‘I’m in the car and chilling with the right grooves’ spits ‘BSK’ as he drops debut album ‘The Mind of BSK’ with new single ‘Right Groove’.

For rap artist BSK, music is a journey of self-expression. Ben Sharpe Knowles, who writes music under the moniker BSK, first started creating during the pandemic of 2020. What originally began as a distraction developed into a full-blown fascination for writing, creating and expressing his inner thoughts and feelings. The result of this is his debut album ‘The Mind of BSK,’ released to his following of 92,000 monthly listeners. ‘Right Groove’ is the lead single available to listen on all platforms. Influenced by the experiences of his own life, ‘The Mind of BSK’ explores memories and moments of BSK’s life, especially his younger years reminiscing on friendships, breakups and parties. ‘Right Groove’ leans into that nostalgia, contemplating on the easy-going, carefree moments of growing up. The electronic soundscape is a reflection of the lyrics, combining hip hop and chill-out genres. The down tempo track captures the optimism of youth, with Lo-Fi beats, underpinned by an atmospheric piano and the easy flow of BSK’s vocals, who paints a picture with his words. ‘I’m in the car and chilling with the right grooves’ is the opening chorus line, a melodic hook that entices listeners and cements the essence of the song into […]