Hailing from Central Florida, Theo Jones, better known by his stage name Theolodge is set to explode on the scene as the next big thing.

Realizing that God blessed him with the ability to create beautiful music, Theolodge got started at an early age. He began performing in talent shows in elementary school and performing impromptu shows during lunch while in middle and high school.

Theolodge has honed his musical skills over the years, creating a laid-back sound with his unique style and voice.

MUZICMIRROR LAID BACK RAP AND GRIME 2020: The incredibly cool ‘Theolodge’ is back with a laid back, mellow and addictive sound as he spits ‘Good Morning’   – Muzicmirror UK


Theolodge has released a new single titled “Good Morning”. His new song has a laid-back vibe, yet it makes you want to get up and dance.

Theolodge has a brand deal with a Florida OJ brand so this song fits with the theme of his business moves. “Good Morning” can be found on all Music Streaming platforms.

So make sure you go and stream “Good Morning” right now.

Theolodge - Good Morning

Apple Music:https://music.apple.com/us/album/good-morning-single/1507279193