The brand new single from ‘NIGHT CREED’ is an exquisite sound and range of singers and rappers on the unique ‘Icebreaker’

SONIC JOY Records enter into 2020 with a brand new release as they present “Icebreaker”, the 2nd single from NIGHT CREED. NIGHT CREED epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion and inspiring moods, providing a massive listening experience. When asked about their exquisite sound they declare that “It features complex rhythms, modern Urban, HipHop and Electronic styles and last but not least displays awesome studio singers ranging from rappers to an array of impressive male and female vocalists”. ‘Icebreaker’ is out globally from January 24, 2020 on SONIC JOY Records run by mastermind producer ‘John Meisel’ ONLINE: Video-Promo-Clip: soon on Download & Streaming Links: Label Website: YouTube Channel: Soundcloud: Twitter: