World Cup 2018 Football Fever starts with The Scoundrel Squirrels – Pobeda for England

The Scoundrel Squirrels are a one piece outfit fronted by mastermind ‘Mondie’ who hail’s from Leeds but is based in London. The Scoundrel Squirrels and are set up to fuse the wonders of music to the glories of an England football World Cup campaign. They exist due to the firm belief that a tournament as massive and as captivating as the World Cup should have a soundtrack to feast the ears whilst the spectacle of England’s progress to the finals absorbs the mind. The Scoundrel Squirrels have had previous success with 80’s Leeds Indie outfit ‘The Pleasure Garden’ who are known for their EP ‘Sacrilege In Smalltown’, featuring the songs ‘Love Paradox’, ‘Whites Of The Eye’, their opus, ‘Feel Of A Thousand Whispers’ and their biggest hit single, ‘On a Midnight Picnic’. Mondie had a stint with ‘Big Hearted Arthur’ with the EP ‘Soaked In Wine’ featuring the title track, plus two other belters ‘My ID’ and ‘Judo Throws’. Mondie released his first solo single ‘Too Late’ and follow up’s ‘Angst-Ridden’ and ‘Speak Louder’ and has also featured in Italian Indie band ‘The Grinning Moondogs’ before launching the World Cup songs ‘England’s Roar’  (South Africa 2010 ) and Glory ! Glory […]