LYZZIE releases new masterpiece single ‘GRAVEYARD’

Don’t you just love it when you put on a song, and from the first beats, you just know it’s gonna be a good one? Rhetorical question, actually, because who doesn’t? There are few things in this life more exciting than discovering a really good piece of music, which is why we’re wasting no time in telling you about our most recent discovery – Lyzzie. This young up-and-coming musician from Toronto, Canada, takes a page from the examples of fellow female greats like Billie Eilish and The CHVRCHES. And you can feel that in her music, but you also hear something uniquely hers. This is one artist who won’t just toe the line but set her own path through her deeply emotional, meaningful songs. “Graveyard” is just that kind of song, delving into the never-easy subject of mental health issues, which is a common theme for this young artist. Should I share, undecided. Would you care, would you be open-minded? Thus begins the song “Graveyard”, immediately outlining a theme of vulnerability, but also a deep feeling of loneliness in the singer. Would you care? Lyzzie asks us, and as it happens, we do. Precisely because we know what it’s like […]