With a slight industrial ‘Depeche Mode’ meets ‘Fad Gadget’ type of dystopian mood, ‘Gloww’ is back with new single ‘Elegy №1’

The bold and majestic sound of ‘Gloww’ is back with hot new single ‘Elegy №1’. The new single starts with a James Bond esque vibe that is grand, melodic and dreamy as ‘Gloww’ sings in a deep, melodic and distinctive tone that rises to the chorus, taking you to another planet and time. The song meanders into a huge wall of epic sound that is spacey and emotional bringing the listener to a relaxed and music entranced state. Crashing out of the speakers the production sounds like it comes from a blockbuster movie soundtrack and has a slight industrial ‘Depeche Mode’ meets ‘Fad Gadget’ type of dystopian mood that touches, heals and affects the listener sticking in your head, heart and soul. The production is huge with a wall of big electronic sound and massive drums and synths that haunt you as GLOWW’s story gets told in music and lyrical expression. GLOWW produces his own music and creates everything, which brings a special atmosphere and unusual beauty to his tracks as he experiments with the vocal and sound nuances. GLOWW is a new name in music environment. It is a certain atmosphere and various aspects of perception of the whole world. Sometimes […]