?si=F1ESCYd8SSyzUfgosyI87wWebsitewww.jonowindsor.comYoutubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwBYr3PKcFjASsmtZmlZfAWhere To Buy Your Musichttp://bit.ly/JonoWindsorApple

‘Lost Voices’ from ‘Archangel Royal’ is inspired by bands like Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil, Stone Sour, Skold, Combichrist and Dawn of Ashes.

‘Lost Voices’ from ‘Archangel Royal’ is about overcoming negative thoughts that may even be caused by mental illness. ‘Archangel Royal’ is inspired by bands like Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil, Stone Sour, Skold, Combichrist, Dawn of Ashes, and many more. ‘Archangel Royal’ says “I’ve been working on my upcoming EP, Seven Days Before Dawn, and getting ready to drop a new single soon. I’ve released my first EP on January 17th 2021, it’s all instrumental, on this new EP, there is only one instrumental track”. Online: Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/archangelroyalofficial/Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/archangelroyal33/Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/3xK0IZiERcxpKFIivVRFgL?si=fbWvOIghSb2yCV4sUpFMlwSoundcloudhttps://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/znCydvAeTSqdvKjZ8Youtubehttps://youtube.com/channel/UC04onUv-JVDbl0n49qPWqdgWhere To Buy Your Musichttps://music.apple.com/us/album/stillness-in-the-dark-ep/1549571989