Sugar is the title of electronic music producer’s Luca Draccar’s latest EP. The project is comprised of three beat-heavy tracks that appear to revolve around a twisted love affair. Luca Draccar is a Berlin-based Italian producer mainly noted for his unique amalgamation of trance and exotic groove.

Draccar’s new work carries a passionate theme that is indicated by the title of the tracks. Love Is Killing You is a sinister groove as its titles applies. The rhythm transports the listener to a post-modern world that braces itself in an overcast of sonic shadows and unorthodox guitar riffs that appear to hold dialogue with a forest of electronic sounds and synth arrangements.

She Is Gone is Sugar’s brings us right to the dance floor where we can shed our anxieties through the touch of music.

Finally, there is an irresistible groove called Come Closer. The melody and tropical sounds of Come Closer draws the listener into a new paradigm of trance bravado and sonic touch. The track’s crisp drums and muffled bassline. Different than Draccar’s previous works, we find a find his use of voice elements prominent throughout the tapestry of this project.

Perhaps, Sugar has the potential to heal a broken heart by keeping trance alive above all else – the beauty of true love!

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