Manifesting his talents across a wide range of creative endeavors, ‘Gianluca Zanna’ is back with stunning new single ‘Just Dream it’.

‘Just dream it’ is the new single from ‘Gianluca Zanna’. The single was arranged, produced and the Music & Lyrics were all written by ‘Gianluca Zanna’ with guitars from ‘Simone Sello’. The single ‘Just dream it’ was mixed by Award Winning Multi-Platinum Mixing Engineer and Music Producer, Brian Reeves. Gianluca Zanna is not just a songwriter and music producer, but also a certified hypnotherapist. He crafted this song using powerful hypnotic language to free the individuals from their limitations and reach their potential as human beings. Songwriter and Music Producer ‘Gianluca Zanna’ is an artist in every sense of the word as he manifests his talents across a wide range of creative endeavors as a flourishing multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and poet. Gianluca has honed his craft as a musician and poet from early childhood and it has culminated in him currently working with prominent music industry stalwart Brian Reeves, a world-famous record producer and sound engineer who has been behind the projects of luminaries such as Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Billy Idol, U2 and Simple Minds. The pair have collaborated on a string of well-received single releases establishing themselves as a formidable creative partnership. Gianluca Zanna History Gianluca Zanna’s own […]