MUZICMIRROR RAP EXPLOSIONS OF 2020: Stefan Ross a.k.a ‘Lil Conscious’ spits out ‘Barley Conscious’ like a figment of his powerful rap, trap and hip-hop imagination! No wonder famous fan ‘Drake’ is dancing along.

Many people are led to believe that they should follow their heart. But from what we’ve learned about the 24 year old American Rapper Stefan Ross is that your conscious may be the move to finding success. Back in September of 2019 he dropped his singles “Bojak” and “Ashes” on all platforms and to this day has pulled in over 1 million streams on “bojak” alone just through Soundcloud. Lil Conscious – Pokémon Master | Ashes, Bojak 6+Million Streams All Platforms Bringing it back to the high school days, Lil Conscious was just 17 when he released his first project, a mixtape known as “Barley Conscious” while keeping his identity a secret from the public. Lil Conscious is influenced by artists like Trippieredd and Kodak Black. The following year he dropped another mixtape by the name of “conscious” and then another project the following year called “phase 1” which is a compilation of freestyles over the years. Due to mental health issues, Lil Conscious completely removed himself from social media platforms in 2016. He has not only made a comeback but managed to keep his identity as secret as ever. 2 Years later in 2018 he made a social media […]