‘Tamela D’Amico’ is a multi-hyphenate talent who releases thrilling new electro swing single ‘Boring 20s.

‘Boring 20s’ is the new single from ‘Tamela D’Amico’ and is produced with Electro Swing producer Wolfgang Lohr and songwriter Ashley Slater. “Four walls and walls and walls and walls is all that I see. If I can’t break out soon, there’ll be no more me.” Could anyone put the emotional rollercoaster this pandemic has put us through into any better words? Tamela D’Amico is long over lockdowns and isolation and delivers the perfect soundtrack for our “return to life”. Anticipating the world opening back up Tamela has teamed up with Electro Swing producer Wolfgang Lohr and songwriter Ashley Slater, to bless us with a track that reflects lockdown thoughts while inviting us to celebrate the new-old “normal” and get back on the dancefloor. A groovy Electro Swing Beat, catchy brass lines and clever word play invite us into the (musical) world of the new 20s. “Boring 20s”? Well, not with this one. You better get ready! The History of Tamela D’Amico Tamela D’Amico is a multi-hyphenate talent. As a music recording artist, she launched onto the jazz scene having recorded her debut album Got A Little Story, executive-produced by actor/producer Peter Krause (Parenthood, Six Feet Under, 911), produced by 6 time Grammy Award winner Jimmy Hoyson, and arranged by […]