“Sultanes del Ritmo” get two albums pre-nominated among the 59 best albums in the world for the Latin Grammy Awards.

The group of Caribbean music “Sultanes del Ritmo” was born from the idea of Juan Pablo Maluk Selamé, whose artistic name would become Pablo Sabor for the effects of his participation in this musical group. Pablo returned from a trip to Cuba in 2009, where he toured the entire island practically. He arrives very inspired by the natural beauties of Cuba, its geography, its history, culture, and especially its music.  At that time, it was very fashionable cubatón on the island, a mixture of reggaeton with salsa and other typical Cuban rhythms. The movement’s leaders were Gente de Zona, which was not yet known outside Cuba. When Pablo arrived in Chile, he told Patricio Fredz, a classmate and friend from The Mackay School, about the idea of making an album with the best covers of these cubatones.  Patricio suggested to Pablo that he should compose his songs and make an album with original songs since he had had this innate talent since his school days. The idea was fundamental for the future of the group. They contact Luis Cheul Hola, another former student of Colegio Mackay, with studies in Germany, as a Music Producer and Arranger. All this is recorded in Luis’ studio in […]