Lady Gaga – Joanne

Eight years have flown by since Lady Gaga exploded onto the international stage with her RedOne produced, Colby O’Donis featuring and RedOne/Akon co-written debut single Just Dance. Almost instantly she became one of the most talked about and sought after pop icons. As she toured the world and thrilled her Little Monsters with her message of self-belief, anthemic pop songs and thrilling outfits, Lady Gaga’s profile exploded to the point of implosion. With her third studio album, Artpop, taking her identity exploration to an extreme, many fans felt they had lost their sense of connection with their champion. Her response, sensibly, was to take a step back and re-focus her energies on her own goals. After a brief exploration of jazz standards with the legendary Tony Bennett for her fourth studio album, she returns with her long-awaited fifth studio album, Joanne, and a reported foray with country pop. First things first, Joanne may have country undertones, but this is no country album. This is Lady Gaga at her most personal and insightful. Stripping away the experimental edge that was so harshly over criticized on the actually rather compelling Artpop, Lady Gaga delivers a record that shines a light on the […]