With a funky, groovy and melodic production, Moonlight Rhythm Society (MRS) unveil their stunning new single ‘Demons, Trolls and Dragons’.

Moonlight Rhythm Society (MRS) consists of three band members; Peter Gaylord, Marcus Oberlechner and Andreas Oberlechner who have been together in various band permutations since the mid-1980s. Moonlight Rhythm Society released their debut EP Drawing Down The Moon in 2021 to much praise, getting over 1 million streams on Soundcloud of their single Allison and more. Their last single Data was awarded critical acclaim and stellar reviews. Currently the band is consistently writing new songs with the objective being to release a new song every 2 months and build up a substantial catalogue of material. THE BRAND NEW SINGLE – DEMONS, TROLLS AND DRAGONS “The song seeks to put into words the irrational effect that jealousy has on the individual’s thought process. Even though there may be no basis extant for the individual to harbor any suspicions whatsoever, the individual’s own insecurities may lead to him questioning why his partner still stays in this relationship when there are many more attractive, richer, competent people out there that could potentially take her away from him. Once the seed of suspicion takes hold, rational thought goes out the window leaving him with his own demons to do battle with. The scenarios that the […]

‘Royce DeZorzi’ pays homage to his hometown ‘Denver’ on stunning new acoustic folk album.

‘Denver’ is the incredible new folk acoustic guitar album from ‘Royce DeZorzi’. The full length album ‘Denver’ was recorded and produced over the summer at Royce DeZorzi’s home studio in Denver. The beautiful and relaxing album features 16 new acoustic guitar tracks that are very melodic and chilled, taking you on a meandering acoustic guitar journey of beautiful soundscapes with a dreamy and lush production. On his new full length album, Denver, Royce DeZorzi nods to the mountain city where he shaped his sound while also paying homage in parting, as he soon relocates to Nashville, TN. Denver is a snapshot of the city he’s called home, weaving threads of his own experience into the tapestry of the plains, mountains, and sunsets that dance across the Front Range.  Online: Soundcloud Bandcamp linktr.ee roycedezorzi.com Instagram Facebook

‘Ty Le Blanc’ is an American singer and songwriter with a rich and unique sound on fast rising new single ‘Fire’.

A Native of El Paso, Texas, Ty Le Blanc is an American singer and songwriter with a fresh and diverse sound. The creole girl whose background and family stems from Louisiana attributes her Soulful style to her African and French roots. Not only did she grow up under the guidance of a Pastor (her father), which included learning the gospel and attending weekly baptismal services, but she was also exposed to military life, which included constant uprooting and traveling to new and exciting places. This eclectic lifestyle introduced her to music and culture at an early age: “My earliest memories were at the age of four singing with my father at the piano”. At age 11 her family settled in Detroit, Michigan where her passion for writing continued to grow. “Whenever I felt the need to express myself I put a pen to some paper”. Now exploring her talents for singing and writing in Europe she has been privileged to work with famous italian artists such as Elisa Toffoli. In which she cowrote with Gianluca Ballarin a song off of the sophomore album of Ex Factor winner Francesca Michielin “Tutto quello che ho”. Amongst her list of respected venues and […]

Bangkok-based artist ‘BTA’ invites listeners to bring self-love into their lives with stunning new single ‘Embrace’.

Bangkok-based BTA is on a mission to help us find our guiding light, even in our darkest hours. Her debut single, ‘Embrace’ embodies empowerment, inviting listeners to bring self-love into their lives when we need it most. Moreover, it’s a reminder to all of us that our biggest enemy is often our own self. While you could roughly classify BTA as contemporary pop and call it a day, listen closer, and you’ll begin to unravel her inner creative genius. ‘Embrace’ layers in modern production value atop of classical songwriting motifs, making for a transitional style that collides both old and new into something truly special. The uplifting, cinematic instrumentation is a picture-perfect pairing for BTA’s captivatingly dynamic vocal performance, one that is masterful in its ability to convey the personal strength that resides in all of us. Embrace premiered on 17th May 2022, and was produced by the extraordinarily talented Killian Cruiser, and mixed and mastered by Lumzum. It is now available to stream and purchase across all platforms, and also features a beautifully shot music video to go with it. The History of BTA Many musicians and artists chase fame and riches, while others pursue it to share their […]

After growing up at the renowned Jazz 38 club Lagos Nigeria, ‘Baba Kuboye’ drops new album ‘Ikoyi with Horns’ featuring popular TIKTok song ‘Kalakuta Girl’.

The debut album releases his first project from “Ikoyi with Horns” LP which includes popular TIKTok song “Kalakuta Girl”. Afrobeats artist, Baba Kuboye releases his 2nd studio album,  “From Ikoyi with Horns” via all streaming platforms on July 18th. The Dallas based artist provides good vibes and a socially conscious voice through his music. Baba Kuboye’s earliest musical influence came from growing up at the renowned Jazz 38 club Lagos Nigeria, with his parents. He is the son of jazz legends, Fran & Tunde Kuboye, and grandnephew of the late Afrobeat King, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.  With over 300,000 views on youtube and over 24.3k likes to his sound on Tiktok, BABA’S music gets fans dancing. This marks his third album of the rising afrobeats artist. He provides fans with a smooth delivery and communicates with his chilled and laid-back flow. A keen and conscious storyteller with an insightful perspective on life in the third world, Baba shows a sharp sense of lyrical purpose.  His latest single, Kalakuta Girl  is currently trending in Australia. Utilizing his talent of playing the saxophone during live musical performances and creating a popular dance challenge going viral on tiktok, he aims to provide a classy but […]

South Africa’s ‘Osa Mozwai’ sings about a pursuit of greatness on new single #DIVA.

He has been likened to the musical prowess of the Black Eyed Peas by Eddie Gordon, former Grammy Award Electronic Dance Music genre adjudicator. Like the Peas have done so many times before, Mazwai has a special trick up his sleeve. Mazwai gives birth to his new and spirited record, #DIVA… mashing the musical stylings of pop sensations such as Harry Styles and Justin Bieber with the undeniable tempo and influence of the Peas. You can’t help but think about Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire when, with ardent flair and passion, Mazwai sings “She is a DIVA, She believes in HERSELF”. This song ought to go down in history as one of the greats and one of the most empowering songs of his generation as he sings about a pursuit of greatness which ought not be denied to any being, and more specifically the legions of powerful women whom we walk amongst. Much like his other music, #DIVA has an overarching social message which is fast-tracking the pursuit of gender equality. Mazwai states that, “Fundamentally, this song is about encouraging and enabling the girl-child to achieve their full destiny and hearts deepest desires. It is important now more than ever before, […]

The hot new mixtape ‘This is not the album’ from ‘CSB Scarti’ tells the story of the life of a kid living in the DMV.

THIS IS NOT THE ALBUM is a 12 song mixtape from 18 year old DMV artist CSB Scarti. His third mixtape tells the story of the life of a kid living in the DMV and is a sonic experience from start to finish. From the raw, trap energy found in tracks such as “Woofin”, “Space”, and “Targeting Targets”, to the slow, atmospheric, r&b vibes from tracks such as “Why”, “Interlude”, and “Tomorrow”, Scarti incorporates a variety of sounds and anecdotes from the city itself and the people around it. While still being in high school and engaging in a plethora of extracurricular endeavors, Scarti has faced much adversity an struggles while also experiencing euphoric highs and moments that few have witnessed in their lives ever. Whether that be the day to day activities of life in Skyline Plaza, the apartments he grew up in, or the lavish experiences in places like Grandeur, THIS IS NOT THE ALBUM paints a sonic picture for old Scarti fans and new alike. With excerpts from the CornerStoreBoys and other DMV characters, the new mixtape lays the foundations of the life of Scarti before releasing his debut album; Consider it a glimpse into the Scarti […]

“I wrote it for my own experience but also for everyone else’s suffering” says ‘Calvyn Cass’ as he unleashes hot new single ‘My Friend’.

South African born, Canada based singer/songwriter ‘Calvyn Cass’ has just released his brand new single ‘My Friend’. The new single ‘My Friend’ is a melodic, touching and uplifting ballad with an epic pop vibe, that touches his fans with it’s perfect pop ballad sensibility and heartfelt warm sound. Talking about the meaning behind the single, Calvyn Cass says “I originally wrote “My Friend” about my moms battles with cancer. The idea of losing her and not having our weekly phone chats (we live in different cities) but it was right around the height of the pandemic. People were dying or were surviving the loss of their loved ones. I wrote it for my own experience but also for everyone else’s suffering”. Calvyn Cass is a South African born boy who identifies as Canadian these days. He says “My family immigrated in 2000 when I hit puberty. Finishing off school almost finished off me. I’m gay and high in the farm lands while growing up in a Christian home sucked. Music always saved me”. Calvyn Cass gets his inspiration from his personal and observed life after travelling the world. He puts his heart and soul into his epic and well produced […]

‘Phxllz ‘ creates a genre bending rap sound that borrows freely from trap and R&B on new album ‘QOQ’.

‘QOQ’ is the brand new album from ‘PHXLLZ’ featuring the incredible new singles Paper, Signs In Life and Trust. Phxllz is emerging as a major force in international hip-hop, and tracks like ‘Paper’ show why. After wracking up over 20K views in a matter of days, this collab with Danky took on a life of its own. It is a dark and moody production, with each artist showcasing their inimitable styles. Phxllz is a dominating presence, providing a charismatic performance that will immediately draw listeners in. Perfect for any hip-hop playlist. ‘Signs In Life’ is the latest track to showcase emerging phenom Phxllz’s talent. A mixture of radio-friendly melodies and aggressive lyricism, this track is a passionate ode to working hard to survive and thrive in the face of constant struggle. A guest appearance from Finesse puts the production over the top. It will elevate any hip-hop playlist. With its stark minimalistic production and poetic lyricism, ‘Trust’ is one of Phxllz’s most accomplished tracks to date. Along with guest performer Avasi, he has created a genre bending rap song that borrows freely from trap and even R&B to form an unforgettable atmosphere. Phxllz is dynamic on the mic, effortlessly switching […]

‘Supreme Emptiness’ is Luca Draccar’s newest offering.

Supreme Emptiness is Luca Draccar’s newest offering. The EP is amazingly innovative and warm. The project demonstrates Draccar’s ability to pierce human consciousness through vibes of sound. Luca Draccsr is a Berlin-based producer with Italian roots. In recent years, he has released several single and EPs that act as an anchor to the many emotions that Supreme Emptiness shares. The EP is led by a track titled Change Your Self. The fluidity of this groove is heartwarming and equally therapeutic but is an excellent way to introduce the listener to the project concept and rich sound. The next tune Mind and Soul is distinct for its thumping bass and percussive elements. Midway through the journey, we are introduced to Move On. Appropriately, as the title suggests, Move On is invigorating with retro overtones and elements of industrial trance. Supreme Emptiness concludes with the cinematic and stirring Let It Slide Let It Bleed otherworldly grooves amid various sounds of voice and electronic bravado. Supreme Emptiness by Luca Draccar is a masterpiece. Online:WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD | INSTAGRAM

‘Off The Porch’ from fast rising rapper ‘Dopeboy D Birch’ is a song about a young man coming up in the game.

‘Off The Porch’ is the new single from ‘Dopeboy D Birch’. ‘Off The Porch’ is a song about a young man coming up in the game watching his older cousin Jim hustle turn him into a hustler, now at the top of his hustling game he’s stepping into the limelight. Dopeboy D Birch’s career has gone to new levels in the game with his new single ‘Off The Porch’ debuting on WorldstarHipHop.com. This has allowed his name to be recognized along with some of the Carolina elites as one of the true independent artists out of South Carolina, alongside the likes of Junkie Muzik Distribution LLC his strategy and knowledge about the game has allowed him to increase his intensity as well as his royalty revenue. Online: https://youtu.be/sJpoBkUkuj4https://www.instagram.com/dopeboyd843/?hl=en