Resistant to the universal intelligence enslaved to dichotomy, The new E.P “Diaries Of A Golden Calf” from LOGOS is out now.

L.A. based artist LOGOS (indv/per) shows listeners in tongue-and-cheek demeanor the social commentary on our culture’s ‘Worship of Idols” in debut EP “Diaries Of A Golden Calf” mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated mix engineer/producer Stan Greene. Aside from the cunning display of witticism, the EP has a plethora of dark catchy rhythm and tones sure to capture listener’s attention and inspire unclouded thinking based on LOGOS’ theme for the EP -our worship of idols is an empty pursuit, but it feels good. LOGOS, resistant to the universal intelligence enslaved to dichotomy, shows fellow earthlings they can be more than the flesh they are bound to, they can be gods. The sensual Hip Hop/ Rap artist personifies various characters, both from fact and fiction, to convey this position. LOGOS has wrapped up production for the music video for “Diaries of a Golden Calf” from which the artist claims Pharaoh Ramses the Second was influential in inspiring. With it’s upcoming release on May 29, in collaborating with – an emmy award winning production company responsible for the creation of Gilly and Keeves and The Minimalist on Netflix, and the co-direction of LOGOS, the video represents the loss of both innocence […]