Your house parties are about to get a whole lot better, as we have just found a deal online that can get you an Amazon smart speaker for less than a quid.

You read that right, Amazon is giving you the chance to get an Echo Dot speaker for your home for just 99p.

In case you were wondering if that’s a good deal or not, the Echo Dot normally costs £49, so a big discount all around.

To get this deal, you will need to sign up to the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, which is fine, because you are going to want to blast some tunes out of your speaker once you receive it.

The only proviso is that you can’t get this offer if you are on a free trial – you have to wait until your trial is over and the first payment of your Amazon Music Unlimited comes out of your account.

Let us explain.

First up, head over to Amazon and sign in. Then you are going to have to sign up to the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, which costs £14.99 a month. You can, of course, sign up to Amazon Prime for the whole year and get this all included (will cost you £149 for the year).

Once that is all done, head over to this website and follow the instructions – you will then be emailed a unique code 7 days after you sign up.

Get your hands on an Amazon Echo Dot now!

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Once the code is in your inbox, go and buy your Echo Dot from Amazon and enter your promotional code at checkout and hey presto – your brand new Amazon Echo Dot will cost you 99p.

You don’t have long to dawdle on your decision though. The offer is only available until 9am Friday 24th May, and you have to redeem your Echo Dot code by 9am on Friday 30th June to get the price drop.

You can read all the T&Cs here if you are interested.

The Echo Dot is a great little smart speaker to fill your room with music, help you plan your schedule and give you weather updates before you head out.

It’s basically like a little robotic secretary – you can tell it to set alarms, send texts, give you notifications and play music, all with just a simple voice command.

It can easily keep a party going with its powerful sound, despite its little size, and it’s pretty stylish, so it blends in with most decors.