R&B-Pop artist Shevy O’Shea made an immediate impression with his early works, which established him as a performer unafraid to make a personal statement with his music. Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, raised in Chicago,IL, Showcasing the melismatic vocals of 90s R&B, Chicago’s own Shevy O’Shea artfully combines 90s-style ambient synth pop with fire beats. His evocative, vibey, cross-pollinated sound drew accolades.

“Believe in your evolution, trust the process and even in tough time remain positive, always Focus Forward. And of course love yourself. If you don’t go within you go without!”
 Shevy O’Shea professes while currently creating his dreams into reality in Los Angeles, CA.

O’Shea got his start writing for artists such as Monica & Tiffany Evans. After submitting demos to multiple labels, O’Shea took his career in his own hands and release his first single “Still Not a Player” which took off internationally, allowing him to tour throughout Japan!

Showcasing the melismatic vocals of 90s R&b, Chicago’s own Shevy O’Shea artfully combine ’90s-style ambient synth pop with fire beats. His evocative, vibe-y, cross-pollinated sound drew accolades. that included winning the BBC’s prestigious Sound of 2016 poll. That same year, he hit 100,000 streams on Spotify with his debut single, “Still Not A Player”. In 2018, O’Shea continued to impress critics and fans with more singles, including “#You,” “#Atgd,” and “#4am,” all leading up to the release of his debut album, Down On Love.

Now back in Los Angeles, O’Shea has released another banger entitled “#RihannaMove” originally written for Trey Songz. The song to date has already reached over 1.2 millions streams across all streaming platforms.

Stream it here: 

Stream it here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/rihannamove-single/1538576952
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