‘Vaibhav Bhutani’ is the mastermind behind ‘ioish’ who just put out a new song ‘Radiance’. Read an interview and find out more.

Vaibhav Bhutani from New Delhi, India is an artist and composer who makes music under the moniker ioish. He produces all the music and then gets people to play it their way on the tracks. ioish has just released a new song entitled ‘Radiance’. Vaibhav Bhutani used to produce music for all of Viacom’s 18 Channels in India for about 4 years, including Nat Geo, Discovery, History channel and more. He talks about it saying “It wasn’t rewarding at all and it was making me hate music because of overdoing it (300+ songs a week including mixing and mastering). I have moved on as a psychologist and a sound therapist, but I still love music so this cant ever be stopped”. ioish drummer Shantanu Sudarshan has been working as an active session musician for both stage and studio scenarios since 2017. He has had the opportunity to work with/for many artists in the Indian music industry in various musical settings such as Jazz, Fusion, DnB/Electronica, Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop. Shantanu has been playing professionally since 2008, starting his career as a member of the Delhi- based bands October, Jester and Grammy Winning Effort. In 2016, he completed his Bachelor’s in […]

‘Prado’ slays in new single ‘they made you for me’

There’s always something exceptionally refreshing and exciting about music that’s inspired by multiple cultures, and this comes through powerfully with PRADO’s exceptional style. Born and raised by Cuban and Italian parents, PRADO’s style is one that’s distinct from so many other artists in the music industry, ensuring that her sound is effortlessly easy to resonate with. Despite this, there’s still a welcome familiarity and comforting nature to her music, thanks to her inspiration from several other well-known artists, including Jennifer Lopez, Jessie Reyez, and Marc Anthony. PRADO has always been passionate about music. This trait and love for music is something that was instilled in her from an early age by both her father and grandfather. With both men being professional Cuban musicians themselves, it was really only a matter of time before PRADO began to discover this powerful calling for music as well. Through her music, PRADO strives to help connect with her fans while creating a bold sound that’s uplifting and rhythmically easy to listen to. It’s hard not to smile as you listen to her first single, They Made Me For You, and we can’t wait to see how her career progresses, too. After all, this is […]

Featuring two exceptionally talented vocalists, ‘Kly and Roxiie Reese’, ‘J.Maurice’ drops the video for his engrossing rap tune ‘Beautiful’.

Swiftly making his way into superstardom like he is primed to; J.Maurice is the top boy and emerging star of rap music as he brings a freshly engineered and hopeful style of rap music that is not only entertaining but also inspiring and impactful. In an era where most hip-hop artists have maintained the flashy lifestyle of rap music, he chooses to be different and unique- his music boasts some blazing instrumentation and is backed by an equally relatable message behind the lyrics that allows a listener to meditate through the lyrics and somehow find therapy through the lyrics and melodies. He has a new indescribably charismatic anthem titled, “Beautiful” – a dedication to all of the beautiful queens from all over the world and one inspired by his own wife who fought through cancer and came out the other side as a victor. This is an affirmation of that true love that he has and will always carry in his heart for her and no matter what life throws at them, they will fight together. This is a universal extension for anyone who feels that deep and wild love for their lady and which no amount of destructive wave […]

“We will rise above what they are trying to program us to value” says ‘IS The Wizard’ as he drops dope new single ‘Grind’.

‘Grind’ is the new single from IS The Wizard a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew. The new single ‘Grind’ is an observation on how the effects of current events, such as the pandemic, war, turmoil has resulted in isolation, depression and even attempts to escape reality via substances. The imagery is supported by the verses which tell the story of how we, as a people, will rise above what they are trying to program us to value and will embrace the realization that our values are of importance and worth pursuing whole-heartedly. Hence, ‘your grind is no grind of mine…’ IS The Wizard a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew is a Christian Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. He writes, records and produces his own music. He says “I’m not seeking fame, I just want to combat the fake hip hop with what it was meant to be and ensure everyone knows that someone is going thru or has gone thru what they are going thru and loves them for them, no matter what. After all, we’re ALL GOD’s children”. The upcoming Album which will include the new single ‘Grind‘ is entitled ‘Journey’ and will drop in Nov 2022. Online: Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_D3liKfWoUApple Music:https://music.apple.com/us/album/grind-single/1628722840?uo=4Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/album/2dgYB7S80xG5ESuteSq5Su?si=vfugNSl7QTOmAjm6VPd1-Q […]