Recognized for his unique sound and style, ‘Lil Gouda’ drops a new anthem with “Pissed Off”.

Lil Gouda, a Philadelphia based rap phenom, has a new hot single called “Pissed Off” that’s just crossed the million stream mark. The young rapper, only 25, has signed on with the Community Records Inc label. A completely independent label representing some of the hottest new names in rap, Lil Gouda has quickly become one of the biggest stars in this loaded rap stable. The rap career for Lil Gouda started early in his life. The prodigy began rapping around 12, got more serious later in his teenage years, and then went professional when he hit 19 – then performing under the name Lil Vibe 215. Today he’s recognized for a unique sound and style heavily influenced by his time in growing up on the streets of Philadelphia. Lil Gouda has a vocal style that’s been compared favorably to Lil Wayne, but with a grittiness and edge that is completely and totally unique. This is a rapper serious about his craft, serious about his style, and a rapper that pours himself into every single track he’s on. “Pissed Off” is a hard hitting, intense rap single that shows the unique as a fingerprint lyrical style of Lil Gouda. The 25 […]