“Feels” is a strong song filled album with melodic songwriting genius from ‘Chad Rubin’

“Feels” is the new LP from singer-songwriter producer ‘Chad Rubin’. Feels is a full length album comprised of 13 songs chosen from a grip of songs written and recorded in quarantine. The songs (including the b-side singles) are thematic in a sense dealing with adversity while overcoming some of the hardships in life, love and the pursuit of enrichment. Drawn from real life experiences and observations, Chad talks about being “just another” lover to someone, one’s own “sanity”, drive to accomplish one’s dreams and the roller coaster of loving someone, or as Chad puts it, being “lost in the jungle” with someone. Chad Rubin was born and raise in Scottsdale, Arizona. His love for music started young in a musical family, listening and singing, playing guitar, piano and drums to bands such as Blink, Sublime and the Chili Peppers. He started writing his own music after being introduced to artists such as Petty, Jack Johnson and most prominently, Jason Mraz. He continued to play in bands through high school before going to college where he toured as the drummer for Sinclair’s Revenge and recorded his first self-titled studio supported solo album which was received well but not given the full […]