It is often said that some of the best, most groundbreaking music comes about as a result of fusion. Taking two unique concepts and blending them to make something new is exciting and allows the music to forge new paths. From the jazz-funk era of the seventies to the pop-rock genre that has emerged more recently, fusion has always been something that, while hard to pull off effectively, offers music that is fresh and enticing. With his new single, “Time”, Kamalzi — a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Kansas City, Missouri — does this perfectly.

            The song intertwines the likes of both contemporary Christian and gospel music with the upbeat tempos and rhythms of Hip-Hop. This is most easily seen when listening to the beat of the song. It opens with a mellow guitar riff that carries the listener’s ear throughout the entirety of the song. “Time” really begins to pick up speed, however, once the beat drops, the elements of Rap and Hip-Hop truly become evident. Anyone who listens to the song will instantly be able to feel the energy infused into this song. It is positive and in a lot of ways makes you feel inspired.

            One of Kamalzi’s greatest achievements in this song is the message that he has established as its core. A lot of music that has emerged today fails to really make the listener feel something and invite them to connect with the song and the artist on a deeper level. “Time”, on the other hand, makes sure that creating this connection is at the forefront. This can most likely be attributed to Kamalzi’s Christian background. It is clear that each song he makes is done so with a purpose. It is easy to relate to what he is saying as the lyrical content resonates strongly with the audience.

            “A couple setbacks/ you can bounce back/ trust in god and make your move”, sings Kamalzi in one of the standout parts of the song, solidifying his faith musically while maintaining a spirit of motivation.

            Even for those who may not come from the same religious background as Kamalzi, the message still stands. At its center, the song really is about working for your dreams and committing yourself to whatever you aspire to do in life. The music has a layered meaning that is meant to remind us of our own capabilities and the responsibility that we hold to ourselves.

            With the combination of his unique flow, memorable voice, and powerful messages that keep you coming back to his music, Kamalzi has poured his heart and soul into a song that stands out. The piece is a testament to his abilities as a songwriter and performer and is a fantastic next step for his musical journey.