Common Thieves return with a brand-new track titled “Hush”

The song has a heavy and hard-hitting impact immediately and keeps the heavy paired with melody throughout the rest. When we spoke to the group about the track here’s what they had to say about the song.

“We wrote Hush about observing the world from the perspective of an isolated person who is dwelling in the fear of the future as he is becoming more disconnected because of the isolation. Something we wanted to tackle was the year 2020 because we had to see how it affected all of our friends and their families. Hush focuses more on the aspect of how our technology has consumed so much of our lives and even gives us the opportunity to live that lie in a lot of ways.

And sometimes the social acceptance of oneself can override or cause someone to overlook things in real life that may matter more.

Instrumentally we wanted the song to sound very cold in nature mixed with more ‘techy’ sound effects so we kind of have a balance of this cold heavy sounding song with more modern elements on top of the production.”

You can stream the new track here and be sure to stay up to date on all things Common Thieves!