Solomon’s Judgement is a song like you’ve never heard before, which you can probably already tell from the unusual title. The track, starting off a Biblical reference, takes you down a fascinating road of self-discovery, and metal awesomeness.

The tune, penned by up-and-coming artist Jalal Sunstrum, has wonderful heavy metal vibes, deftly combined with distinct techno influences. To be honest, the song feels like falling into a never ending abyss. It’s got a phenomenal sense of rhythm and duality, taking the listener through a complex array of emotions, as the tune progresses.

There is also great poetry inscribed into the lyrics, which would only make sense, given the artist’s poetry background. According to his own recollections, the artist began writing poetry around the tender age of nine, and it has always been one of his guiding passions. A few years later, he discovered a passion for singing, after which the merging of the two became inevitable.

Sunstrum, originally of Martinique, in the French Antilles (though he grew up in Burundi, Africa), has been a figure on the metal scene for a while now, though it’s only recently that he’s truly started making a name for himself as a solo artist. Most notably, he was a part of the metal band Tereza, from the North Quebec region, which enjoyed widespread acclaim, particularly across Canada.

His most recent releases, Solomon’s Judgement and O’Shires Tale, are both tunes of immense musical and poetic prowess, and demonstrate the artist’s skill in both departments. They are being featured heavily on iHeart Radio, all across North America, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Signed onto Ditto UK (the company behind such famous names as Ed Sheeran), Jalal Sunstrum is excited about the release of his brand new EP, most of which he co-wrote with guitarist Reno Sensal. And we’re excited, also, because if the heavy, intense riffs of Solomon’s Judgement are anything to go by, we can expect great things from Sunstrum’s solo career.